Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 15

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Episode 15 Theology And Magic
And what else was it – it was a sweet, angelic thing to say anyway. Such a pretty girl only says nice things, I think I would have fallen in love too.
Furthermore, Hubris can see the color of her soul. If ordinary people’s souls were just yellow, Helena’s soul was colored with gold, and more beautiful than anyone else.
Come to think of it, I should have asked. What color was my soul?
Oh, he’s laughing.
Hubris laughed. Interestingly, even though Hubris is a human being, I didn’t expect him to laugh so softly. Did Alex, who always frowned, and Jason, who always smiled, smile like that too whenever they saw Helena?
It was a very strange feeling. The sharp difference between disliking me and actually liking everyone but me. Even when I tried not to care, the helplessness that was forced to come was a little hard.
There’s no one in the world who can help me but Helena. Then I looked up. No, there was someone.
As soon as I sent the child out on route, ran to the witch’s shop. I knew Anakin was running after me, but I couldn’t stop. I felt dizzy.
I managed to get to the door of the store, but the store was closed. I pulled the doorknob because I couldn’t believe it. The rattling doorknob that refuses to open announced that this place was empty.
“Open the door.”
“Open the door!”
I started knocking hard on the door. If there was a suitable blunt instrument, I wanted to break the window.
Passers-by glanced at me, but soon went away. They must have thought I was a mad woman.
Anakin grabbed my hand and wrapped it with a handkerchief as I began to get a scar on my hand. I felt suffocated, strangled. I lightly scraped down the wooden door with the tip of my fingernail.
“You said you’d help me if it was dangerous…”
This was such a day.
I thought I didn’t really want it, but it became something I want to have because every child other than me has it.
I don’t even like vikings, but the mini viking in front of the elementary school sports day made me want to hold cotton candy that I didn’t want to eat, and I don’t care about the maker, but all the classmates have it, so I ask them to buy it.
Now I know. Actually, I wanted to get confirmation. No matter how useless it is, I wanted to be sure that my parents would be happy to listen to me for my happiness. I say I hate them, but then I miss my parents, even if I say something really bad.
I couldn’t breathe. It was so hard mentally that I wanted to bite my tongue and die.
I needed someone in this world who knew me. Someone who knows me and will like me. I wish I had at least one person on my side. So I ran to the only helper I knew, and the door was locked.
I thought it was raining because my feet were wet. Looking up at the sky, I realized it was my tears.
Anakin quietly watched me.
I wanted to retort ‘what are you looking at?’. Instead he hugged me and comforted me, asking me quietly, without even consoling me. (T/N: in manhwa they Skipped this hugging scene lol)
“Do you want me to open the door?”
I nodded blankly. Anakin asked me to step aside for a moment. As soon as I took a few steps back, he picked up his sword and cut the door straight down.
The wooden door, which was quite huge and sturdy, cracked.
Before I could open my mouth in surprise, he kicked the cracked door, strode in, and looked around.
“It’s safe.”
“Uh, why did you destroy the door?”
“…? Because the door was locked.”
Anakin said with a very casual expression. There seemed to be no guilt felt for destroying the door. He even asked me again.
“Whoever you’re waiting for, I think we’d better sit down and wait. Did I misjudge what you wanted?”
He spoke calmly and led me to a suitable chair. Yeah, if the door isn’t open, one would need to break it. If you don’t have bread, you eat cake, right?
When I saw his ridiculous expression, everything that I had suffered suddenly felt empty. I was dumbfounded and laughed as I sat on the sofa in the store that he led me to.
How long have we been waiting? Suddenly the witch who was coming in stood at the entrance and screamed.
“No, I gave you a mirror to contact me but instead you decided to break an innocent door?”
“I didn’t break it. He did it.”
“The door was locked, so I broke it.”
The witch pointed to Anakin in astonishment, and Anakin shamelessly admitted his guilt. A comical situation ensues.
“That’s what I’m talking about now…..!”
The witch hit Anakin on the back without hesitation with her long, beautifully trimmed nails, and Anakin paid the price silently without a single retaliation. I felt a little better because the scene was funny.
“I’ll pay for the door, so stop.”
“What brings you here?”
“I’m in a bad mood. Say something. So that I can feel better.”
“You’re arbitrary.”
“So are you going to kick me out?”
The witch smiled slightly at my words and fixed the door with a single gesture. The door became intact, as if it had never been broken.
“Is it okay for you to show your skills to outsiders?”
“Oh, if I thought he was an outsider, I’d have him leave at all costs. Like the first day you came.”
‘It was a deft smile. It was like that apart from the interfaith relationship, Anakin was not a man who would go to the temple and accuse the witch. I’d rather forget so that I don’t have to be bothered. Leaving that behind, she brought us downstairs.
While I was still confused with bubbling pots and medicinal herbs. She made the teacup float, and with a single gesture, placed it in my hand.
I was suspicious of what was inside this tea, so I took a sip, but only after making Anakin taste it first. It was a fragrant herbal tea.
“What would you like to talk about… right, do you know the difference between magic engineering and magic?”
“Is there a difference?”
“Magic engineering is fundamentally close to theology. No, not close to theology, but from theology.”
The witch thought for a moment, then began to explain, hiding behind a cloth, as if showing a shadow play.
People often say that theology is the study of life and magic is the study of death, but it is actually a false metaphor. Both life and death are governed by theology. Theology is connected with the truth that makes up this world beyond simply believing in good and evil, and in creation.
For example, a life dies when it is too seriously hurt… the absolute and natural truth. Magical engineering is thoroughly exercised under that truth. To create new laws based on the truth of theology. That is magical engineering. Haha, don’t you know?
When a lightning bolt falls from the sky and hits a tree, it catches fire. This is a natural phenomenon, or truth. Mankind, who was taking this for granted, one day thinks of this.
‘If you artificially create a thunderbolt, wouldn’t it be easy to ignite it anywhere, anytime? The first magic engineer was close to an inventor. That’s why they’re called engineers.
They found that formulating a formula yields a corresponding ‘power’. Once they set up the formula, they ran without blockage. The water vapor in the air gathers to make it rain, refracted light is used to create illusions, or changes in the temperature of the atmosphere is used to induce wind.
At first glance, it seemed to be about ”creation’ but it was not, and this was impossible because it was a violation of the truth.
Countless magicians tried tirelessly to get closer to God, but all of them failed, and most of them were cursed and faced a terrible end. So, gradually, rules were created and breaking the truth became taboo.
‘If theology is the truth that makes up the world, and magical engineering is to set rules under that truth, then magic is a very different nature. Magic breaks, twists, or ignores all of those truths and rules.
The reason I can let you go is the same. By twisting the rules of life that make it a must to be reborn here, you can connect with your original world.
Of course, we pay the price. Although it’s kind that humans cannot understand at all.
I was listening to her and suddenly thought of it and asked.
“Can’t a man use the power of a witch? Well… something like a wizard.”
“A wizard? That’s an interesting idea.”
The witch laughed for a while and said.
“I have to make you laugh, but you make me happy. Last time you asked if we would leave any offspring. Magic is not an inherited trait. What should I say… It has nothing to do with innate ‘talent’ like magic engineering or theology.”
The witch paused for a moment, then lit a fire from her hand. Beyond the flickering flame, Medea was looking terrifying. The sharp flesh that makes a person’s heart eerie just by looking at it.
“Witches are a race that ‘evolves’ when they feel desperate. However, their consciousness must be strong enough to destroy all the truths that bind them. When they evolve, they are no longer a creation of God, but a completely separate race. Being a living thing allows us to be free from all causal rules and laws regulated by this world.”
The witch gazes at Anakin, the only man in the room with cold eyes.
“Men are too fragile to believe in such a principle. They are emotional, easily understood, and have a hard time giving up quickly. No, let’s go ahead and say… Shall I say that they have never suffered enough to have impulsiveness? In most civilizations, men are usually ‘rules makers’.”
“If you’re so great, why don’t people know of witches?”
“There are many people who will be in trouble when others begin to notice the existence of witches. These are mainly powerful people. Since witches don’t come from a high rank, these people’s justification and their belief that the basis of their precious status and power are given to them by heaven would be shaken.”
The witch playfully drew a cross. She seemed somehow used to it. Before she became a witch, would Medea have been a priestess?
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