Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 36

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Episode 36
The Way to Salvation
I may have a dirty temper, but I’m not the kind of person who takes pleasure in seeing someone’s fear,
Even when watching the movie, upon a cruel scene, was the one who would close my eyes and wait for it to pass.
When the witch informed me that I have to kill Helena, I lost my confidence in an instant.
“Is this really necessary? There must be another way? I shouldn’t have to kill her.”
“Why are you suddenly so weak? You asked for any way to return to your original world…… Did you think that crossing worlds would be easy?”
“This is ridiculous.”
Am I worried about her? Well of course I might be worried. Actually, more precisely, I was more concerned about my thin nerves that would surely break if I killed someone.
Am I really okay to sacrifice an innocent person for my salvation? A question I’ve never thought about now came to me.
In order to prevent the destruction of the world, the sacrifice of a noble person is necessary, and that we have to bear it – it’s the conclusion based on what had seen in the media so far.
But is that really fair?
Wouldn’t I be resentful and unfair if I was in the position of being the victim?
Helena will want to live. The girl with an optimistic nature and like a flower garden is a girl who firmly believes in each day’s happiness’, even if life is a little difficult right now. And she was the kid who deserved to be treated like that. Still…
“I value myself more.”
Without another word, I put the knife in my arms
My chest got heavier. Seeing this, the witch smiled as if she was supremely happy. She lifted her hand and floated her little glass sapper and sent it to me.
“The other offering is tears.”
“What tears?”
“I won’t tell you that.”
I looked at Medea in bewilderment as she suddenly stepped out and grabbed both my hands.
“You’re smart. Find out for yourself what tears they are. It’s not fun for me to solve everything, is it?”
“I’m not doing this for fun.”
“I’m sorry about that but I do it for fun.”
The witch got up and pulled my hand. She slowly guided me to the door and arranged my messy hair. She opened the door and added.
“I’m not helping you in good faith either. It’s because of the situation you’re in, and your actions are making it interesting……. it keeps me entertained. I’ll be your strongest partner until then.”
“Oh, don’t look betrayed. I’m a witch. Well, that’s cute, too. Bye, then.”
When I stepped out the door, Anakin was waiting for me. I didn’t understand how she knew, so I just blinked, and the witch laughed and poked me in the cheek.
“I called him. We can’t send Lady Misérian alone. You should have a knight to shield when you’re kidnapped.”
“Thank you very much for that. Let’s go, Anakin.”
“Don’t forget, it takes that determination I told you to cross the world.”
As I was taking Anakin out of the alley, I suddenly looked back. The lights were off in her shop before we knew it.
I woke up in my soft bed after a long time and felt refreshed. Maybe it was because the maids washed
me yesterday and gave me a massage. I changed into my outdoor clothes, smoothed my hair, and called Anakin.
“Did you call?”
“I couldn’t give it to you yesterday because I was in a hurry. Take this.”
Anakin, who received money and a necklace of gemstone, made a face that showed he did not understand.
“Bring it to your brother. It’s okay to take a break at home while you deliver it.”
“……It’s not worth this much.”
“Never mind if it’s not your money. I’ll be locked up at home for a while anyway. Don’t talk, just go.”
Damn, why can’t I wear my pajamas when I’m at home? I don’t know if the aristocrats are aware of the pretentiousness of it. As I handed Anakin a purse and the necklace and went back to bed to lie down, Anakin’s empty hand grabbed my finger.
Astonished, I turned around, and was even more startled when Anakin lifted my hand. He mumbled for a bit, I couldn’t tell if he was grumbling or moaning, then his quiet voice asked quietly.
“Would you like to… go with me?”
“Why me?”
“Are there any more things for you to do?”
Anakin then subtly rolled his eyes. It’s not noticeable, but it looks like it’s restless. A man who isn’t usually like that makes him look even more suspicious. I sighed and roughly pushed my hair back.
“If there’s something you want to say, just say it. Don’t beat around the bush.”
“…I wish my master would go with me.”
“I don’t want to leave you alone.”
“…Why would I be alone? I’m with the maids.”
At that, Anakin looked at me quietly. Really? Those pale eyes asked me. I tried to respond confidently, but somehow my jaw and throat were clogged.
I was planning to put my face in my pillow and cry alone once he left me. Without Anakin, no one will hear me cry in this mansion.
A sigh came out instinctively. Why would this man, who doesn’t usually ask for anything, suddenly behave like this…… I touched my messy hair again and spit it out.
“Fine, let’s go, then.”
“Are you sure?”
“Get ready before I change my mind. If there’s a lot of stairs, you can carry me and go.”
Anakin readily carried me all the way to his shabby house. It was breathtaking to observe his strength and stamina. Anakin knocked on the door and spoke quietly.
“It’s me.”
“Who is it?”
The door didn’t open and the child’s sly voice returned. Anakin glanced at me and urged quietly.
“Don’t mess with me. Since we have a guest.”
“You don’t have any customers. You don’t bring any street farmers…..”
The child, who was grumbling as he opened the door looked at me, covered his mouth with his hands, and screamed. Then he slapped Anakin on the back and hurried back into the house.
“Oh no! I haven’t cleaned the house at all!”
“…Let’s go in.”
When I entered the still shabby house, the child was hurriedly arranging, sweeping, and wiping things. The child shyly tipped his trash under the bed and clasped his hands together and asked.
“Tea, would you like some tea?”
“Yeah. Use this.”
Knowing this, I brought tea from home. I raised my hand to stop the child from entering the kitchen and then raised my head to face Anakin.
“You make tea. I have something to tell him.”
Anakin’s answer and the child’s scream rang at the same time. The child trembled and sent a rescue signal to Anakin with his eyes, but anyway, Anakin was my knight, so he walked past the child heartlessly,
Abandoned by Anakin, the child was suddenly intimidated and looked down at his knees.
“What’s your name?”
“What’s the name you made?”
Surprised, the child who had first blushed in shame, glanced at me and then gave his name clearly,
“Kynthia, it’s Kynthia.”
“That’s a pretty name……. I’m here to give you your hard work. I even put in the price of enticing Hubris, And of course, the price of silence is included.”
At the sound of a heavy bag, Kynthia carefully checked the money in the bag and blinked his eyes. Kynthia’s hands shook as he confirmed the amount.
“A-all of this?”
“If you think about it, the price of silence is the price of your life, so it’s not that much money.”
“Thank you, miss! Thank you!”
“You’ll need to buy some sweets for the children in the neighborhood. It’s not easy to have children to do what you want.”
Just in time, Anakin brought the tea, I sipped it and hung the gemstone necklace on Kynthia. Kynthia looked like he was about to cry. Oh, and I thought of one more person when I was obtaining the necklace.
“I need to ask you for one more favor.”
“Ask me anything!”
“We need to save someone. This is also the most important thing to keep secret.”
“Sure, leave it to me. What kind of person should I save?”
“A man who is well versed in royal court etiquette. He is currently not associated with the imperial family at this time. It’s better if he hates the imperial family, if possible.”
I was born and lived in a republic, not a constitutional monarchy. I followed the etiquette from the book, but I had to be perfect first to teach someone.
It would have been great if I could hand over my fiancée to Helena, but I didn’t want anything like that.
All I want is a chance to use the dagger to stab her in class. If I’m teaching a maid, they won’t be too strict
on surveillance, so I could leave the room whenever wanted. However, I need a witness who will see me stab Helena, so I’ll have to call him back…..
“How long do you think it’ll take?”
“A week is enough. I’ll send you a message through my brother.”
“Sounds good.”
Kynthia took some coins out of his pocket and threw them at Anakin. Anakin skillfully grabbed it. Kynthia, who turned around, calmly ordered Anakin.
Seeing that he’s good at giving orders, it seems like Anakin’s been pampering her on a regular basis.
“Buy some snacks and bread with it. Give it to the children as you wish.”
“… Will it be okay?”
“I’ll allow it.”
With a quick bow, Anakin opened the door and left. Kynthia, who was measuring his footsteps, asked me a long time later
“Have you been laughing lately?”
“No, not really.”
“You look happy.”
Kynthia had a relieved expression
“I was scared of you sometimes. You were like a doll controlled by a witch. You seemed like you were just breathing, I couldn’t tell if you were alive or not…..”
Kynthia asked while tapping his fingertips.
“Does he have a name, too?”
“I created one for him. I call him ‘Anakin’.”
“That’s a nice name.”
“Your naming was great, too. Why didn’t you give him a name?”
At my question, Kynthia shook his head.
(N: The name “Kynthia’ or ‘Cynthia’ is feminine, but it is a male child. He probably chose the name because it sounds pretty.)
Note: meaning of Kynthia/Cynthia in Greek baby names is Moon
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