Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 19

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Episode 19
The aura is different. I don’t think she’s a human being…..
As far as I’m concerned, whether Helena was a fairy, a pure human being, or whatever, I had a strong feeling that God worked hard on her. To exaggerate a little, it was a beauty that was close to a final weapon created by mankind.
When I was admiring Helena’s face, she looked at me, or to be exact, at my clothes, and turned pale. Shivering like a tree, she refused with her feet pressed when the crown prince tried to take her into the ceremony despite being embarrassed by the unexpected situation.
“I’m going to…”
“I want to change. Let me change!”
The end was almost like a scream. Poor Helena, it’s getting tough because you’re beautiful. I looked straight at her and allowed her.
“You may go change, Lady Antebellum.”
When permission was given, Helena turned and escaped, and the Crown Prince called her name anxiously.
“Your Majesty, I know you have a lot to say, but I want to talk to him first. Will you allow me to do this?”
I turned to appease the emperor before the already red-faced emperor burst into anger. The emperor gave his face a good smoothing over and nodded to allow it.
What I want to be is not a tragic heroine. Gathering sympathy was enough for those days when there was no money nor power. I smiled and reached out to the Crown Prince.
“Come here, Your Highness.”
Come when I say nice words.
I’m holding it in because I want to kill him.
Well, this is how the story should go originally. Helena should not be able to attend if she was originally in her position, but the story was different when Jason, a great nobleman, said he would bring her as a partner.
Perhaps Jason sent a dress to Helena to match his clothes. With a gorgeous dress coming, of course, it would get in and out from the mouths of the maids, and naturally, the fact that Helena was attending with Jason would have entered the prince’s ears.
I don’t care how jealous the crown prince must have been. Anyway, the crown prince made a plan to tell Jason that Helena is his woman, to screw me over, and to take care of everything.
He dared to steal the clothes that Jason gave her, and even deceived Helena, who would have just put on the same dress. And I would have put it on too, and be outrightly compared.
My dress was original too. This was natural. In order to make and sell the product again, designers usually leave an extra suit in case my clothes had an accident.
The question is how did you convince Madame to give the duplicate dress…. It was impossible for the crown prince alone.
This is because Madame’s main clientele, which is said to be the Princess of Amman, was not part of the royal family, but an aristocratic socialite. There couldn’t be a way to give a commoner a dress that was ordered by a noble as it would degrade trust, and at the same time, the value of the clothes.
They were determined to get Eris offended. And there was only one person who would want to make her feel that way.
I usually thought she liked Helena, but at this point, she is hating Eris instead of favoring Helena.
In the book, Eris waits until the Crown Prince arrives, and she will not leave unless he does. After a defeat, the servant dragged her out.
I read that Helena, who wears the same dress as her and laughs with people with a more aristocratic appearance, while Eris ran away like Helena just did….. but I didn’t want to do so, hence I came out first and it changed a little.
Originally, the Crown Prince, Helena, the Marquis, and then the Emperor and Empress, and finally, Eris, came out.
But when the message that I entered first came, the Marquis and the Emperor, of course, thought that the Crown Prince also arrived first, and departed earlier than expected.
In the original, Eris’s game was very different. It was also the anger that Eris, who was desperate, showed off her unfamiliar behavior for the first time.
Thanks to that, Helena and the prince’s companionship had been buried a little, but…… Well, it wasn’t something I wanted to worry about. What am I supposed to do?
We were out in the hallway for a moment. The moon’s light shone on us. The Crown Prince tried to open his mouth first, but I raised my hand to stop him.
Where can a sinner open his mouth first? Every time he opens his mouth, he lies with excuses.
“Your Majesty… Do you hate me?”
I wasn’t asking for an answer. If he didn’t hate me, would he have done something like this?
No matter how much harassment is scheduled, having the first-hand experience was annoying. In particular, the Crown Prince’s perverted taste was very annoying,
I approached the Crown Prince with strides. He took a step back, and I put my feet on the wall next to him so that he couldn’t run away at all.
“You hate me, Your Majesty? You somehow want me to be sick and lonely, right? So when you came into the hall, you looked at my face before His Majesty’s to see if I’m hurt.”
“But I, Your Majesty… I wish I was dead.”
I was prepared to break it, but the small wounds will not hurt. I didn’t want to see the crown prince’s face, so I covered it with my palm and said, crushing it in his ear.
“So don’t try to hurt me. It’s the same.”
Leaving the confused prince alone, I turned around and walked out to the end of the corridor. As I opened the door, Jason was looking down at me with a complicated expression.
You’ll have to change your habit of being a rat. He should be chasing Helena, not me, I don’t know why he is here.
I gathered all the patience I had and laughed at Jason.
“Oh… Are you leaving Lady Antebellum alone? The lady was stolen by His Majesty. But, didn’t Lord Kazar invite her? You have to take responsibility for her till the end.”
After that, I didn’t make a sound and just moved my mouth. Move. As if he had read the shape of my mouth, he turned away with a confused expression. After passing through one more door, it is again the act of a splendid actress.
When I enter, everyone looks at my face. No, it’s not me. The person standing in front of their eyes is Eris Misérian.
Those faces as spectacles that wish you will mourn, the cruel anticipation that you will make your downfall. So I had to laugh. Eris, you’d rather be angry, but you didn’t cry.
If there is a side story in this novel, I wish it was your story, not the love story between Helena and the Crown Prince. So that I can understand what you were thinking and with what kind of heart you were jealous of Helena and loved the prince.
But I don’t know you even when I’m in your body. No one in your world knows you.
Poor Eris, the terrible world wasn’t interested in you.
First of all, it was a coming-of-age ceremony, so I walked to the place where the emperor and the marquis were. It was quite crowded, but the people, parted away to make it a path like a miracle of Moses. (T/N: Moses parted the red seas with a little help from God, of course.)
The two laughed well expressionlessly, even though the series of events that took place was embarrassing I don’t know how good a politician I can be at this moment….
“Baby bird, you’re here. Did you have a good, conversation?”
Damn it, I’ve lost my advantage. If the emperor makes such a conclusion, it becomes difficult for me to bring up my marriage. I looked at the marquis for help, but he smiled without realizing that he was looking at me.
Oh, only then did I realize that the marquis may be on Eris’s side, but not mine. He won’t do anything to hurt Eris’s reputation.
Come to think of it, an internal combative relationship was not much of a scandal for aristocrats, whose fickleness was the norm. Not to mention, polygamy is officially allowed in the imperial family.
To the extent, this marriage was a political marriage. I guess I expected too much from a contract that is in each other’s political interests.
Even if Eris is infertile, the prince is right, which means he will not break up with Eris even if he brings Helena.
When I think about that, the Crown Prince is only annoyed with me… Oh… I thought he was very sincere to Helena. I don’t know why I’m shilly-shallying on that part, even if I’m trying my best.
“Honey, do you remember what I said?”
Are you talking about the 1980s when I wanted to wash my ears? I forced myself to open my mouth to the gaze that was pouring onto me.
“….I’m not jealous.”
“Yes, right… You’ve raised a wise daughter, Marquis.”
“That’s flattering.”
They giggled among themselves and went crazy. Haha, hoho, just laugh, and didn’t care to please me, so I just nodded and got out of the room.
They won’t break off the engagement even though the engagement is a mess….. I need to cause trouble again.
By the way, it’s a blur. In fact, Eris should run out instead of Helena, which was all the more so because the situation was reversed.
I thought it would be better if I enjoyed the cool air, so I even took a step toward the back garden. A new year passed and the stars embroidered the sky beautifully. The wind was so nice that I briefly regretted that it would have been nice to have a drink while I was enjoying it.
T’ll go get some drinks later. Before that, I looked around to find a suitable seat and heard a cry somewhere.
This time, I was looking forward to seeing if it was a real ghost, and unfortunately, it was a person again. It wasn’t a bunch of green… It was Helena.
Helena was in tears, and then stood up in surprise at the sight of me. When she confirmed that it was me, her expression changed even more hopelessly. I thought a ghost would look better than that.
When she wiped her tears with her hands in a hurry, she struggled to deny it in a trembling voice.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I, I really didn’t know. This dress, mean…”
Helena closes her eyes tightly after giving a gibberish excuse. It was the prince who made her wear those clothes, but she couldn’t get the prince’s name out of her mouth in front of his fiancée. Not only can it be regarded as a slander, but it is impossible for the commoners to accuse the royal family in the first place.
She hesitated for a long time to see if she had that much sense. In the end, what Helena managed to spit out was neither an excuse nor a clause.
“I’m sorry…”
It’s you again. You apologize again. Neither the man who brought you nor the one who dressed you in my clothes apologized to me, but it’s always you because you’re the least powerful.
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