Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 39

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Episode 39
The Miscalculated Unrequited Love
“You look younger than usual, Lady Misérian. Even though you had an adult ceremony a while ago, you look about the same age as my daughter, who is about to make her social debut. If she stands next to Your Highness, you two will look like sisters.”
Did Eris have a bad relationship with the duchess? Looking at the faces around, I don’t know who they are, but they don’t seem to like Eris very much. I looked almost like an uninvited guest as she showed her reluctance to greet me. That’s why the maids decorated Eris up.
“Lady Kazar has matured a lot. Don’t the women of Kazar always grow up fast?”
“Unlike the Misérian family who hold gold, Kazar is destined to hold a sword, so women must grow up quickly and be serious.”
Bzzt bzzt. Lightning flashed from the eyes of both the duchess and I. We had been arguing the whole time, but there was no need to back down so soon. I looked around, closed my eyes and smiled.
“Everyone, please sit down. Come to think of it, there are a few people who are old here, so I think I spoke too long without noticing.”
The women’s expressions crumpled at my words.
There’s nothing as cheap as using age for an attack. However, it was necessary to be a little cheap for this situation.
I was being subtly ignored. No one included Eris in their conversations. No matter how I tried talking to them, smiled, or responded to a question, they would not continue the conversation.
I wasn’t hurt because I didn’t know them before, but I wondered if the original Eris in the novel was treated like this.
I don’t know if Eris had been hiding it because of her pride, or because of the crown prince, or that all of a sudden, these people looked down on her…..
I thought the original Eris was a pitiful kid who was easily judged by others due to her bluntness.
Or had Eris always been weak against these socialites? Working like a servant only to be easily ignored and later betrayed.
Whether it was the former or the latter, it was all up to Eris to be treated like this.
In this jungle called society, Eris has two weapons. One is her position as the Crown Prince’s fiancée, and the other is the Misérian family name.
I know that one of my weapons is rusty due to the mess I’m currently in, also I was seriously thinking about taking this opportunity to get revenge.
‘If I were to become the crown princess, I would get even more retribution. I was struggling to not be
discouraged myself here as I’m the one being bullied, but somehow they seem more desperate.
I decided to close my mouth for a bit, and wait and see. As I was sipping tea and listening to the others, a girl who seemed to be of Eris’s age spoke to me as if she was sorry.
“If I had known Lady Misérian would be so bored, wouldn’t have called her. Social debuts usually follow the mother’s tradition……”
“Lady Morgan, Lady Misérian made a great debut even though her mother left too early for her to learn from… It was very luxurious.”
Another lady was quick to respond to the woman’s soft jest. I tilted the teacup I was holding a little to measure the amount left over, and made eye contact with the girl and smiled.
“Lady Morgan, do I look bored? I can enjoy as much as I want with just one gesture.”
As I blinked, the girl’s face was blue when she noticed the still steaming teacup in my hand.
“No, you’re joking too much.”
“Does it sound like a joke?”
Everyone stood up in fright. The woman called Lady Morgan was almost about to faint.
“Lady Misérian! Are you intimidating Lady Morgan?”
“What kind of fear do you mean?”
Well, I laughed and waved because I thought I’d frightened her enough.
“Of course it’s a joke. It’s because you seemed so scared…..”
Lady Morgan’s face turned red as she listened to me. Another young lady near Lady Morgan spoke up for her.
“It’s because you have such a venomous and cruel personality, which is why you’re abandoned by His Highness!”
She seemed surprised to say the remark herself, but she didn’t want to rescind what she just said. Rather, the people around her laughed and drove themselves into a mood of secretly sympathizing.
I was going to think about whether to say that I was dumped or not by the crown prince, but someone put a hand on my shoulder.
“I’m sorry for interrupting an important conversation but would you mind if I took Lady Misérian with me for a moment?”
“Oh, my Lord Kazar!”
I turned my head, and right behind me, Jason was looking down at me, grinning. With a sly face and a boyish voice, he asked the women of this group.
“It’ll be just a minute. I have something to tell her.”
When Jason laughed, the cold hearts of the women melted very quickly. They kept a straight face and said he could take me.
He should have asked for my permission, rather than permission from these women, but Jason grabbed my wrist before I could respond and we left the garden. Then words came out from him.
“A ‘Thank you’ should suffice.”
“What should I thank you for?”
“Didn’t I save you from a difficult situation?”
I think having such an illusion is enough to be a disease.
“To put it bluntly, you didn’t save me, you saved the young girl. If it had been a little longer, I was going to pour hot tea over her face.”
He smiled at my correction even as I was in a terrible, mood.
Hot tea should have been poured on his face, not the young lady, as he shouldn’t have brought me out. I was wrong
“Are you tired? I can lend you my shoulder.”
“No need.”
I turned away because I didn’t want to deal with him. It was hard. This was because I didn’t usually walk away from fights, but at the same time, I didn’t like fighting either.
But even if I, Eris, died, I didn’t want to lean on him. I pressed my eyes while looking far away, and he talked to me again.
“Don’t we have unfinished business? I’ve come here for the first time in a while to be scolded by Lady Misérian.”
“No, I’m one who just forgets if I can’t point it out on the spot. So let’s forget my business, Lord Kazar.”
“I’m sorry, but I can’t do that.”
Here we go again. I don’t understand why he’s acting so sympathetic all of a sudden, and I don’t really want to understand.
I was just trying to ignore it and move on, but a word, from Jason caught my step.
“Do you mind if I tell His Highness about your mental illness?”
“Are you really out of your mind?”
There’s no way he could spit that out without sounding crazy. I was so overwhelmed and speechless that I even felt numb.
“No matter how great the Marquis is, the imperial family will not tolerate it. They don’t want the blood of the imperial family to be mixed with madness.”
How can he say something like this when he looks at me in a funny way? I wanted to flip my hair, but today my hair was fixed beautifully, so instead I’ve been smoothing my forehead over and over again.
Then she shook her head. I smiled and looked at Jason. Let’s see. I didn’t mean to lose that much to Jason.
“Tell them if you dare. Let’s see who’s being treated like a madman.”
“Also, you seem to be mistaken, because I don’t have any lingering attachment to the Crown Prince anymore.”
At these words, Jason blinked slowly, surprised. This was a new reaction. So you thought Eris would love the crown prince even after all that humiliation?
I wasn’t saying this because I was the soul in this body, It should have been said that the love was over from the moment Eris wished to be gone from this world’.
If Eris loved Alecto, she would remain in this world. No matter how painful it is, she would want to see him.
“Why do you look like that?”
“It was so… unexpected.”
“Did you think I’d love him for the rest of my life?”
Isn’t that considered selfish greed? Expecting a woman to still love him even when he won’t even look back. Everyone dreams of someone who will love themselves unconditionally at least once.
Unrequited love and unconditional love clearly differ. Unrequited love can end alone, but unconditional love sometimes can’t. If I met a bad person, I could have been tortured with hope. And it drives people crazy
Humans don’t want to love, but they want to be loved, and when they get used to the unconditional love they receive, they would use it recklessly.
What if you know the other person is using you and you can’t say no? Worst of all, why do this to yourself when there is someone in the future who will love you. No one should have the right to carelessly do what they like.
“… Lady Misérian has always been kind to His Highness.”
“I realized that kindness cannot be called love.”
This was something I wanted to say to Jason, too. If you really love Helena, and if you want to win Helena’s heart, you shouldn’t just be friendly. If he showed his feelings more earnestly, he would have a chance of winning.
At this point, Helena won’t love Alecto yet.
However, this does not mean that Jason should show the darkness inside of him. It means to express his feelings with words, but……
To give Eris an excuse, she didn’t try to express herself in a subtle way like Jason. She always expressed her affection directly to Alecto. Eris did her best in everything.
Although I’ve never been loved, I didn’t know…… even though it seemed to be stubbornness rather than love.
Eric believed that time would solve everything. One day the crown prince will give up.
“Once upon a time, I thought that if I continued to love him, His Majesty would turn to me. That’s why I offered myself to be in the position of the Crown Princess. When I looked back at myself, I needed a
position where I could be seen. A place where I can wait for him with confidence.”
But what Eris couldn’t calculate was that Alecto was as blind as Eris. He had long been blinded by Helena’s sun, so even if Helena is happy with another man, he will perhaps not turn to Eris.
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