Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 44

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Episode 44
Feel Special
I know that the reason a person falls in love is not very special. I fell in love with my first love just because he saw me standing by the window on the playground and waved his hand, and my second love came by walking down the cherry blossom road together.
When I came to my senses, I was soaked in love for the third time, and because we went through hard, times together, I held the hand of the fourth love. I believed that falling in love with someone dramatically was possible only in movies and TV shows.
But now I find myself shining in Anakin’s light brown eyes. The moment I confirm that he is completely mine, the gravity of the world rises upside down.
I couldn’t believe it, but I thought my hair would stand up straight. Because I am rich now. A tingling sensation climbed up from my toes and warmed my neck.
I was afraid to hear my own pounding heart. But I thought I’d like to hear it. Because the person in front of me is so adorable that I’m going crazy.
In the midst of my confusion, I somehow tried to smile. I can’t check it because I don’t have a mirror, but it seems to have worked. Because Anakin smiled
at my face. It was hard to pick the words and spit them out.
“You’re out of your mind, aren’t you?”
How could that be? Why are you so blind?
“Are you disappointed?”
I’ve always believed that falling in love wasn’t as big of a deal as one would think. That’s how I’ve been living.
“No… very… I like it very much.”
You shoot at me. Just like the meteors who made the earth a long time ago.
Like that…… makes me feel special.
Helena was restless throughout the class.
Now that it was the beginning of autumn, I said she’d make her debut at the Young Lady Kazar’s debutante ball just before Thanksgiving, so it was worth it.
Considering the period, there are less than two weeks left. This small wall seemed to come as a great burden to her.
“I’m fine today.”
Since she can’t concentrate at all, she seemed to be happy even though she was in tears. Anyway, looking at the watch, it’s almost time for Madame to come.
She greeted me, grabbed me as I was trying to rush out, and sat me down again.
“Why, why are you acting strange?”
“Because there’s still work to be done.”
“Do you have any other things to do besides class…?”
As soon as Helena’s question finished, Madame came in. Madame walked straight over to me, not caring about Helena, and kissed my cheek to say hello.
“It’s a dazzling afternoon, Lady Misérian’s. Seeing the young lady’s beautiful face gives me inspiration today, I just made a piece of everyday wear that suits the young lady…”
“Send it to the mansion. My outfit is one thing, but today I called you to match this child’s outfit.”
At those words, Madame looked down at Helena. She smiled with a friendly face, but refused with a cold voice.
“I’m sorry, young lady, but my clothes are for the nobility. No matter how beautiful this lady is, it can’t happen.”
“Didn’t you allow my clothes to be stolen and placed on this child during the coming-of-age ceremony?”
“The situation was special back then. How could a clothing merchant refuse a royal?”
“Then all the more so, you have to make her clothes. She’s due to make her debut as an Imperial member
While Madame was squinting her eyes and judging whether my words were true, Helena, who had been listening with her mouth shut next to me, was startled and waved her hand.
“It’s okay if you don’t fit my clothes! Leave, the price will be expensive.”
“Don’t worry, the imperial court won’t ask Lady Antebellum to pay for her clothes.”
“Or I’d rather go downtown and buy it…”
“Lady Antebellum.”
I grabbed the gibberish-sprouting Helena’s chin and turned it towards me. She never grew up affluent, so she knows better than anyone the embarrassment and pressure of receiving an unexpectedly expensive
However, politely refusing because they thought it was too much was different from being rude.
“The partner who will stand by your side that day will, be Prince Alecto, a noble person who will lead the country in the future. You will stand next to such a person wearing clothes sold in the market. Is it true that you are wearing cheap clothes? Do you think the nobles of the city will praise you for your frugality?”
It’s not even New Year’s Day, but it’s either when you get too much allowance from your parents or friends you don’t know, so you say it’s too much.
Even though she offered to prepare formal clothes when they were not available, refusing them because of pride or pressure was clearly a bit of a pity.
“Not at all. The nobles will curse the imperial family. How much tax did you collect, but you didn’t give a set of clothes to your commoner partner to put on? Then who will be in the imperial family?”
Helena looked me in the eyes as she clasped her hands like a child being scolded. It is said that if she lives in the imperial palace, she will be able to develop her intelligence, which she did not have because she was afraid for her life….
I didn’t want to make her understand it in this way, but I can’t help it because this is the most direct way. Wear a lot of frugal clothes later when you’re the crown princess or when you’re out inspecting the streets.
“Measure her. I don’t need mine. Because I didn’t gain any weight or lose any weight.”
“Okay. What about the color?”
“In purple.”
At that, Madame stopped. She asked me, as if she was trying to make sure she heard me correctly.
“…Purple you mean?”
“Yeah, purple. It goes well with that kid’s eye color, doesn’t it?”
Purple is the color of the Imperial family. It was considered a crime of treason for a person outside of the royal family to dress in purple. There was no way a lady who made clothes could not have known about it.
Madame blinked her eyes a few times before showing a painted smile. And she said in a soft voice as if to match my rhythm.
“It is indeed Lady Misérian’s perspective. Now, Lady Antebellum. Would you like to come over here, please?”
As expected, Madame was good at living in the world. She was very polite to Helena, abandoning her attitude of neglect.
Helena looked at me pitifully as she was dragged by Madame, but I roughly said goodbye to her with my hands.
It’s okay to make my clothes slowly, so I ordered Madame to make Helena’s clothes as soon as possible.
It was because she had to practice dancing while wearing a dress to prevent mistakes as much as possible, Madame smiled saying she would try, and she really kept her promise.
Soon, the Madame, who had a haggard complexion covered with make-up, greeted her. Then, Madame’s personal attendant followed carefully with a dressed mannequin.
Helena was being washed on the ‘minus time’ course which was now in full swing. I know how painful the course is, but I had to match everything from makeup to accessories today, so I had no choice but to do this.
“We still need to tweak the details a little bit, but don’t think there’s going to be a big difference in this outfit.”
The collarbone and the upper part of the chest were brightly exposed in a rectangular shape, but the ends of the shoulders were tightly wrapped around it. The sleeves had seven layers, but it didn’t matter since she’ll be wearing gloves anyway. Along with the narrow waistline, the lower part of the skirt dropped in a rich and elegant curve.
Above all, the beauty of her clothes was that they matched the color of Helena’s eyes perfectly, as if she dyed her clothes in the light of the night sky just before sunrise.
It was embroidered with silver thread one stitch at a time. The silver threads intertwined with the colorful embroidery and jewels like stars that shone with a mysterious color started light and darkened as it went on. It was a choice considering her silver hair.
At the same time, Helena, who was exhausted, managed to come in supported by the ladies. Her hair was dry so I ordered right away.
“Try it on.”
At my words, Helena, who had thought she might be able to rest a little, was dragged away helplessly again. I sat down on the spacious sofa with my legs slightly crossed.
Shall we change the genre a bit?
The same situation I saw in Pretty Woman). A cute woman was unfolding right before my eyes. No, in this case, is it (The Princess Diary)?
“Change her hair. She looks too old.”
“All right.”
“Now go to Her Majesty and ask her to give you the accessories to wear with this dress. Be sure to add that she picks white ones as much as possible.”
“I’ll go right away.”
“No, take off all those hair ornaments. Let’s put on a tiara instead.”
“I’ll get it.”
The servants were constantly moving at my command, and Helena was constantly suffering. A group of attendants rushed in with boxes of gloves, shoes and accessories.
Helena looked at the crowd and her face became pale and blue. Helen’s complexion wasn’t noticed as the attendants poured out questions to me.
“What kind of shoes would you like?”
“Second from the left. Because of the height difference, it would be better to have some heels.”
“Where should I put the gloves?”
“Look here. No silk in this color?”
“I’ll look for it.”
The empress sent a bunch of ornaments, mostly diamonds and amethysts. She picked out a necklace and earrings set, a tiara and a couple of headdresses, a ring, a bracelet and even a fan. Not too small, but not too big either. Because it is a place where the person, rather than jewelry, should receive attention.
“Well, Lady Misérian. She doesn’t have a hole in her earlobe. What should I do?”
The servant, who was in the middle of putting on accessories, approached me with a troubled face. Because it was a felony to injure the body of the royal family. Well, Helena wasn’t ‘yet’ of the royal family. Even though she should have known that, she hesitated, because the servants of the empress’s palace were very small.
“You’re asking an obvious question. Pierce.”
“I’ll bring you some ice in a little while.”
Helena, who suddenly had her flesh pierced, screamed at her. Her attendant comforted Helena with a sorry face, but tears welled up in her eyes already. However, her tears couldn’t flow and she wiped them straight away. Because she still had makeup left.
Her skin didn’t look like she needed make-up, so her eyebrows were trimmed and new ones were drawn, and colors were added on her eyes, cheeks, and lips. Oh my god. The first thing I knew when I saw Helena’s face was that her white eyelashes could look great if they were long and full.
When she finally finished her makeover, Helena was literally poison to the eyes. All of the attendants had forgotten their duty and looked at her with rapture, Her makeup was darkened a little, and she had a certain dignity on her gentle face.
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