Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 33

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Episode 33
Of Knights and Bandits
Jason’s face turned red as soon as he saw my expression. I thought Hubris was the one with a dark side, but it seemed Jason also had a dark side.
Why is it only around me that these men honestly show their true colors….. Once again, I felt sympathy for Helena.
I decided to no longer pay any attention to Jason, and I looked around the gemstone a little more. A particularly dark stone stood out among the sparkling blue stones.
“Ah, sometimes non-blue stones come out of the lake, They are purple stones. However, compared to blue stones, the color is turbid, soft and prone to scratches.”
I remembered what Hubris told me, that the color of my soul was purple. I don’t even like purple, but suddenly I roll the stone in my hand.
The color was cloudy, the softness wasn’t pleasant, and it was not sold because it did not shine… It reminded me of myself.
“Owner, make a necklace with this gemstone. In a shape like this.”
“Really? It must be uncomfortable…”
“It doesn’t matter. It’s none of your business.”
When I returned to the inn, Anakin was quietly waiting for me, even though we had little luggage. Good boy. As I was stroking his hair, Jason spoke without notice.
“Are you coming with me?”
“No. It’s a long trip, and if I look at your face, I might vomit.”
“Lady Misérian! You’re too harsh!”
“Oh, and what you said to me wasn’t bad enough. Mix, what? Is that what one says to their friend’s fiancée?”
Jason bit his lips and made an excuse in a small voice,
“That was a slip of the tongue. Still.”
“I’m not saying it. If you’re afraid that I’ll run away, then follow me. Aren’t you an expert in following others?”
Anyway, I had something for Anakin, so I turned around again. He was standing still, gently blinking his eyes.
“Anakin, get on your knees.”
As he knelt obediently, I took out the necklace I had bought earlier from my pocket. The well-cut purple gemstone dangled in the center. It was fortunate that Anakin’s neck was thin. The short black strap looked very good on him.
Anakin shifted awkwardly, as if he was not familiar with a necklace in the form of a choker. He must be frustrated. Well, actually, it was like a dog collar to the people here. I said, holding his hand as he clasped his neck.
“Are you uncomfortable?”
“I’m glad you’re honest. I made it inconvenient.”
Whenever he feels uncomfortable with his neck, he’ll remember me giving it to him. The words I couldn’t bring myself to say settle down. I don’t know why my eves followed his face. Confused eyes that did not understand gazed back at me, causing me to quickly turn away. I’ve just indicated to Jason that I had a dark side as well, so I kept silent.
Impatient because my feet were starting to get numb, Thollered out.
“Well, aren’t we going?”
“Well, Master. Since it’s a long distance, I’m worried if I’m the only escort. The fact that the master has been announced missing has already spread widely, so if you meet a bandit in the middle of the trip, it might be dangerous. Wouldn’t it be safer for all of us to go together?”
Iglared at Jason after Anakin’s explanation. Jason in turn smiled at me softly. Fuming as I didn’t want to respond, I turned my head away.
I had heard about thieves who like to set up camp on every street corner and I wondered if Anakin’s concern was about that. Thieves tried to stop every
passing carriage to see if Lady Misérian was riding in it or not.
No matter how close Anakin was to the level of a Sword Master, he still had not yet achieved it.
Though Sword Masters can’t be beaten by an ordinary person’s tactics, it was because he would have to fight and protect me at the same time, that I reluctantly allowed this.
We bought a seemingly simple-looking carriage and disguised Anakin as a coachman. I couldn’t help but notice that it was the most uncomfortable carriage that I had ever ridden in. Instead of being simple, Anakin and Jason decided on a horse that was fast and strong.
Jason and I didn’t say a word in the carriage. To be precise, Jason looked like he wanted to talk to me, but I ignored him. No matter how many times he called my name, the sound of horseshoes was so loud that I pretended not to hear it.
But Jason really was a man with a greater persistence than I thought.
“Why does Lady Misérian hate Helena so much? Are you jealous?”
I was surprised at Jason’s lack of imagination and forethought. Quite frankly, Eris had a very good reason to hate Helena.
Who, in their right mind, would enjoy seeing another beautiful woman hanging on to their fiancé? Especially when Eris had her heart set for the crown prince!
“Sir Kazar, are you asking me because you truly don’t know?”
“Is it because Helena has the crown prince’s attention?”
“You seem to be mistaken, also if I were to hate you, would have hated you even more than Helena. I don’t ‘hate’ Lady Antebellum that much. I don’t even bother anymore.”
“Then why did you bully her when she was such a young girl?”
“Because I was young then.”
Eris was younger than fifteen when she decided to ‘outrageously’ bully Helena. Of course being young didn’t mean she had to be self-centered. At a young age, it was easier to be hurt by others.
“Are all sins forgiven because you were young? Do, you still look down on your friend, Lady Antebellum?”
It seemed unfair to hear or receive advice from a person who was actively harassing ‘Eris’ in the past.
“Be careful of your words, Sir Kazar. As you said earlier, after the coming-of-age ceremony, I am officially a member of the royal family!”
“I’m not cold to her, in fact I am more open to her. I am just giving her the same courtesy I would to anyone of her position. Friend? Does she now say I’m a friend?”
I decided to just abuse the power in the yard that didn’t even break the marriage. This was from the guy who’s using this authority to give me orders when I can’t even break off the marriage? How dare he say such things to a royal family member!
Hearing those words from Jason’s mouth, who doesn’t treat me as if I was Helena’s friend, made him feel like a hypocrite. Even if his mouth was crooked, he should try to speak honestly. Trying to be my friend when you really don’t want to be my friend due to some lowly conscience?!
“Does Sir Kazar view Lady Antebellum as a close friend? You dare tell me that she is my close friend under the false pretense that you are being ‘my friend’?”
At that moment, Jason’s mouth shut tight as if he regretted his words.
“Should I not forgive you forever as well?”
Suddenly a shout was heard outside the carriage.
The carriage stopped and I unintentionally tried to look outside. Jason pulled out his sword and went out first.
“If you leave now, I will spare your life.”
” Hahaha! What nonsense are you talking about? We saw you take the lady into the carriage, so you need to leave so that I can have the lady.”
Before I left the inn, I was a little terrified to hear there were bandits targeting me but to see them actually appear before my eyes was surprising. Hearing other shouts, I realized that the bandit was not alone.
“I’ll probably regret this, who knows.”
However, Jason replied calmly and brought his head back into the carriage. He reached out his hand to me and whispered, inaudible to those outside.
“Lady Misérian, please get on your horse and leave with your knight right now.”
“What? You?”
Can’t we just fight together and go back? When came out led by his hand, the number of bandits was a little more than I imagined…… Actually, there was quite a lot.
“If that’s all the bandits we’ll meet, we’ll get rid of them and leave together, but I don’t think that’s the case.”
He scrunched his nose in embarrassment, smiled, and added with a bitter expression.
“Lady Misérian’s accusations and punishments will be sweetened again by returning to the capital, so don’t be too angry. Take Lady Misérian there.”
“Hey, Sir Kazar!”
To be honest, I knew in my head that the path Jason suggested was the best option. But my heart was not willing to obey him.
Before I could protest, I was lifted by Anakin who placed me on the horse and seated himself behind
He was smiling. You’re doing this on purpose to avoid it! Seriously?!!
“It’s dangerous. Please sit down.”
“Let go of me–, for real?!”
I should have learned magic from a witch. I should’ve struck him with a bolt of fire on the top of his head and turned him bald.
How annoying!
By the way, riding on horseback was very painful when the seat was hard. Even if it was uncomfortable, I was in a situation where I had to run away, so I was patient, but Anakin spoke quietly.
“It will be more comfortable if you relax and lean your back against my chest.”
It’s a little better to lean on Anakin almost like a hug, but that was the only thing …my butt still hurts. Ugh…… I feel like there will be bruises there.
“Anakin, how far is the capital?”
“I drove the carriage for two days, so there’s about one more day to go.”
“A day on horseback? By the time I get there, my butt will be black and blue.”
Sighing, I asked Anakin with a troubled face.
“Shall we go to the village and buy some cushions?”
“Okay. When are we going to find time to find and tie up a cushion? If I had known this would happen, would have worn a thick skirt.”
By the way, I was already in a bad mood at the thought of going back to the capital. Anakin hesitated and talked to me first, perhaps because he knew me.
“Can I tell you something?”
This was a great development, seeing that Anakin spoke up first. On the other hand, I wonder if it was because I was so grumpy. I really can’t kick Anakin who can easily roll away.
“Okay. What kind of story are you going to tell me? Is it your story?”
“My story won’t be interesting. I’ve lived a smooth
“Not every life has to be dramatic.”
“…If I have to tell a story, I want to tell about the present. I’m not the type to focus on the past.”
At first glance, I wondered if it was some endless romantic tale, but then I had a habit of thinking negatively about anything said.
Even if I become the past, will he move forward so, casually? Somehow, I felt a sense of ambivalence. I hoped so. Because I know the sorrows of those left behind. Memories are sometimes torture.
Then I thought I was too arrogant, and I laughed. I may not be as important to him as I think.
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