Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 11

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Episode 11
It’s not like there wasn’t a way to help, but honestly, it was annoying. I can’t give up my life, and I can’t help anyone in a difficult situation….
While thinking about it, the man was kicked harshly again, and the bag that covered his body and face was peeled off.
Oh, I recognized him. It’s the man who put his shoes on me last time.
The man seemed a little surprised to see me. The worries deepened. We don’t know each other at all, and we don’t know each other enough to be saved.
It wasn’t that little girl or that man who signed me anyway. Isn’t it arrogant of me to pretend to know him? It was that idea that stopped me in my step.
Thated those who hastily sympathized with me. Of course, I didn’t like people who used or laughed at my situation when I said difficult things and asked for understanding
But even though I could do it enough, was more disgusted by people who were fussing and showing concern’. They made me an inferior being by raising themselves by their ‘consideration’, and even getting drunk on being ‘considerate of me’.
We were on good terms, but we didn’t really like each other and his first impression of me was close to the worst.
The woman who threatened to kill with one finger is now saving him from being bullied? It was deceitful.
I didn’t ask for anything, but nothing made a person seem ridiculous as much as helping. It was clear that I would be cursed even if I saved him.
I turned around and he didn’t call me either. That’s how the oath ceremony began.
The Empire strictly limited the number and timeframe of an individual’s promotion to a knight to avoid private armies being formed.
Since the knight ceremony is not held every year, nobles who want to attract any soldiers, or those who want to hire a noble-born knight to connect with, gathered like clouds.
Some nobles were worried that they would lose the knight they wanted to take, while others were already giving out hints during break time.
Thad to sit in the front seat because it was in the order of high status, but I gave up my seat to a noble who seemed more desperate because I would not be selecting anyway.
When I stood at the back and looked around comfortably, I somehow focused on the heterogeneous knights. They looked a little older than the others around them and were visibly intimidated.
“They were not chosen at the last ordination ceremony, so the appointment was postponed, my lady.”
Perhaps because he noticed my gaze, the ‘foolish romantic’ family knight from before whispered to me. (Q/N: the knight who accompanied her in chapter 3.)
“……….And then what if it’s delayed?”
“No one wants to have one that has never been chosen, my lady. Well, it may have been bad luck, but if you keep not getting chosen, there’s probably a reason. And as time goes by, you get older and you lose your stamina. So after 10 years, you usually give up on being a knight and become a mercenary.
Mercenaries may be better, but it was never a good ending for those who ‘dreamed of an honour.
Standing at the back corner where | couldn’t even see well, there was the man who was beaten earlier. I cannot even see what kind of expression he was making. No matter how good that position is, it’s hard to be chosen.
“What happens when you become a mercenary?”
“Well, the wealthy commoners prefer clean knights to mercenaries of unclear origins. Besides, if you’re a poor nobleman? Then the price will go through the roof. If you have a daughter, you can marry and aim for an increase in status. You can trade with other wealthy commoners who have a daughter.”
‘It was a hand me down tradition. No, I have to say it’s a slave. It is a terrible future for nobles who value dignity rather than death.
In the meantime, one by one starting from the Royal Family, they started calling out their names or raising their fingers to point out the knights standing below.
The knights who were pointed at climbed onto the platform and knelt in front of the noble who pointed to him. The nobleman then was handed a sword from an attendant, using it to tap the knight’s shoulders, slightly away from his head.
At first, it seemed like a scene that would be portrayed in famous paintings, so I watched it carefully.
“…… The last time I dared to disrespect ‘myself with talks of romance.”
“Don’t keep the past in mind.”
“Thank you for your generosity, my lady. But dare I say it once again. If there is no reason to decline, please take in a knight.”
I stared at the knight’s face. It was an attempt to hear the reason. The knight knelt down quickly and met my gaze.
“The lady’s choice may save someone. Even if she dismisses him later because she doesn’t like him, the knight was chosen by her so he could easily be picked up again by someone else.”
“These men have given half their lives to become knights. If their efforts fade away because they didn’t receive a single opportunity, wouldn’t it be a shame?”.
“You are begging me for mercy.”,
“Yes, please have mercy.”
As my turn approached, the number of knights decreased. The rest of the knights’ faces were all dark.
Savior. To save someone meant responsibility. It is more so when you save a man who is not a roadside beast.
“I’m going to hire that knight.”
The man I pointed to opened his eyes wide. I was handed a sword by my servant. It was a decorative sword, but it was quite heavy. The man, who came up to the urge, slowly knelt down.
“Will you pledge loyalty and obedience to me, Lady Eris Misérian, in the presence of God?”
“Even if the path is a continuation of hardship and adversity, I’m willing to follow ‘it. No temptation will subdue me.”
The hazel-colored pupil broke open in the light. I slowly patted his head and shoulders with a sword.
I don’t think I saved him with this. Even if I hadn’t chosen now, he would have been willing to wait for another chance for a few years.
But I owe him a debt of kindness. Even though his messy shoes were dumped as soon as I arrived at the mansion, I was able to return to the mansion without a single scar on my feet. A very trivial, perhaps negligible favor… This is to pay off that debt.
“What is your name?”
“I’m embarrassed, but I don’t have a name.”
“Your brother must have called you.”
The knights wouldn’t have called him by his name, but at least his sibling would have called him by his name. When || looked at the crown of his head, he answered calmly.
“I was called ‘brother’ or ‘elder brother because none of the kids in the alley were older than me.”
How awesome. I don’t even know a name that is popular in this country, but I was at a loss as to what to name him. Maybe can make this person have the same name as the main character of this novel.
I was not particularly good at naming. I glared at his soft-looking brown hair for a long time and put my hand on the top of his head.
“Then Anakin, I’ll call you Anakin.”
When he stood up, he turned his back on the sun and it was dyed in shadow. I remembered the passage in the novel that Thad forgotten while watching it.
Eris, who was hated by everyone, had only one dark knight who loved her to the end.
Now that I’ve finished my work, I feel like leaving. There were some aristocrats who gathered and were trying to strengthen their power by promoting friendship, but I just wanted to go home quickly. I don’t even know anyway, but it’s better than being caught and making a mistake.
The Royal Family gathered, so for now, I, the prince’s fiancee, could not leave without saying hello, so I went slowly through the crowd.
“It’s a dazzling afternoon. Your Majesty, and Ma’am.”
“You’re gorgeous again today. The purple color of the Imperial Palace looks great on
“Our faces are full of virtue because the Imperial Palace has sent such beautiful clothes to us… I’m sorry for being late in saying thank you.”
“How humble… I heard that you said you wouldn’t want a knight, is there a reason to have changed your mind at the end?”
“Everyone’s trying to convince me, so do I have to go against the current?”
The Emperor smiled cheerfully at my answer. Standing next to him, the Empress and the Crown Prince both looked like they’re trembling. I guess I’m sorry for the two who like Helena. Yes, let’s break our marriage.
I gave the Crown Prince a slight wink. It was a sign that he should say something. But the Crown Prince was hesitating even though he knew what I was asking.
Oh, I knew what would happen next. In fact, the important event in the novel was not the ordination ceremony. Helena was a commoner, so she couldn’t have a knight.
Therefore, the ordination ceremony was described as ‘the ordination ceremony was held’, and was rather treated as important after the ceremony was over. This was because there was a scene where the warrior Jason came to the ceremony and pledged to become Helena’s knight.
“Jason, you can only take a knight pledge once! Why would you do that to me?”
“I only want to do it once Helena, to you.”
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