Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 32

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Episode 32
Perverse Man
Why? My forehead wrinkled in confusion. Although it was said that he was a leisurely man, Jason was not such a laid-back person. Since it had been awhile since returned to his hometown, it would be normal for him to make rounds, visiting relatives. In fact, in the Kazar family, parties are held every day.
“Shouldn’t you be the busiest person in the capital, having to greet all the elders in your family?”
“It’s because I don’t like having to talk to old people for a long time.”
“Well I don’t like talking to you either.”
“Then can I mix things other than words?”
Has he become really crazy? Jason was setting up the teapot and milk he was carrying, and at the same time, sexually harassing me. Though he could have avoided it, Jason seemed to be hit in the face with something. Without even wiping his wet face, he spoke quietly, with his eyes open.
“…What you’re going through.”
“If you start speaking roughly, don’t be surprised if I respond roughly as well.”
Jason wiped the water off his face with his palm. Losing my appetite, I placed my glass down on the ground.
Jason continued.
“…l care about you.”
“Don’t bother.”
“Aren’t you doing something that bothers you?”
“Are you blaming me now?”
I stared at him, at the ridiculous transfer of responsibility, but he didn’t budge, his face was determined.
“Yes, so Lady Misérian, please let me know. How can I do that?”
“Why are you asking me that? You never cared about
Jason burst out laughing. The flames were warm, and he held his hand gently.
I thought that I could rest for a long time, but now, couldn’t. Whether Jason came by royal command or sent by the marquis, I was in a position to be captured and returned. I shook my hands to get a sense of how much I would be questioned.
“How’s the capital?”
“Tell me how you’ve been and I’ll tell you.”
“Very well. Let’s pretend it didn’t happen.”
“Cause I don’t want to tell you.”
Jason stared at me with a puzzled expression on his face. I didn’t care if he looked at me in that way. How could I look fine when he was the one that warned me about Helena in the first place.
I might have been nicer if they had sent a stranger instead of Jason, Jason looked at my cold face and raised both hands.
“All right, all right. This ugly affair has everyone fully engaged. The capital city is in a state of chaos because of Lady Misérian. I’m telling this to you as the person who suddenly disappeared. Because the train is faulty it has stopped at its last stop.”
The train was stopped? That’s not what I did.
“More importantly, finding you became a top priority, You didn’t ascend to the throne, but since you’ve had your coming-of-age ceremony, you’re a half imperial family member, Lady Misérian……. Well, from your attitude, you seem to have run away on purpose.”
“Are you going to take me right away?”
He tilted his head with a sly smile.
“I don’t know. It depends on how many different excuses Lady Misérian will provide me.”
Indeed, handsome men in this world seem to have a knack for being annoying.
Even more irritating because unlike the other two men, Jason seemed to be very good at using his looks. Should I say ‘I was messing around’ though it’s slang?
I sighed and ordered Anakin.
“Anakin, I have to go back, so pack up as soon as you get to the inn.”
“You are indeed buried. How can you not lose a word?” (T/N: Jason is teasing Eris saying she’s under water/buried/submerged. He wonders how she could so easily give up, not arguing further.)
Speechless for a moment, I almost laughed. I asked Jason without concealing my irritation.
“Why should I lose to you? Tell me, Lord Kazar. Give me a good reason and I’ll let you win.”
“Sometimes it’s important to keep up with your opponent, Lady Misérian. It’s not just about losing and winning. If you act like that, you will only have unnecessary enemies in the future.”
“It doesn’t matter.”
Having friends doesn’t mean it would be good for me. When I looked at Helena, I could see that. What could you do against three handsome and powerful men? Even Eris, who has no friends, can’t stop her.
“I already have many enemies. What does it matter if there are one or two more or even fewer of them?”
“Is that right? What if I am the enemy?”
“Have you not been my enemy so far? I thought you’d already declared war against me.”
“It’s because you’ve got a weakness for me.”
Weakness? Did you meet Hubris or Mattheus? My head spun quickly. Although Bonito is definitely near Rundol, it is too early to think so.
Since the train hadn’t returned from the last stop, he would have had no choice but to come by horse, and it was said that the distance to Bonito would have taken five days at the very least.
Bonito, which was closer than Rundol, takes the same amount of time, so it was clear that he had left as soon as he got the news that I had arrived at Rundol at this time.
Are you going to say you ran away with a knight under the pretext of love?”
For a moment, I was worried but Jason quickly pointed out the futility of it.
“The Imperial Family, do you know how they will act if this is known to the Marquis? Your knight will be decapitated for seducing you, and you will immediately be trapped in the palace to live for the rest of your life.”
“Is the escape of love too romantic for your age, Lord Kazar. Would you think of that if you saw me jump off a cliff?”
Perhaps because he was a hero, the idea was fresh considering he was still young in aristocratic society Or rather, he may have heard too much about the love stories of a minstrel while travelling. Only one lover jumps off a cliff, and the other watches it, or they both jump.
“I came to Rundol to die.”
This was a lie, but it didn’t matter. Going to Bonito was one of the efforts for death. Even though I had no income, at least I knew why I came here.
Jason laughed in disbelief.
“Lies. Be honest, Lady Misérian. I know that. When someone falls in love, everyone becomes disorganized.”
“If you want to believe it’s a lie, believe it.”
Slowly, very slowly, the smile disappeared from Jason’s face. And like how ink smudges in the water, a vivid wonder emerged on his face.
“Do you really need a reason?”
“What am I missing?”
I picked myself up as I rummaged through the extinguished embers. I looked down at him and replied quietly.
“I’m not sad that I am going to die.”
However further explain, Jason wouldn’t understand. He was a man who wanted to live a little longer, even though he was named a mercenary and his death was certain. He wanted to live, because he wanted to go back and meet…… because of Helena’s love.
“I don’t regret a single thing even if my body collapses right now.”
It was a huge difference that could not be filled with mild sympathy.
While Anakin went to the inn to organize our luggage, I was still thinking that I should buy souvenirs since came on a trip.
The Rundol region was famous for its lakes and sausages, but the sausages were a little… If I were in Korea, I would have bought it with a drink, but I felt guilty consuming alcohol in the body of a young lady, a noblewoman.
Would there be something appropriate if I look around the shopping district? It would be better to choose by looking at it myself. As I got ready to go out again, Jason asked.
“Where are you going now?”
“I have something I want to buy.”
“Then let’s go together.”
Despite my face crumpling with signs of displeasure, Jason didn’t respond as if he was surrounded by an iron wall. Not everyone can be a cold-hearted hero. It
was admirable. Though he had the nerve to answer back.
“Do you think Lady Misérian will only run away once? You probably want to sneak away again this time so should I thank you?”
It was really dirty and cheap, but I held it in because I had nothing to say.
There were quite a few people on the streets even during the day in Rundol. I kept looking around to see if there were any interesting shops while Jason kept coughing in vain to draw my attention. Annoyed, coughed back to indicate that I was safe.
“Since you are coughing, you must not be feeling well. Why not go back to rest and stop following me?”
“I think Lady Misérian needs help.”
I stood to the side with a crooked look on my face, expressing, ‘If you say nonsense, I will kill you.’ Still I wanted to hear it.
In the book, Jason captured Helena’s heart with interesting stories. Since Helena had lived inside the palace all her life, whenever Jason talked, she would dream about the world he shared. Jason saw her, fell in love with her and promised that he would take her out someday, ‘Let’s go on an adventure together, to the sea…… Let’s go…’
It was because of the crown prince that she stayed in the palace for a while. Even though Hubris was a high priest, he mainly wandered the city slums to provide relief, so he was not fit for any trips or adventure.
“The Rundol region is not only famous for its lakes and meat. Another thing it is famous for are the raw stones from the bottom of the lake. There is a legend that if you wear jewelry made from the lake’s stones, you can live a long life without disease.”
Though the explanation was very much like a package tour guide, it was interesting. Gemstones would not be too fancy or shiny, so servants could easily carry them around. Plus, a healthy and long life, it was perfect. It was better to live a long and healthy life than to make a fortune.
Seeing my expression, Jason asked triumphantly.
“Shall I guide you?”
I nodded, but somehow I felt like I had just lost, and thus felt a little anger.
As soon as we entered the store, the handsome owner greeted us.
“Welcome! Our shop is called the Rolling Stones, a gemstone shop selling Vivian’s tears.”
Laughter almost erupted at the familiar name, but I held it in by biting my molars tightly. The inside of the store was packed full of what seemed to be ordinary stones.
Even though the store claims it is a raw stone, not a gem, it was a bit disconcerting as they seemed no more than a pebble. Are you really not a scammer? As if my thoughts were evident from my expression, the owner hurriedly approached me and rubbed his hand.
“Oh, madam. Would you like a present?”
“Woah, isn’t the person next to you, your husband?”
Next to me, Jason grinned and was about to put his hand on my shoulder. I brushed his hand away, and responded with a sting of anger.
“Not my husband. We are not like that. I want to give a present to my servants, now bring me a suitable item.”
“Oh, excuse me!”
The store owner bowed apologetically several times, then hurriedly disappeared behind me.
“I’m hurt, you cut that with a single knife.”
“I don’t care.”
Whether you get hurt or not, why do I care? It’s funnier when he tries to pretend to be her husband, knowing she has a fiancé.
The owner returned with the box in his arms. Then, one by one, he displayed them to me.
“There is a reason why the gemstone in Lake Fairy is called Vivian’s tears. Although it looks ordinary on the outside, it’s inside…”
The gemstone was then cut in half, and I saw inside, there was a mysterious and transparent blue color mixed with green and blue. It was just like the color of the lake. Though it’s not a jewel, it emitted a soft and beautiful light.
“Isn’t it beautiful? It falls in a circular shape under the lake, and even its color resembles a lake, so it became famous as a fairy’s tears. It is a specialty that only comes from this lake, so everyone in the Rundol region buys one.”
“…A pendant or bracelet, which one is better?”
“If you’re going to give it to your servants, they’d probably like a pendant or… a necklace, as it shouldn’t be an issue when they are working.”
“Then I’ll purchase it as a necklace. Just pack me five or six.”
As I finished the calculation, Jason was carefully selecting gemstones next to me.
It looked like he was going to give it to Helena. But why was he looking at raw stones when he could just buy one that’s already made?
“Are you going to give it to Lady Antebellum?”
“…Yes, I want to make it myself.”
“Why waste your time when you can just buy what’s made. What would you do if you fail?”
Jason gives me a subtle smile.
“It’s just… I want her to carry something that’s stained by my hands”
You perverted man. I had to manage my expression, but my face crinkled at the needlessly honest answer.
Even if the words contained the same meaning, the feeling evoked would be different depending on the expression. It’s not like there was no sincerity in it, but didn’t he sound like a pervert wandering around looking for the stockings she was wearing?
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