Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 24

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Episode 24
Your Soul
“No, Hubris. Don’t defend me. Although I can’t undo ruining a man’s life, I am able to reveal the truth even if it’s late! I could have corrected myself that I didn’t hear God! But I couldn’t do that……. I didn’t want to……. I didn’t want to put myself in the mud with the glory that was given to me……. I cowardly remained silent until the end and fled here with my back against God with the excuse that it’s my retirement…..”
Seeing the old man cry like that, like a child, made my heart ache. The compassion is spontaneous, but the consolation is not mine.
Fortunately, Hubris was hugging Metheus and helping him drink tea to calm him down.
Come on, let’s think. The fact that Jason will be a warrior is a pre-built story by the writer who is like the god of this world. Is that why the dragon said ‘reason?
……..What did the dragon change?
No, did you change it? What if the dragon didn’t tell Jason the truth? No, no…… In other words, what if he didn’t have to tell the truth?
What if Jason had killed ‘Another Dragon’?
Goosebumps ran down my spine. The setting of the dragon that Jason killed was not mentioned anywhere
in the novel. All that was said was that Jason killed the dragon. The setting of the light dragon was actually something I heard for the first time from Metheus.
The reason why the supreme being, the dragon, cumbersomely manipulated the priest to make a prophecy, made Jason kill him.
And I instinctively knew the answer.
It’s useless, like me.
Gnashing my teeth, I tried not to tremble, but my voice and my hands trembled badly. I asked in a hoarse voice.
“Can’t dragons…… take their own lives?”
“You’re asking a bizarre question. Dragons are the greatest creatures that God has ever created. Nature’s mother, nature itself. Have you ever seen nature take its own life? Nature only thrives with time. Only other living things can harm them, but… even if a little rabbit eats a little grass, it can’t be said that the animals are dying because of it.”
“Don’t dragons have a lifespan? You mean they don’t die naturally?
“Someday, the dragon will die. But would a mere human dare to guess the years? Just as an ephemera, cannot predict the lifespan of a human being.” (T/N: “ephemera”/ “ephemeral” = lasting for a very short time. It is a beautified version for existence like insects, animals etc who have very short lifespans, they cannot predict the lifespan of humans. So he is saying how can a small (short life spanned, human) creature guess a lifespan of a great existence like a dragon.)
My head was spinning and I was nauseous. I raised my hand to stop the conversation for a moment and then ran outside.
In the grass next to the house, I emptied my stomach When I turned it inside out, my head, which was still ringing, felt like it was going to break.
Anakin came over to me with a handkerchief and water. After rinsing my mouth with the water he brought, I asked Anakin.
“Mirror…. Did you bring it?”
“Yes, can I show you?”
“I’ll have to ask the witch. Let’s go to the forest.”
He took the lamp he had obtained from somewhere and went out into the woods behind the hut. I followed him slowly, watching his steps, until I reached the center of the forest, where a small pond shone.
The moonlight brightly lit the pond. I reflected my face in the mirror Anakin had given me and called the witch.
“Medea, I have a question for you. Show yourself.”
“…What are you doing? I’ve been thinking about using a mirror.”
The witch spoke in a shrill voice, but now I wasn’t in the mood to accept the absurdity. As I walked, straight-forwardly asked about the hypotheses I had put together, but I was more or less sure.
“Is it Another Dragon’ that Jason killed?”
“…Oh my. How did you know that? You always have a talent for surprising me.”
“In order to commit suicide, the crazy dragon made up a false prophecy and made Jason kill him? Because Jason has to kill a ‘dragon’ anyway.”
Medea gave a slightly subtle smile and rubbed her hair with her fingertips. Then she willingly told her the truth.
“That’s right. The Dragon was a person just like you. It was a ‘stranger’. She, no… Should I call it her? As long as you are possessed by a dragon, your gender has no meaning.”
“It has nothing to do with it, so let’s continue talking.”
“Okay, don’t whine.”
And she began to speak slowly.
Note: Medea is narrating the story, it’s from the first dragon’s pov, who we believe to be female. We’ll have to specify the gender to use 3rd person POV. Yet, we are not confident if we’re correct so we’re going with 1st person POV, and after the manhwa releases the chapter, it will be edited to 3rd person POV.
A stranger possessed the body of a female dragon…… I was very satisfied with my new life at first. Since became the strongest creature, I could do anything! wanted.
I lived my life to the fullest. I fell in love with another dragon that suits my heart and loved it passionately, and I raised my eggs…… helping humans build a kingdom, watching it flourish.
I thought I would be happy forever, but as time went by, I…… I became exhausted.
I’m starting to feel bored like hell.
I tried hard to shake off my boredom, but nothing could undo this crumbling soul. My soul, as a human being, was too small and fragile a vessel to hold the dragon’s years.
I wanted to die, but I couldn’t.
Dragons are one of the strongest creatures, enough to be called God’s agents. I gradually went crazy. Even the same dragon couldn’t save me. The dragons themselves could hurt each other, but they couldn’t kill each other.
The crazy dragon went to find the last witch I would associate with. But the witches refused, saying they did not want to kill the dragon themselves.
It’s not impossible to kill, but for witches, it’s a very cumbersome and difficult task…… This is because a match between the witch and the dragon is completely extreme. And given their power, it was clear that there was bound to be a commotion around, them.
Instead, Kirke, the second oldest of the witches, gave me a way to die for a price. There is a child in this world who will be born with a fate to kill a male dragon, and I wanted to take that fate away.
Kirke taught me that it doesn’t matter what kind of dragon it is, since God only ordained the child’s ‘fate to kill the dragon’.
As soon as the child was born, the crazy dragon controlled the priest and declared itself as the fated dragon. And I waited eagerly for the child to grow up.
The day the child finally killed the dragon, the whole world was seen. The setting sun bled instead. The other dragon, who lost his beloved crazy dragon in one day, was in despair. (TL/N: the first (female/crazy) dragon died, now her companion is left, which is the male.
It was because he was the original dragon of fate and that he should have died in the first place. If the crazy dragon hadn’t plotted like such. The other dragon, who was deprived of his fate, wondered how he could die, he thought and thought again and again.
And finally, the dragon realized a blind spot in this world.
To break the causality, you need to pay as much as the heart of a dragon. Yes, the dragon tried to kill himself by sacrificing his heart.
But the world was generous to dragons, so even that was not an easy thing to do.
It wasn’t judged to have violated causality.
Meanwhile, the other dragon heard the desperate wishes of the two women. The woman (Emma) was praying that the wish of the girl she was holding would come true, and she (original Eris) wanted to disappear from the world.
The dragon recognized that the girl was able to fulfill her wish. Because the causality of the world, the strings of fate, were woven into her…….
The dragon made her wish come true.
The girl’s soul disappeared with the dragon’s heart, and the causality to maintain the world, found the most suitable soul in the other world. To get into an empty girl’s body and move it instead…… your soul.
I knew it, but I lost strength from all over my body. It was not fair, not a grain of my will was mixed. A hoarse voice came out of my throat with a cry. It was as hot as a boiler.
“Why….. is it me?
“Answer me! Why me! Why! Why must it be me! Some people must have dreamed of something like this! But why must it be me! Why! Why the hell!”
At my cry, the witch said nothing. She just stared contemplatively. The callous gaze was too much to look at so I threw the mirror into the pond.
I know it’s not her fault.
But I couldn’t stand the reality that came before me.
Splash. The mirror sank. My mind sank to the ground.
My head was pounding again and I was in pain. If I had a headache pill, I wanted to chew it with my teeth.
I heard rustling footsteps and turned my head reflexively, and saw Anakin putting a knife to Hubris’s neck. He knelt down in front of me and asked,
“This guy was eavesdropping on the conversation What should we do? Do you want me to silence him by killing him?”
“Have you been…… communicating with the witch? Do you know how serious that is?”
Why is he talking nonsense when it’s already hard and annoying……. Hubris wobbled back and forth with shock. At least Anakin overpowered him with one hand. I looked down at him with a cold face and answered him back.
“This act would be a felony for the people of your country. I’m not from this country because I’m a stranger in the first place.
“If you’re inside Lady Misérian’s body, it’s a crime!”
It was ridiculous and I laughed. Seeing my smile, Hubris’s expression was distorted.
“So what?”
“Are you going to file a complaint with the Vatican? All right, that’s what I was hoping for. My body wouldn’t die even if I stabbed myself but you wouldn’t know if was burned at the stake. Go ahead and accuse me.”
“Lady Misérian!”
At my sarcasm, Hubris raised his voice and became angry. Anakin’s blade clenched close to his neck.
“Anakin, release High Priest Hubris. Only then will he be able to accuse me.”
Anakin sheathed his sword with a hint of disapproval and shook him off. When Anakin put the sword back in, I strode up to Anakin and pulled out his sword once more. I threw it in front of Hubris, and his head slowly went up. I looked down at him and whispered.
“Oh, there was no need for that? Come to think of it, a High Priest has the authority to make a quick decision, right?”
The High Priest had the right to judge a woman suspected of being a witch. No evidence was needed Most of the high priests could see the soul.
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