Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 13

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Episode 13
“That’s right. You need that kind of price to break the causality, and humans are too cheap in life for that. At least the heart of the dragon, the mother of nature, will be required as payment.”
‘It was like the story that Jason told me. But where on earth do you get a dragon’s heart? Apparently, it was possible because of the dragon’s help that Jason was able to kill the dragon………
“Did you go to the temple and ask how you could survive?”
“The procedure was complicated, so I asked the high priest myself. The law says it’s possible only if the soul in my body of the other world dies. It’s practically impossible because it’s an empty shell.”
“Oh, my…”
When I thought about it, I became depressed again. I cannot go out, and my life is too small to break the causality. That’s why I hated living here.
Every time I looked in the mirror, I was less surprised. The way I talked was the same (as Eris). I couldn’t even remember how || used to talk. Even if I don’t want it, my body is gradually adjusting to this place.
‘It is terrible. This is not where I want to be…… This is not my world…… Medea whispered, as if to appease me, who is depressed.
“Even if you do not break the causality, you can go out.”
‘“What if I don’t break?”
“Cause and effect is a law designed to fulfill the mission that the world has given to life. It’s the same to have a hero during turbulent times. Someone is born, acted, and died to save the world, and someone is born, and acted to motivate them to save the world.”
How terrible it is that my life is sacrificed to be somebody’s motivation.
I began to get confused whether it was because it was the world in the novel, or whether the world I used to be in had the same law. Is there cause and effect in the world where I was?
“The world is like a very sophisticated machine, and if something goes wrong, it’s a series of broken things. There’s causality to stop it, and it takes a heavy price to break it.”
“What happens when the causality (rate) is over?”
“Usually, they die. That’s when you’re allowed to die.
As far as I know, if Eris is bound by causality, her mission was one thing. Killing Helena. No, at least, trying to kill. There’s no one in this country to hate her that much except for Eris.
The witch laughed when I hesitated, not being able to speak out.
“You know that, don’t you? What you have to do.”
“If you can’t help me break causality, how can you help me?”
I thought she was helping me ‘die as one who can’t die’. But she wasn’t?
“When the soul of this land dies, it creates the reason to reincarnate on this land.”
“…What is this sound? Are you saying that I can be reincarnated on this land again?”.
“Well, that’s what the law says. But the witch is the one who twists and breaks the law. With a few sacrifices, you can lead the way back to your body when you finish your spiritual mission.”
I sighed in relief when she said I could go back anyway. I’d try to save it if it wasn’t asking for the life of the mountain…… The preconceived notion of being a witch scared me a little.
“What are the sacrifices you need?”
“It… has not been found yet.”,
Ho-ho, the witch’s smile has lost all her strength. Someone will die in a hurry. Is this making fun of someone? The witch whispered in a voice that is infinitely sweet.
“Oh, don’t be so angry. My sisters and I are both looking hard. There are few strangers who have already entered this land, but there aren’t many strangers who want to return?”
That’s how it is. There was certainly no stranger in this empire, according to Hubris, that had ever left alive………… No matter how witches were, they would still have to search the continent with the feeling of heading towards bare ground.
….Wait, isn’t the pay I gave her too little?
“Shh, I’ll get paid later.”
“Eh, haven’t you already signed a contract?”
What? Contract? As soon as I thought about it, I remembered an unknown liquid that I had drank at the store.
“You cheated me.”
“It’s a rule that you shouldn’t drink anything ‘that others give you.”
“I don’t even know the details of the contract, that’s unfair!”
“It’s not unfair.”
Somewhere, a wind blew and brushed my cheek. It felt like being touched by a person’s hand.
“I’m holding your life, you’re holding my life, right? It’s a very fair contract.”
“If I find anything else, I’ll get back to you. This time, do bring a mirror.”
“Oh yeah. If something dangerous “happens, look for a big mirror… okay?”
The witch disappeared, leaving very meaningful words. Then only Eris’s face was reflected in the mirror.
I received a lot of information at once and she was quick. Come to think of it, after | entered the mansion, I didn’t see Anakin. Are you doing well?
“Did you call me.”
“Ah! Surprise!”
Thad just whispered his name slightly, but Anakin opened the door, and my heart burst. How did you hear me? No, wait, if you had heard this voice, then you would have heard my conversation with the witch.
Thad to pretend to be calm, but when I thought about it, my gaze kept shaking. Anakin looked at me and he said in a low voice.
“Would you please allow me to come in?”
“Oh? Ah…’
Unintentionally giving permission, Anakin closed the door and slowly walked over to me. He knelt down on one knee and said to me as I was sitting on the bed.
“One of the greatest virtues of a knight is to not divulge the secrets of the owner.”
That was all. It was a sincere answer to know whether this was called comfort or peace of mind. But strangely, I was relieved.
As I calmed down a little, the question of how he could hear my voice arose again. Unless you are a psychic, there can only be one answer.
“You… are you a sword master?”
“It’s similar.”
“If it’s right, it’s right, or it’s not, why is it similar?”
Unless you are a magical engineer, the only thing that can hear such a small voice is a sword master, who can read other people’s spirits.
As far as I know, there were only two sword masters in this country, the sword teacher of the warrior Jason, now a retired high-ranking general, and Jason himself.
The sword master, who can split the sea and the mountain, was truly a treasure for the country. So, if Anakin was a real sword master, he shouldn’t be under me, instead, it would be more beneficial for him to inform the Empire right now.
However, Anakin murmured, as he clenched his fist with a rather sullen expression.
“I can read the original form, but because the sword expression is incomplete. That is… not a sword master.”
The reason that the sword master can split the sea and mountain is due to the manifestation of swordsmanship, and even if that is incomplete, it would still be worth
But if you don’t say it’s incomplete or impossible, it means you’ll become a swore master within the next 10 years.
In fact, that will be a tremendous achievement. He won’t be able to become the youngest sword master like Jason, but since Jason is one of the original male protagonists, it can’t be helped.
“Yes, well… half master. You must have heard all of me.”
“What do you think?”
It was a winning move. Did you hear me, right? If you did, how would you behave?
If he intended to accuse me of communicating with a witch, I had to think about whether to kill Anakin as it is or accuse him of talking bullshit. Anakin looked me in the eye and asked.
“The lady isn’t from this place?”
It was an outrageous question, but it was actually a question that got to the point. He ‘must have heard everything.
Tpondered for a moment. Whether to answer with the truth, or to deceive him by pretending not to know……….. He was never supposed to be my black knight. But it is also a story that he would know when he is working with me anyway.
“Yes. To be precise, it’s not ‘Eris’. I am not the person here.”
“Does the owner want to go back to where she was?”
“….. Yes.”
“Can I help with that?”
I started to become confused. Why doesn’t it bother him? Anakin’s expression was too calm.
Isn’t a stranger rare? Aren’t you surprised that I’m from another world? You even had contact with a witch, one of the most taboo things in the Empire?
Doesn’t he actually have a secret about his birth that I don’t know? Turns out he’s a descendant of a dragon …… and now Anakin smiled a little as I began to look suspiciously.
“You doubt me.”
“Yes, I’m crazy even when I’m talking crazy. You don’t doubt it.”
“….It often happens when you live in back alleys where you point fingers at the world, for being crazy, and you can’t tell what’s crazy or not when you’re born there. If a person who’s not crazy goes in there, you become crazy like everyone else.”
There is no change in expression even though he expressed haunting words. Apart from his appearance, there was little change in the muscles of his face, as if he was just like a mannequin.
I wanted to see if the person I was talking to was there, so I put my hand on his face slightly. Warm. There was also a way to avoid it, but he was still, enduring my hand without any motion.
“Who the lady is doesn’t really matter to me, because my work doesn’t change.”
“What’s your job?”
“Your command, I obey.”
Anakin’s eyes were filled with a quiet madness. The strong will to not give heart to anyone.
Anakin’s eyes were filled with a quiet madness. The strong will to not give heart to anyone.
Thad a certain conviction that this man would never miss work because of love. Even if Anakin falls in love with Helena out of providence, his loyalty will be with me.
“Are you disappointed when I say that the knight you had chosen has lost his mind?”
No way.
“No, I love it.”
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