Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 38

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Episode 38
An Ugly Monster
It was disgusting, even Eris who pretended not to know, and Melpomene herself who pushed Eris. If there was a fault, it would be the marquis, but Melpomene was frustrated at herself for venting on Eris, who knew nothing.
Melpomene had her servant take a look at Eris. She loved Alecto and thought it would be a good reward.
Eris would have to go through the back garden to go out anyway, so she hasn’t gone far yet.
Maybe she will burst into tears when she sees Alecto. Women’s tears always have an amazing effect. Pretending to be pitiful, maybe she’ll ingratiate herself with Alecto.
When Alecto, who had met Eris, returned to the scene, Melpomene asked Alecto.
– Did she cry when she saw you?
– She’s the daughter of a snake, and even if she gets angry, she can’t cry. I have never seen Lady Misérian cry before.
Alecto laughed.
– …… Aha, ahaha!
Melpomene burst into laughter. Having been unable to stop laughing for a long time, she gestured Alecto, out. She laughed so hard that tears were running down her eyes. As Alecto left the room, Melpomene stopped laughing and dropped her head, reciting grimly.
– Poor thing, poor thing. You are living a very sad life where you are shunned by your loved one without knowing anything because of your father’s sins. But / can’t help it because I feel sorry for myself the most. No matter how unfair and miserable you are, you will never be the one who has been betrayed by someone you hold dear and lost a child you love?
Melpomene didn’t cry either. The woman who was tricked into murdering her child didn’t even deserve to cry.
– Love alone is not a place to stand.
Love is more ephemeral than a season of flowers…..
Melpomene sometimes wondered about what it would have been like if she had a different future
On that winter day, would she have been happy forever if Kratos had taken her by the hand, running away together instead of staying in the palace….?
Sigh. Then, when Melpomene looked up in the mirror, what reflected was an old, ugly monster.
Full of a sweet smell, Anakin returned with an armful of bread and cookies in his hands. He placed them in
one corner of the room and came straight up to both of us.
Anakin seemed to want to ask what the two of us had talked about, but he quietly stopped himself because Kynthia had his eyes wide open.
Anyway, I’ve achieved all the objectives. I got up to go back to the mansion. Anakin tried to follow, so I gestured to stop it.
“It’s been a while since you’ve both met, so shouldn’t siblings at least resolve it? You can come back to the mansion tomorrow.”
It was my own consideration, but even before Anakin opened his mouth, Kynthia jumped.
“What are you talking about, miss? How can you go a long way alone? There are so many hideous people in this neighborhood that even those born and raised in back alleys like me don’t go out of the house by themselves. Don’t say anything else and just take my brother.”
“That’s right, Master. It’s dangerous.”
As the both of them insisted so stubbornly, all I could do was nod embarrassingly. It was such a dangerous neighborhood, but I was suddenly worried about Kynthia, who lives here alone.
“Will you come into my house as a housekeeper?”
Kynthia opened his eyes wide at the unexpected suggestion and shook his head with a smile.
“No, my lady. Even though it’s a gutter compared to where you live, this is my hometown. This place is quite affordable to live in. It might be more interesting than your mansion. And… you have enough loyal and good servants, don’t you? It would be better if you let a rat go outside to bite the back of the horse.”
I suggested this because I thought that if he learned to write and grow up in a better environment, he would become a more distinguished child in many ways, but I did not expect such an answer.
With the thought that it would be a waste, Kynthia’s future suddenly became even more interesting to me. I thought maybe at least he would be the king of this alley.
“I’ll be waiting for your call, Kynthia. Anakin, open the
I’ll introduce Kynthia to Medea before I leave here. was convinced that she would be very fond of Kynthia,
On the way back from the carriage, I looked out the window and asked Anakin.
“Why didn’t you say no?”
“What do you mean?”
“When I gave you your name. You refused when your brother tried to name you.”
When I turned to Anakin, he came straight out and looked at me, as always. Instead of answering, he asked me back.
“Then why did you name me?”
“I thought if someone would name me, then I’d like someone who would call me by my name a lot. It won’t be able to come out of my own mouth many times in my life……. Other people usually have their parents who take on that role of giving a name, but I am an orphan.”
Anakin added with a faint smile.
“Truthfully, Master didn’t have to give me a name. I’m just telling you that I’m used to my surroundings, which have always been, to ‘use’ me as if you were handling a convenient tool.”
Anakin reached close to my hand and hesitated, pausing, unable to even touch it.
I was willing to give him my hand.
He held my hand with both of his hands as if he was getting baptized, and held it against his forehead for a moment. Then he looked at me again and said,
“But my master gave me the name ‘purposefully’. That’s why I had a hunch that the master would call me by my name a lot in the future. My master always calls me by my name whenever she goes somewhere or does something. I think I’m lucky to have you here.”
It was such an undeserved confession. This is what Kynthia meant. Is it okay for me to give something so heavy and important?
I can’t call your name for the rest of my life. Someday have to give up the master’s position and go back. The time we could be together was too short.
“If I were to…… What if I go back? What are you going to do with that name?”
“Well, I’d like to become the wandering knight who the master said suits me well. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to shake off the name you gave me.”
In the end, I’m obstructing even your future. No, don’t do that. I was suffocating. I felt like I was going crazy seeing his direct and honest eyes.
Did the original Eris give you a name? What was your original name that she would have given you? What happened to you after Eris died? Will you survive if die? Will I be able to save you?
I wish I had read more about you. I wanted to know your future. If your future was unhappy, I would do my best to prevent it. You, who obey my orders, paradoxically, are the only ones in this world who don’t know the future, because you’re the supporting actor for ‘Eris’.
An invitation arrived from Kazar. It was written in a lengthy and casual style that he wanted to receive “advice’ regarding a young lady’s debutante ball.
Kazar’s young lady, is that Jason’s sister? I couldn’t remember at all because I wasn’t interested at the time. I was just going to say no, but since it was something that I knew wouldn’t happen again in my life, I thought it would be fun to go out once.
“Tell him I’ll be there.”
“Won’t you write back?”
…..I just smiled and emphasized that I would be humiliated if I got the grammar wrong.
“What’s the point of writing? It’s more important that I attend.”
As I spoke with all my pride, the servant seemed convinced and quickly disappeared. It was good that Eris’ personality was so dirty that she could pass anything roughly. When the servant disappeared, the maids came in and asked,
“We will get you ready right away, correct?”
I had an ominous feeling. I felt as if I had chosen the wrong option while playing a relationship simulation game. I had a hunch that my choice would be very, very annoying.
“… Right away?”
“Time’s tight to fit a new dress. You have to take care of your hair and skin.”
“…Even if I don’t do that, well, wouldn’t I be the prettiest?”
As I replied calmly, the maid looked straight at me and smiled.
“Of course, you are the most beautiful. But we can’t be satisfied just with your beauty. We want your beauty to dampen the spirits of other young nobles.”
Ugh. The frank and terrifying answer discouraged me, rather than the others.
The maids looked at me with their eyes already ready for battle. If Eris says no, they’re going to force her to take it.
I ended up nodding silently, and my arms were taken by the ladies and guided to the bathroom.
My obstinate refusal has revived the ‘excessive polish course, which I haven’t done for a while. A bunch of maids rushed in, washed my hair, rubbed my body put on a face mask, rinsed…… It was no big deal.
Even while I was being taken care of, everything from hair to toenails, I was asked by the head maid to pick my clothes. In the midst of craziness, I chose a modern dress-like dress that is roughly loose and can be worn at once.
The main game hasn’t even started yet, but I was already exhausted like a butterfly flying across the sea.
On the day of the showdown, I woke up at dawn even though it was an afternoon tea party. The maid told, me that I needed to be highly decorated, as if it was not already planned. She also said that it is more difficult and time consuming to decorate like that than to decorate with a purpose. Either way, they woke me up, and the maids made me sparkle.
My white skin was very lively today, and the pale color of the lips looked milder and brighter.
Eris was usually made up to look older than her age in order to not be looked down upon by others, but today the maids made Eris look at least 2 years younger than she is.
I got off the carriage wearing a very light green dress with a bunch of ivory pear flower decorations stuck in my hair.
Already, flowery young children and wives were talking in the garden when they saw me.
They all stood up and greeted me when I came.
The women of the Duke of Kazar were no exception. No matter how much the empress and crown prince hate me, I am still the closest to the crown prince.
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