Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 12

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Episode 12 Die For Me
Helena’s embarrassed voice was followed, by a sweet answer from Jason. It was a pledge that he could only do once. This is because ordinary knights are lined up with portraits when the master commits a crime, even if there is no guilt.
Even if the knight betrayed for profit, it was difficult to reach a good end. A man who betrayed once can’t betray twice? No one would write about the knights branded as traitors.
Thanks to this, knights rarely change even if their owners shifted the blame onto them. And they win in a spiritual sense by calling it honor.
No, let’s not focus on other people’s romance. I was hiding because we will both be embarrassed if I got caught, and I would have gone out for nothing.
Jason knelt on one knee. Pulled out the sword from his waist, and whispered to Helena
“…I, Jason Kazar, swear allegiance and obedience to Helena Antebellum in front of God. Even if the path is a series of hardships and adversity, I will gladly follow it, and no temptation will subdue me.”
“Helena, even if I can’t walk the same path as you, I want to be next to you to the end. Please allow me to do that.”
She seemed to be in tears. A more submissive expression also played a part. Perhaps it worked. Helena’s shaky hand slowly rose above Jason’s head. And far away, the Crown Prince was watching the scene.
The prince’s face was distorted as if he had seen an incredible sight. I guess so. The friend you think you’re closest to is confessing his love to the woman you love under the guise of being a knight, and she’s accepting it without knowing it.
Helena was so~nice, she didn’t know the world and didn’t even realize it. Seriously, what noble friend would swear once and for all with a pure heart to protect her for the rest of his life?
It’s almost like a wedding pledge if you change a few words and turn the sword into a ring.
I deliberately made footsteps to bring them back to reality, stopping the Crown Prince, who was almost ready to fly out. My feet hurt too much to wait and listen further. The man and woman who were closely attached woke up.
“I’m sorry. Did I interrupt, Lord Kazar?”
“Oh, no.”
I’ve been waiting for you to do everything, and of course you should say that, Mr. Oblivious. You know, this isn’t your property, it’s a public place.
I was going to give him a reason. I looked back at Helena, who was embarrassed as evident by her blushing face, and added.
“It looks like the Queen is looking for you, Lady Antebellum. Shouldn’t you go?”
“Ah, it’s time already! Thank you for letting me know, Lady Misérian! Err… Bye Jason…”
Helena disappeared in a hurry. Perhaps the Crown Prince would follow after Helena, and I didn’t want to see that event. I’ve already seen this event on the way out…
I was leaving, but I stopped and looked back at Jason.
“Jason, you’d better take a closer look around.”
“What are you talking about…”
Jason looked dumb, as if he didn’t know. No, wait, come to think of it, Jason was the Sword Master.
“You… you knew that.”
Jason’s face was still calm. It indicated that he did it even though he knew that the Crown Prince and I were here from the beginning.
When I faced the dark inside (Jason’s thoughts), I felt bad. What the hell? Jason looked at my crumpled face and touched my hair, pulling it gently. Why is he touching?
When I slapped his hand out of displeasure, he spoke in an infinitely gentle voice.
“You look like you don’t know, Lady Misérian.”
“Last time, I told you not to blame yourself. Come to think of it, Lady Misérian might have misunderstood this.”
Jason looked straight at me. He had a frightfully stern face.
“That was a warning, Lady Miséran, let me be clear this time.”
I don’t know why all the male characters in this novel are so wary of Eris on their own.
Frankly speaking, Eris in the novel constantly bothered Helena. Moreover, she frequently committed very bad crimes that were difficult to glorify with the phrase “power bullying’. Jason believed he deserved to hate Eris. Then shouldn’t we, in the first place, just nip it in the bud?
‘It is said that preventing diseases is important, so why do these morons let Eris plan the accidents and succeed?
At first, I wondered who would save Helena first, but I left it alone to confront. Not only the psychosis, but sometimes the physical evidence will come out. You’ve got power, and if you’ve killed (Eris) earlier, you’ll all be happy, why drag it on to tiredness…
“Then stab me now.”
“You’re holding a sword. You can stab me with that.”
As I took a step closer, Jason faltered. Of course, I had a point to believe. To be exact, there is nothing to lose.
‘If I die, it’s beneficial for achieving my purpose, and if I don’t die, the world will correct me for reasons I can understand.
As I almost jumped forward, Jason dropped the sword and held my hands together to defend.
This shouldn’t be the case to kill me. Jason must have realized it, his mouth gradually opening. I pressed my face close to him with a blank look on my face.
“……When you confront an opponent and give him a warning, be prepared to stab him or her right away.”
“Who… who are you?”
Maybe he was surprised by my actions, but I didn’t care. As Jason barely knew Eris.
Personality changes as one grows, and he had not seen the process of growth because he was trying to catch the dragon. No, even if he had seen the growth process, he would not have distinguished her. Because he
“Sir Kazar, you didn’t care about me. That’s a new question.”
The clatter filled the silence. Neither I nor Anakin were particularly talkative, so we just stared out the window.
In fact, there was one more reason I couldn’t talk to him, even if Anakin was a real black knight, I didn’t know him.
In the novel, the black knight of Eris didn’t even have a name. His face was never even described because of his description of “standing in the shadows.”
Not only his face, but there was no past or personal history revealed. He just did all the hard and bad things for Eris.
The black knight, so to speak, was the only helper for Eris and the key to making her get through the difficulties.
But that’s what happened when it was Eris’ black knight, and I wasn’t Eris. Among the characters in the novel, Anakin was the only one who met me without meeting Eris first.
Of course, strictly speaking, there was also Hubris. Hubris now thinks he met Eris for the first time, but in fact, Eris had met Hubris as a child.
It’s like… there’s a wonderful backstory in the novel about Hubris and Eris being actually half-siblings….
Gosh, all I have to do is to die quickly before it would be revealed and things become more troublesome.
If a black knight doesn’t fall in love because I’m not “Eris,” it’s a twist in its own way.
I couldn’t ignore the possibility that my knight would be left alone.
I don’t have the will to live anyway, but that doesn’t mean that a knight close to me can betray me because he has a crush on Helena more than anyone else.
While I was thinking about it, Anakin spoke slowly.
“Why me?”
“You must have had someone else in your mind?”
“I can’t choose.”
Anakin looked straight at me. There was not even a single attempt to explore my true intentions. Just like the day we first met, that tired face, I can’t imagine this man loving Eris at all.
You don’t seem to have any interest or lingering feelings in the world, but what on earth were you obsessed with?
“But you can choose. I don’t think you, the Marquis’s daughter and even the prince’s fiancée, would have chosen me with pure intent over all the knights.”
“Right. I don’t know what kind of nonsense the outside knight was making while I was away, but let’s forget it all.”
I’m sure he (the previous knight who begged Eris to choose a knight) must have said something nice or something like salvation. But it’s not for that good reason that I chose him.
– He whom you can send to places you can’t go, he whom you can make to do things you can’t tell anyone, and he whom won’t reveal it to anyone…… if he finds anything nonsense, bring him to die for you.
Because I know Anakin’s weakness, and he can’t resist me even though he knows
“Dying for me.”
So I chose you. I’m confident I won’t let go of one of your leashes.
It was a long day. I was going to wash up and lie down on my bed, but something flashed under my pillow. I thought he planted a bomb without me knowing, so I just reached out my hand and discovered it was a mirror. As soon as I tried to put it back in, I could see that it wasn’t my face in the mirror.
I was so surprised I threw the mirror onto the bed. When she heard my scream, the ‘maid ran and opened the door.
“Miss! What’s going on?”
Beyond the mirror, the witch makes a hissing gesture. I flipped the mirror over so that she wouldn’t be noticed by my maid. I took a breath and pretended not to know. I looked out the window.
“Maybe a bug came in. I have to close the window.”
“Yes, young lady. Can I bring you a glass of water?”
“It’s okay. You can just close the window and go back.”
As soon as she closed the door and went back, I turned the mirror upside down and shouted.
“What a surprise! What the hell…”
“You must have been busy?”
The witch had a slightly sulky voice. I was busy. She told me to always leave a mirror by my side, but I forgot about it.
Come to think of it, I also had to tell you about my conversation with Hubris. If || can’t get out alive, I’ll find a way out even if I die.
“Did you find anything?”
“Sister said that the human body cannot break causality.”
“The human body?”
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