Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 10

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Episode 10 Inferiority Complex
“Lady Misérian…”
Someone may be doing what Helena had put off (work) on her way to see the Crown Prince every day. That’s why Helena was able to have such pretty hands, and I couldn’t stand it.
No, no… Let’s be more honest. I hated the feeling of inferiority after finding motivation I thought it was worth living, but when I met her, I kept blaming myself and the surrounding environment.
Would it have been different if I had been a girl from a rich family, this is a question that has always crushed my heart. I knew it for sure only after I came to this world, and became an enviable aristocrat, Eris. It’s just that my personality isn’t pure.
But what about my bad personality? There is also a prince who lives by beating others, so it’s not so bad that I hate him inside. My feelings are completely mine.
“So there is no need to apologize to me. I will not like you in the future.”
So it’s okay if you feel comfortable hating me, Helena. Even you, who lived without hating others even once.
I was tired because I had been getting dressed up since dawn. Even when I lived in Korea, I didn’t wear makeup unless it was to go to someone else’s wedding, but after I became Eris, I was told to wear ‘makeup whenever I tried to go out.
She’s better off without all the makeup and erasing it, but… I’II convince them not to even do it in the middle of summer. Eris is skinny even without a corset, so let’s stop doing this today.
Wearing a purple dress sent by the Imperial Family, I went outside with a bunch of shiny jewels.
Tusually ride a family carriage, but today is the day, so they sent a carriage from the Imperial Palace. The carriage flashed with dazzling white marble and gold. Ha, I got tired and sighed.
The Marquis told me to hire a knight, but this body decided to die anyway. I didn’t want to ruin someone else’s life for not protecting me, being hired for nothing.
‘It was supposed to be an eye candy to hang on to such beautiful ladies and return quickly.
“It’s a dazzling morning, Your Highness.”
When I got off the carriage, the prince with a weary expression was waiting for me. The Crown Prince I knew would not have come out, so it must have been the Emperor’s influence.
Theard a gasping sound from around me. Because of the elaborate decorations, today’s Eris was beautiful enough to make her eyes cold, so it was understandable.
However, it seems that it wasn’t effective on the prince, who lives every day seeing the face of Helena, the most beautiful woman in the novel. There is no compliment, even as empty words,
I didn’t even want to give my hand, but I forced my finger out, so the prince tilted his head groaning with his eyes, asking what this was. Originally, if you’re handsome, all is forgiven. Even though the Prince looks better than any other actor I’ve seen, I feel bad because I don’t like
Do you know how to raise your eyebrows? I know how to do it. As I did the same thing and looked at him, he grabbed my hand and walked along. My hands were wriggling with chills, but he held me with a lot of strength.
Don’t be dragged away in a stupefying way, stop your feet. The Crown Prince looked back at me in annoyance as I held back, with my feet tight.
There was a war of nerves without words.
No matter how much I hate it, when the Crown Prince leaned down and lifted me with a princess carry at the same moment when he shouted, “What kind of attitude is this?”, whistles spread along with cheers. Are they really crazy?
“What kind of disrespect is this?”
“Didn’t you want to be hugged by me?”
I really wanted to rip off all that great hair. Sol naturally raised my nails while pretending to wrap my arms around his neck.
I should have asked the maid to sharpen my nails when she was cleaning them up. ‘If the Crown Prince speaks nonsense, I’ll scratch him. I clenched my teeth and whispered.
“Not at all, so won’t you put me down? If I struggle, it would be ugly.”
“No, you’re going to be married to the Imperial Family anyway, so let’s go. I don’t know what you asked His Majesty to do, but he even ordered me to take good care of you.”
“You’re saying it as if it was my fault?”
“Isn’t it. When I see him responding sensitively.”
“How do you blame me for not being trusted?”
I thought he had been broken by his father, so I tried to endure it, but he blamed me again. The little girl who had never left as much as her fingerprint disappeared.
I looked around and stabbed the prince with my fingernails. With the unexpected surprise attack, the Crown Prince released his strength from the hand that was holding me up. I came down in a hurry and fell to my knees.
“Your Majesty, if you have a hard time, please let me know right away. How can you overdo it! Oh, no! Would you forgive this young lady for being foolish and not noticing your difficulties earlier?”
The knights’ eyes fell on the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince’s face quickly turned red after being treated and seen as a weakling by his fiancée. I cried out again before he could open his mouth.
“Where is your servant! Why didn’t you bring the parasol? If His Highness falls on this important day, will you be responsible?”
The attendant, who was contemplating my hysterics, ran back with a parasol the size of his body. I pretended to support the prince, but I pressed his body tightly and folded my arms.
As I changed my stance like flipping the palm of my hand, the prince stared at me with an extremely angry face, like I was a crazy person. Of course it wasn’t my business.
Thad to pay him back two or three times so I had just decided to go all out. I parted my lips a little, as if I were ventriloquizing with a smiling face, and spoke with force.
“Smile. Didn’t you say His Majesty told you to take good care of me?”
“His Majesty is asking if you’re coming or not, you’re really crossing the line, young lady.”
“Then please listen again, Your Highness.”
I took out a handkerchief and pretended to wipe the Crown Prince’s sweat. I didn’t forget to smile with my eyes.
“You should break up with me, who is so hard on you, and write to me that you want to be engaged to Helena Antebellum… Should we kneel down and plead together?”
If the Crown Prince said yes, I was going to go with him anyway and beg His Majesty to break off the unwanted engagement anyway. It’s a problem because the Crown Prince wouldn’t.
You can’t even say anything to your dad, so why are you taking it out on me?
The more I thought about it, the angrier | got. Even if I sell an invention, someone who’s more in a hurry should sell it, so why are you picking on me?
To imitate Eris, who was obedient to the Imperial Family, I had to endure it roughly, and then he dared to put his hand on my face?! It was a big deal that I had to endure it twice.
As we stood still and fought again, the servants gave us an urgent look. The Crown Prince mumbled in a low voice.
“Until when do you expect His Majesty to adore you, for you have the gift of being a little distant.”
“Did you ever have affection for me? | don’t have one, but it’s a novelty.”
You bark, I’m coming. This time I dragged the Crown Prince along with his urging servants. I hope it ends soon, so please cooperate.
‘It is gorgeous and magnificent, but frankly, it has grown so much that the endlessly boring pre-dinner event has ended. No matter how cool it was, it was just uncomfortable to be wearing makeup and a corset. It’s amazing to see that it’s the same state for the Imperial Family.
Get up early in the morning. I didn’t eat anything, and I kept on feeling nauseous because of my tightened waist, so I came out to get some fresh air for a while during the break.
The front of my shoes was narrow, so if I even walked a little, my feet hurt. I wanted to sit down, but I had to go out in front of people again soon, so I couldn’t get my dress dirty.
I was looking for a place that looked moderately clean to put my bottom on it, but I heard a strange sound somewhere. It’s a bit suppressed. I think I can hear a buzzing sound…
There are witches, but I thought it was a ghost, so I followed the sound. What I soon discovered is more ordinary than | thought…
‘It wasn’t a ghost anyway. Although a man in a ghostly sack was surrounded by a number of knights and was beaten.
“Stand up, man!”
“The little one is falling out, and he’s acting like a weakling. Are you kidding me?”
Again, with a heavy hitting sound, the man’s body flew back. The man in the artillery, who was rapidly waking up as if he had a great deal of pain, was not able to stand up easily this time.
“No, sound?”
“Hey, get him up. He doesn’t know what’s going on. He doesn’t have grit.”
Aha, now I get it. The Empire was a country with quite a solid caste system. In the first place, it was a country where the Emperor was strongly centralized, but it was difficult if there was no difference in status. That means that someone can take over the emperor’s position.
Even Helena, the heroine in the novel, was only able to marry the Crown Prince after her identity was reinstated when she was cleared of the false charges.
In a country with such a clear hierarchical order, there were only two ways for commoners to rise in status. Be it a knight or a magic engineer.
Both were possible only if they had talent and put in some effort, but that effort and talent were not given to the common people.
Unless they were outstanding geniuses, the fact is, aristocrats supported by their rich family were better off and had more opportunities for success. Of course, everyone who gets ahead knows it. Especially in the case of the knights, as Marquis said last night, noble escorts are often chosen to rise for the role.
Naturally, wealthy commoners were united, and the poor nobles could not touch the wealthy_commoners. Even though they offered a modest bribe to avoid getting targeted in the first place.
The fear and helplessness that they may not be able to get ahead was expressed amongst the poorest commoners, the weakest among them. They (wealthy commoners) try to relieve their anger and resentment by bothering them every day when they are anxious to death.
……Well, so far, this is a common occurrence in Korea. It’s a place where people live, because everyone is there The question is whether I should go out or not.
‘It wasn’t only once or twice, but a long-lasting harassment, looking at the clothes being dirtied and being beaten up with cloth over them in case they could get caught for what they did.
Even when I stopped them with a sense of compassion or justice, as soon as I left, was sure they’d be vented on several times more aggressively.
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