Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2
Helena hugged the Prince, who was almost ready to rush at me. Then he bowed his head in a timid way and nodded. Even the sight was cute, like a dog in the rain.
She smiled as if she were satisfied with his answer and I slowly returned to the carriage and sat down.
The heavy accessories, tight corsets, and slightly thick makeup were all heavy. I looked out the window and held my breath.
Helena, who was born with such a good heart, always suffered losses. It was okay though.
There were three of the best men in the world who would devote themselves to her.
A stranger who wants to die soon, wouldn’t be a big problem.
The day has dawned.
It was a perfect day to kill myself.
In conclusion, I didn’t kill myself. There are many reasons for this, mainly, if you try to kill yourself, you can’t die.
Not only can you not kill yourself, if you try to cut your wrist, or fall from a high place, or take poison, one does not die.
A hanging beam or branch broke when I tried to hang myself. If I shot a gun, the gunpowder did not work, and if I ate poison, despite it being actually bad, I slept well instead.
In a world where supernatural phenomena is taken for granted, causality seemed to interfere.
The incidents in which I tried to kill myself does not disappear, but it was modified to be an unfortunate accident if it went far enough to affect the story.
For example, if I openly stabbed others in the stomach with a knife, a mysterious man suddenly appeared and stabbed them with a knife too, and fortunately, he was the one caught in the wrong.
When I fell from the roof, the horses stationed below picked me up. Despite the apparent suicide attempt, everyone thought I had lost my footing.
Supernatural phenomena must be dealt with by supernatural phenomena. Even when I was in Korea, I’ve never seen a tarot card before, yet in here, I can’t do anything to die.
I gave a little tip to the maid and asked her to find a fortune teller who said she was good.
After a series of “accidents” and the Crown Prince’s coldness, the maid was delighted when I said I was going to see a fortune teller.
She seemed to want me to change my mood, regardless of the fact that she believed in the point.
“It’s been a long time since you’ve been out, so why don’t you dress up a little bit more?”
“I’ll be right back after I meet a fortune teller.”
“Oh, come on. It’s in the back alley of the main street anyway, so look at the clothes and accessories. You can eat sweet snacks.”
“I’ll think about it now you’re saying that. There must be some snacks you want to eat, right?”
When I asked the maid, who wanted to choose clothes, she touched her hair as her face turned red and answered back.
“Do you think I am doing this because I want to eat sweets? Ahem, there are some things I want to eat with sweets, but sweets originally make people feel better… I’m just saying I want you to feel better.”
It was a smile full of love. With a bitter feeling, she nodded her head, and the woman knelt down and helped her put on her chosen shoes.
“We still have plenty of time before sunset, so don’t rush.”
“I got it.”
“That’s my lady.”
Everyone in the mansion loves Eris. Did Eris love them, too? I thought it would be nice if I loved them.
The streets were crowded with people. When I examined it, I recognized it from the time when the invention of the gun came out, so the Empire was closer to modern times than to the Middle Ages.
All the roads in the castle were built with stone, and even in a country where there is basically a diplomatic relationship, magical engineering was developed, so there were trams in the castle and street lights that lit up in the night.
It’s ridiculous for a country that believes in gods but rejects wizards to be able to develop magical engineering, but for now, those who study magical engineering are called engineers rather than wizards. It is similar to alchemists, so to speak.
Whatever it may be, it was both strange and envious from the standpoint of a modern person who lived on Earth that it generates energy such as electricity without the risk of environmental pollution.
Of course, the story is about the highly developed civilization of an Empire that developed magical engineering, and where other small and medium-sized Kingdoms were still far behind the Empire.
No, maybe this prosperity and development of the Empire was achieved by squeezing other Kingdoms.
As expected, when you ride something, you have to think about it while looking out the window. Before I knew it, I arrived at the back alley of the busy street and the Knight opened the door.
I came out holding the knight’s hand and looked around. Even if it was a back alley, it was not a chaotic atmosphere.
Rather than colorful and expensive items like the store at the roadside, there were many cute shops opened by ordinary people. I don’t know if it’s the same for Eris, but for me, this side was more affectionate and interesting.
“Shall we wait?”
“No, go back to the mansion.”
“But my lady, wasn’t it dangerous the other day? It’s dangerous to go around alone.”
“Do I need to say it twice? I told you to go back because it was annoying.”
I couldn’t even die anyway. If there is a family knight next to me, I will not be able to ask what I really want to ask.
The Knight hesitated for a while, then asked me to call for pick up when I finished my business, because I said I would look around for a while.
I decided to accept the compromise because it would only make me tired if I was more stubborn. Then slowly, I went into the store in front of me.
It was clearly a shop inside the building, but it was a shop that felt like a tent or a hut. My eyes were quickly drawn to the shelves full of mysterious and sparkling clutter, and I was about to unconsciously reach out to the items.
“I wouldn’t touch it, sweetheart.”
When I looked back in a horrified surprise, a woman with red hair and white skin slowly walked out. The thin black dress and the bright jewel necklace matched very well, so she was more like a rich family figure than fortune teller.
“If you’re really good at it, you know what I’m worried about.”
“Well, Lady Miseran, no, should I call you a poor stranger?”
Surprised by that, I stared at the fortune teller. The fortune teller smiled, grabbed my frozen hand, and slowly led me down the stairs to the basement.
I felt overwhelmed by the dim lighting and cold air. She sat me on one of her sofas and she sat on the opposite side, on her wooden chair.
“You know who I am, so things will be easier. I want to go back to where I was.”
“Poor stranger, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Smelling your soul, you’ve already tried a lot of things.”
“You wanted to break your soul, but the world would not allow it.”
She took some medicinal herbs out of the cupboard, put it in a large pot in the corner, and stirred it. She looked like a witch rather than a fortune teller.
Before long, the fortune teller gave me a bowl containing an unknown violet liquid, and it smelled awful that I really didn’t want to drink.
“Gulp it down.”
“Do you know what this will do?”
“If it’s poison, isn’t it good for you?”
True. She wasn’t wrong, so I had no choice but to shut my senses and drink it all at once.
It tasted terribly sour. When I finished and closed my mouth, the fortune teller smiled and put sweet jelly in my mouth.
“You seem to have noticed, but I’m not just a fortune teller.”
The fortune teller took off her lace gloves and held her hand slightly closed. At that moment, a very beautiful and strange pattern shone in her hand, as if burning.
Well, if you consider the form, it’s more like an art.
“Let me introduce myself, outlander. I’m Medea, the last witch of the land.”
Witch? This was a little interesting. It was because she was a character who did not appear in the novel. She looked at me with a shine in her eyes and then laughed out loud.
“You seem to have a lot of questions about me, so I’ll answer only two questions.”
“First of all, you said you were the last witch of the earth, so there is no witch other than yourself? Or is it somewhere else?”
“I’m the last one in the Empire. Everyone lives far away from the persecution of the Empire. But it’s not a lot.”
“You don’t have a castle. Don’t you have any offspring?”
“Yes, there are cases where children are left behind, but they are rare. We only call each other by name because each individual’s presence is important. And they’re all considered sisters.”
There were many things I wanted to ask, but I held back. Medea served her jelly one more as if she knew it was good. I asked as I rolled it in my hand, which had white powder on the surface.
“Is there any way I can go back?”
“We can only help you if you’re willing to die like you’ve tried. But it’s my first time seeing a poor stranger in my life, so I think I should ask my sisters.”
“How long does it take?”
“It takes about fifteen days. Please understand that the distant sisters live beyond the continent, so there’s nothing we can do about it.”
“What if I don’t want to die?”
“You shouldn’t ask me that. Poor Stranger… You don’t seem to know the difference between magic and theology yet. Theology is the study of creation, and magic is the study of anomalies. If you want to make a way that’s not there, you should go to the temple and ask for directions. Of course, I’m not sure there’s a way out there. It’s something I don’t know about…”
I nodded and gave out the money I had prepared. Medea bowed down, but I insisted.
“I’m giving it to you to be burdened. I don’t believe your secret is more fatal than mine, so you won’t try to take advantage of it.”
“If you say it’s for my life, I’ll take it. I’ll call you if I find out anything, so always keep the mirror by your side.”
While I was here, I walked a little bit to stop by the dessert shop that the maid told me about. It was a huge store worthy of the rave reviews that called it the best store in the Empire.
I was already tired by the time I saw people waiting in line. Even if the snacks were delicious, I would just go back, but I lost my balance due to the crowd.
A high-heeled foot was twisted and someone held my falling body from behind.
“Hey, are you all right?”
Dark hair, dark skin I know this man.
High Priest Hybrid, who saved Helena by dedicating all of his devotion to the subject with a better heart than anyone else, and sincerely praying for Eris to fall to hell.
You’re smiling at me now, without even knowing the future where you’re going to hate me.
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