Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 34

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Episode 34
Loving You, Hating You
I believe he is loyal to me because I am his master. I’m sure if he was chosen by someone else, he would show the same loyalty as he does now.
I then realized that I would be sad if this were true. Even more so, if he tells me that I wasn’t as important to him as he was to me…
The human heart is not a formula, so I know that I shouldn’t expect to get paid for the effort I put in. Yet still… I want this person I have a crush on to love me as much as I did.
“Don’t tell me to look back.”
Anakin said in a low voice. At his words, I looked up at him. He was looking ahead, instead of me.
“Don’t even ask me what I’m going to do in the future, I can only do one thing at a time because I have a simple mind and can only take on one thing at a time.”
“What is that?”
“For now… I’m helping the master to go back.”
…Yes. For this reason, I like him. I couldn’t blame him for my sharpness. Anakin watches over me, who is capricious.
I think I will remember him for quite a long time even when I return to Korea. So I want him to remember me as much as I remember him, even though I know it’s selfish.
When I go back, I must plant a lily-of-the-valley. And until the flower fades……
As soon as I arrived at the mansion, the maids and attendants violently rushed at me with half screams As I entered the mansion, I could hear their voices that contained both reassurance and anger.
Also, it was the marquis who was the first person to confront me. Still on the stairwell, he looked down at me coldly.
“Come into my room… and no one will enter until !
I gave a worried Emma the gemstone I had purchased from Rundol and followed the marquis to his room. When I entered, he turned away from me.
“Did you need me for something?”
“Why did you do that?”
“I don’t know what you are talking about.”
When I pretended to be innocent, the marquis quickly turned around and thundered.
“Don’t think you can avoid my eyes! Why didn’t you go straight to the Rundol region!?”
“…….It wasn’t that important. Do I have to tell you?”
“You’ve ruined everything! What are you going to do with this loss? Don’t you really see why I asked you to take a knight? To avoid the eyes of others and deal with dirty and nasty things on your behalf!”
Pacing around, he didn’t seem to be able to find out what caused me to derail or where the derailment
He sighed inside and deliberately switched to a completely odd point.
“You’re saying strange things. It wasn’t you who chose Anakin, it was me.”
I crossed my arms and tilted my head, pondering. It was the first thing I noticed. There was really nothing to be done to undo the damage.
The marquis won’t be able to accuse me. And it was even better if the marquis got angry and forgot why! escaped to a place other than the Rundol region.
“Yeah, well. I’m not your daughter anyway. You knew that, didn’t you? Since you know, you don’t have to keep up with the facade anymore.”
“How dare you….”
“I’m telling you, if you don’t want me to die, you’d better not say the same old saying. Because I’m crazy about dying.”
“Ha! There’s something nasty and vulgar about my daughter.”
While looking at my nails, I was speechless and snorted.
“You didn’t really love your daughter anyway.”
If you really love a child, you can’t hit or scold him or her. You’ll raise him or her unconditionally.
However, the marquis did whatever Eris wanted. More precisely, the marquis made Eris want things that benefit him.
“If you loved her, you should have broken up her marriage. Instead, you were pretending not to know because of the power you would gain, you didn’t really know that a woman with a good eye was festering because of the crown prince?”
“Shut up! What do you know! I loved her! I wanted her to be at the top!”
“The best position doesn’t mean happiness.”
I approached the marquis, who made a ridiculous excuse, and looked up at him.
“Look at the so-called ‘best’ people around you. Look at the faces of the ones in the palace. Did she really look happy?”
The marquis shut his mouth. Indeed, even if one’s mouth is torn, one won’t say that he is happy with the political arena that’s full of slander.
“…What are you going to do?”
“If I tell you, will you help me?”
“It depends.”
“Forget it. I already have a better helper than you.”
‘If he hears of my plan to die, the marquis will try to block my plan, which will never be good. The marquis is burning now. Because he doesn’t know me’.
He was scared because he couldn’t get over it. Neither fear nor conciliation works. It’s a waste to throw away, but it’s dangerous to hold.
As soon as the marquis tried to open his mouth, a knock was heard on the door.
“What? I told you not to disturb me.”
“Marquis, a servant, has come from the Imperial Palace.
“He came here under the orders of the Empress, so I will go in now.”
It was customary to not be able to refuse an imperial servant, so whatever the marquis was doing now, he had to stop, while I needed to greet the servant who came to deliver the empress’ message.
The marquis withdrew, still trembling with angry expression as the distinguished royal servant entered in an expressionless face.
“Your Majesty has something to tell you, so she has ordered Lady Misérian to come along.”
“Yes, the carriage is ready. Lady Misérian’s clothes…”
The servant looked up and down at me.
I didn’t look good because it came directly from Rundol province. Even clothes were rustic and comfortable two-piece dresses that ordinary people would wear. Having just come directly from the Rundol province, my attire was lacking. The clothing was rustic and designed as a comfortable two-piece dress worn only by ordinary people.
The servant stopped for a moment, thinking this was not the case, but soon gave up and continued.
“It’s a great shame, but I’m sure the Empress will forgive you, too.”
“We don’t dare to keep her waiting.”
I bowed slightly to the marquis with a sneaky smile.
“Then I’ll be back, Father.”
I could feel the marquis’ stinging gaze, but I didn’t care. I currently have the upper hand anyways.
As I entered the palace and walked along the courthouse, everyone around me stared at me. Upon moving further in, many stopped and whispered to each other.
The lady who dominated the social world came back as a beggar, so she deserved it.
Regardless of their gossip, I knew I would not be allowed to rest the moment I arrived so I didn’t have the heart to pay them any heed.
I knew the empress, who didn’t even like me, had called me to say something but my focus was to reply promptly and return home quickly to rest.
“Your Majesty, Lady Misérian, the eldest daughter of the Marquis Misérian and the fiancée of the Crown Prince, is waiting for an audience.
“Come in.”
When the door opened, I was greeted by the empress who stood there looking flawless. She smiled with a friendly expression and greeted me as if she was apologetic.
“I’m sorry for calling you so quickly that you can’t even take a break.”
“No, it’s a glorious afternoon, Your Majesty. I don’t know if you’re calling me about the rumors.”
“I have something to tell you, you guys stay out for a while.”
All the maids in the room escaped at the order of the empress. When I tilted my head slightly in wonder, the empress calmly extended her hand and offered a teacup………. This country enjoys drinking black tea, but somehow the color of this black tea was really dark.
“It’s tea from West Station. I heard it’s good for it’s scent and rejuvenation properties.”
When I picked up the cup and smelled it, it smelled similar yet different to coffee. The empress was not foolish enough to recommend poisoned teas.
In the first place, drinking poisoned tea was not enough to kill me. If that was possible, I would have escaped from this world already.
“Are you worried that you might be poisoned?”
“How could that be? I’m hesitant because I can’t drink hot items very well, so I needed the tea to cool down a little.”
I laughed it off, but it’s getting uncomfortable. The timing was a bit off. There was no reason for the empress to call me. Was the Magic Train a project run by the empress? No, it wasn’t. I breathed in the scent of exotic tea, not having any idea how to describe it.
“I thought you wouldn’t come out of the room. Aren’t you that kind of child? Rebelling so you get enough attention.”
“I’m just a silly girl so I can’t even begin to guess what Your Majesty is telling me. If you don’t mind, can you help me understand?”
“You’ve become quite clever. Since the coming-of-age ceremony, or…… Has that mind of yours changed?”
At the coming-of-age ceremony, I knew the empress had done it to humiliate me, but I didn’t expect her to tell me this directly. The empress folded her eyes and laughed at my silence.
“You knew I had given that child the same dress as yours. Right?”
Now, what are we going to do at this confession?
The empress came out openly so it was no good for me to lie.
If you lie and get caught, you’ll only get in trouble. replied with the most harmless smile possible.
“I really didn’t know until I met Lady Antebellum. But.”,
“I knew Madame always had an extra set just in case, Lady Antebellum, who was a commoner, who had no chance to meet the Madame, would not be able to get those clothes without the consideration of the Empress Dowager. It’s just this silly girl’s guess.”
The empress clapped her hands and laughed. She said, nodding admirably and gently.
“Lady Misérian may be more qualified as a detective than as the crown princess. Your reasoning is correct. told Madame to give me the extra set. I ordered a maid to steal the clothes Lord Kazar had sent to her, and thus she had to wear the same dress as you.”
She confessed the truth of that day in a calm tone, Her expression and tone were so nonchalant that I didn’t even get angry. Honestly, I’m not even curious about the reason, but at this point, I think it’s only polite to ask.
“Why did you do that to the girl?”
At my question, she drank tea quietly before answering with an unusual expression.
“Because, I hate you.”
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