Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 31

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Episode 31
I Won’t Love You
“Anakin, tell the inn boy to get the boat ready. I want to see the famous lake.”
“Very well……. Is there anything else you need?”
“Should I ask him to go there and pack me some food?”
“That would be good, too.”
“I’d like something light and not too oily.”
Back in the room, I changed clothes and came out. The forsythia-colored two-piece was comfortable and looked good on me.
The best thing since coming to Rundol province was that there are no maids to advise you on how you should wear makeup or loose clothes. It’s just that want to look good to others from their perspective, but I’m too lazy to wear makeup.
I just combed my hair and wore comfortable shoes without heels.
At the front door, the inn child turned around and suddenly put a flower in my ear. How sweet. I gave
the child who knew how to do pretty things some pocket money.
It’s a good day because the wind is cool. The boat was tied up in a cabin near the lake. Since the lake was quite far from the inn in the city center, I rode a carriage and entered the forest.
The lake was so deep and beautiful. It almost Tooked like I was looking at the sea rather than a small lake
After carrying a basket of food into the boat, Anakin sat down and began to row. Without any difficulty, the boat started to move towards the center of the lake.
The scenery is beautiful, but as expected Mt. Kumgang is a place where food comes first. When I opened the basket with anticipation, I saw it contained delicious sandwiches, bottled milk, jam, pie and even fruits.
I thought the basket looked a little heavy…. The innkeeper must have liked us very much. Anyway, it’s always better to have some leftover food than not enough food. With one ham sandwich in my mouth, put the other one in Anakin’s.
I realized when I was eating breakfast this morning that the inn had really good food. As long as the beds were clean and the breakfast delicious, the accommodations were the perfect place for me. I had been debating whether to reveal it or not but I believed it was the right thing to say. It was a fact needed him to know anyway since Anakin would be the best person to get me out of this world.
I will reveal a shocking fact to Anakin, who had become somewhat more docile by eating something delicious.
“You are a character in the book I read, Anakin.”
“I’ve also read about this world in the same book.”
The arms that were rowing suddenly stopped. He blinked and looked at me with a puzzled expression. Not giving him a chance to ask me questions, continued.
“You had a supporting role in the story of ‘Eris.’ You loved her.”
As I dipped my hand into the lake, the clear, cold, water rushed through my fingers.
The surface of the lake, at first, reflected a terrifyingly strange and beautiful woman looking up at me. Then the image was shaken by the ripples from my hand. No, the scariest thing about this face was that it no longer felt unfamiliar.
What if I go back to Korea and look in the mirror and see this stranger’s face?
“I’m sorry. I took the place of the woman you’d fall in love with.”
How would it feel to lose someone you will love for the rest of your life without knowing it? I couldn’t even imagine it.
In fact, nothing in the world was mine. They all belong to Eris Misérian, the second most gorgeous beauty in the world, including him, who will blindly be loyal to me.
“…I don’t understand. Are you saying I’m… fake?
“Maybe……. Like a character in a play.”
Anakin had a confused face. I deserved it because really sounded crazy insisting that the person he was serving was different. He paused for a moment and asked me again.
“Why are you sure I loved her?”
“That’s how the book was written. I’ve read it all.”
“What if I don’t act the way I’m written?”
“If it doesn’t go as the book says, it’s modified by causality. For example, if I get cut off by your sword now, I won’t die. Since the book didn’t say I’m going to die yet.”
Anakin blinked slowly. He asked quietly.
“You mean…… I’ll fall in love with you someday?”
…….Huh? I’ve never thought of it that way.’
In fact, in the original story, the Black Knight never actually said he loved Eris. Everyone just assumed that the Black Knight loved Eris because he devoted, himself to all sorts of things for her.
The book was from Helena’s point of view, and it was only the description that she threw in the story, as if he had really loved Eris. So I naturally thought Anakin might not fall in love with me unless I was Eris.
When I didn’t answer, Anakin asked me again.
“Are you falling in love with me, too?”
I quickly denied it, but it was right. I shouldn’t get attached to anyone in this book. My death was scheduled anyway. Even if I can survive here as ‘Eris’, must die. So that I can go back.
“I won’t love you. So don’t love me, either.”
I’m afraid I’ll fall in love with you. I turned my head away for fear that the words would pop out of my mouth. I think I’m going crazy because I’m having a difficult time. No matter how hard it is, it was rude to fall in love and depend on someone.
As I shook my head to calm myself down, I noticed that there was a fairly high cliff near the lake. It is shaped like a diving board.
In the past, I’ve seen a movie about dreams. In that movie, the dream felt like reality, so he couldn’t wake up for a while. There were only two ways to return to reality. Dying, or falling into the water.
I’ve thought of dying, but I’ve never thought of drowning.
I murmured, distracted.
“I have to go up there.”
“Are you talking about the cliff?”
“Yeah. To fall.”
The lake looked pretty deep, so even if one fell from the top of the cliff, they wouldn’t necessarily die,
If you’re not lucky, you might break something because of the surface tension…..
The boat suddenly stopped moving, causing me to turn to Anakin. He had a really shocked expression. Somehow Anakin asked in a sullen voice.
“Is it because of me?”
“What nonsense is that? It’s not like that, so hurry up and row.”
Phew. He’s so arrogant to think he created a bad mood for a little bit. Anakin with a serious face was ridiculous and cute, so I fed him a piece of pie. He must have been embarrassed, so he kept his mouth shut, attempting to rebel. I raised my eyebrows and poked the pie a few times into his lips.
In the end, Anakin lost. Open your mouth and eat well. Some of the jam that came out of the pie got on my hands. As I was about to bring it to my mouth, he quickly blocked it, took a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped it off.
It was the same as when I brought a mirror from Bonito, glad that Anakin was more prepared and delicate than me.
The height off the cliff is considerable. I have never been afraid of heights since I was young. From amusement parks with challenges like the viking ride, roller coasters, gyro drops to even bungee jumping, always took them without hesitation. But this was distinctly different from activities that had safety devices.
I hesitated several times and closed my eyes tightly. What’s the point of hesitating with a body that doesn’t die? At any rate, Anakin will take it out on his own.
I stepped back slightly and threw myself off.
A tingling sensation of my stomach dropping. Before knew I was going to die, I was sucked into the water.
White bubbles filled my surroundings and left. The surface of the water was beautiful. I laid down comfortably and breathed out. I felt like I was sinking,
It’s not bad if I can die like this. It was a moment to close my eyes.
Someone snatched my body roughly. A solid body pulled me up to the water in an instant. Being forced up caused all the water to pass through my nose. Thanks to that person, I couldn’t open my eyes for a long time and coughed.
“Cough, cough………Hey, cough, Ana, kin! Untill give you orders, cough, stay still… Cough, I told you so.”
“Are you out of your mind or something!”
This voice was not Anakin’s. My eyes opened wide. Drenched, Jason was holding me and looking furious. Wait! Why are you here?
I shuddered in bewilderment, shaking and realizing that he was holding me. No, no, no…. Let’s not overthink this and let me go.
Where the hell was Anakin while Jason did this? I lifted up my face, away from Jason’s body and looked around to see if he would let it go.
Then my body was pulled back from behind. Against my back, I felt a familiar and hard chest. It’s Anakin.
“How dare you touch my lady’s body.”
“What? The knight who failed to protect the lady has something to say?”
A spark broke out between the two. I know it’s a comical, novel-like situation but seriously…… Guys, we’re all still in a lake here.
“The water is cold. I’m going to take my lady out.”
Since I was wearing a thin two-piece, even though the midsummer warmth was approaching, it was cold, staying in the water for a long time.
The small boat we were riding earlier was parked near the cliff. If I knew this would happen, I should have told Anakin to stay on board. The three of us swam out awkwardly.
As soon as he exited the water, Anakin grabbed his coat that was hung in the sun and put it on me. He then got down on one knee and asked me.
“Should I light a fire?”
“It’s still bright out. Won’t my clothing dry if we leave
“It’s quite a distance to the accommodation. I’d rather…”
Jason, who came out of the water, swept his hair back with one hand and laughed. With an expression like he’s about to cut off someone’s service, he added, intentionally looking only at me.
“I have a teapot. I’ll heat up the milk.”
Without allowing me to say no, he pushed Anakin away and started a fire. When he announced that he
would make a fire, I was so tempted to pull Anakin’s hand and run away.
“How did you know about this, Lord Kazar?”
“You seriously believe there wouldn’t be people looking for you after turning the palace and marquisate upside down?”
“It’s later than I expected. I didn’t know that Lord hazar would personally come, but…”
“I volunteered. To find you.”
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