Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 46

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Episode 46
Words I Couldn’t Say
“Bring me some of the finest ingredients.”
“Yes? Ingredients?”
As soon as I arrived at the mansion, I ordered the attendant who greeted me. The servant asked me as if he was embarrassed by my sudden words.
“Yes, anything is good, so bring out whatever you want.”
“The amount…. How much do you need?”
“Well. About 4 servings.”
“I’ll put it in a box so you can take it out.”
The servant quickly disappeared. I pressed on my temple, which was starting to throb, and called Anakin out, then told him to pick up the box that the servant gave me.
Even when I rode a carriage into a familiar alley, Anakin never asked why I was suddenly going to Kynthia’s house. So I was thankful.
We knocked on Kynthia’s door without saying a word. Kynthia angrily came out and screamed again asking about what else was going on. It was somehow a familiar sight. Ignoring whether Kynthia cleared the house or not, we went inside and put our luggage down.
“Hey, at this hour, what… for what reason. Do you have any urgent business?”
“Where’s the mirror?”
“If it’s a mirror, go to the bathroom… No, what’s with all this luggage?”
“It’s cooking ingredients.”
“Who doesn’t know that? I have eyes too?”
I could hear Kynthia and Anakin talking to each other from the bathroom. Will the sound reach the witch? I looked in the mirror and called the now familiar name
How long has it been? Her figure was clearly reflected in the mirror. Medea, whose red hair was dripping down like a waterfall, laughed with a teddy bear in her hand.
“…Anything happened?”
“You know where I am, right? Come here. I’ll entertain
“Oh, my God, you’re so confident. What if I don’t
“You’ll be here. There’s a kid I want to introduce to
I left the bathroom and entered the kitchen. I asked him to light a fire in the oven and take out the ingredients. At this point, it seemed that there were only a few ingredients needed.
In fact, they were such fresh and high-quality ingredients so I was glad that they would be delicious just by roasting and boiling.
“Do you want me to cook? How can you do such a humble thing with your own hands…”
“Kitchen work is not a low job. It’s not that lowly people do kitchen work. All humans die if they don’t eat, so how can labor to feed someone be lowly? Everywhere you go, traders don’t starve.”
“That’s right, stranger.”
The witch hit the door open by herself and came in She alternated her gaze between me and Kynthia, who looked at the witch with his mouth wide open and then covered his mouth slightly.
“Oh my god, was this still a secret?”
“It’s okay, I’ll just have to be honest. Kynthia, this is the witch helping me. Medea, this is Anakin’s younger brother, Kynthia.”
“A witch?!”
“Anyway, she has a bad personality… but I prefer that more.”
“W, witch…”
“Are you trying to show me this kid?”
“That’s right, isn’t he fun? I’m afraid you’ll get bored after I cross over.”
“Be kind.”
Kynthia hid behind Anakin without realizing. He gently slipped out like a cat with a lot of fur and stared at the both of us without saying a word.
Anakin glanced at me. The witch tilted her head and looked at us, more precisely, at Kynthia who was wary of Medea, then she laughed.
“Hey, do you think I’m going to eat you?”
“The book says you do eat.”
“What’s the point of eating a child without flesh?”
“The meat is tender.”
At that, Medea laughed with her head up. She thinks it’s because he’s cute, but Kynthia was terrified by the ‘witch’s laughter and hid behind Anakin’s back.
“Do you eat chicks because the meat is tender? It’s better to fatten up, raise a chicken then eat it.”
At this rate, I stopped Medea because I thought the child would cry.
“Don’t lie. You don’t eat people.”
“Oh, my God, you got me.”
“…It’s okay. I didn’t believe it anyway.”
“You’re lying. You were scared.”
“Of course it’s scary. They don’t even eat it, but they kill it.”
Kynthia mumbled in a small voice. Medea straightened her hair by twisting it slightly.
“I don’t kill anymore. I’ve already killed enough to get tired of it.”
“Okay. Is this the kid you like? Okay. So, kid, what do you believe in? God?”
Kynthia answered by stepping away from Anakin’s back and looking straight at Medea.
“No, myself.”
“…You’re right. He’s really bright and funny.”
“Take care of yourself.”
After hearing his answer, the witch turned to me and she answered with a smile. I raised my eyebrows slightly. Medea watched me prepare the dish, shrugged her shoulders and added.
“After I possessed this body, I didn’t really need to eat anything, so I forgot how to cook. Well, do you want me to taste it for you?”
Then she said, ah, and opened her mouth. Ugh, I hate her less if she doesn’t say anything.
I tried to play a trick by putting my finger in her mouth and holding it in.
I want to eat home-cooked meals, but there’s nothing I can make. To make kimchi stew or soybean paste stew, there is no kimchi and soybean paste, and to make stir-fry spicy pork, there is no red pepper paste…..
Kynthia and Anakin, who noticed, sneakily stuck to my side. They kept wanting to do something so I asked them to cut potatoes first.
While looking through popular ingredients, I thought ! could make sujebi with potatoes, so I added water on it, put the anchovy-like things in and boiled the broth.
I handed Anakin, who had cut the potatoes, a measurement to make dough and knead it, then put the potatoes in the broth and cut carrots, zucchini, green onions and onions.
As I roughly took a handful of Anakin’s dough, thought about it: there is no soy sauce among the seasonings. Garlic is fine if you roughly mince it, but I don’t know if it will taste better if you season it with salt instead of soy sauce.
Phew, it’s hard enough to do in other countries, but it was a nonsensical dream to come to a different world and cook Korean food. If you want to cook a dish that does not require much seasoning, you need to boil beef bone soup, which is enough with just bones, but if I do that, you won’t be able to eat dinner tonight.
‘If it doesn’t taste good, I’ll eat it all by myself. While boiling sujebi, Anakin was asked to grill meat as a backup. If sujebi fails, we’ll fill our stomachs with meat.
After seasoning it with salt and boiling it, I thought it smelled good, so I put the pot on the table. Everyone looked at the unfamiliar food inside the pot.
I think I’m a little more disappointed with the simple visual than I thought. I put roughly one ladle in a bowl at a time.
“It’s food from a different world, so…… Just taste it, let’s say it’s an interesting experience.”
I ate it first, hmm…. I was happy because it tasted like homemade soup. It just tasted like the sujebi I made at home.
I was worried because the color of the soup was a bit too milky-white, maybe it’s because there was no soy sauce.
Other people’s reactions were just mediocre. I am a little reluctant to say that the texture of sujebi was strange, but I think it’s a kind of soup that warms the body. It wasn’t wrong. I cooked it because I wanted to eat something hot.
There was no conversation, but no one at this table felt uncomfortable. So it was good. In this world where there are only people who hate me, I also wanted to be surrounded by people who liked me at least once.
A time when I don’t have to worry about what this person is thinking inside, whether they are holding hostility towards me….. I wanted to…
Actually, I just wanted to say thank you.
I wanted to say that I am glad that I met you and that you were on my side.
But when I put the words together, I was embarrassed and my mouth wouldn’t open. Instead, I cooked. Because sharing a meal with someone should not be forced, it should be based on very basic goodwill.
I folded all the words I wanted to say, chewed the juicy meat and swallowed it with warm broth. I wanted them to feel these stifling feelings in my stomach. Whether they knew my wish or not, everyone emptied the bowls.
“I really enjoyed the meal.”
For the first time since I came to this world, I didn’t feel bloated while eating a meal.
Young Lady Kazar’s social debut was just around the corner. There had been no correspondence from the Imperial Palace yet.
Don’t tell me I have to send a letter directly to the crown prince and stab him in the ribs by telling him to use Helena as his partner? Please, I have no choice but to believe that the empress would have spoken to the fullest of her knowledge.
I haven’t taught Helena for the past few days in order to minimise talking to her as much as possible. Now! had to get an outfit ready to wear to the debutante. I was already exhausted mentally and physically due to how nerve wracking it was going to be this time.
“Lady, Madame has sent you clothes.”
“Come in.”
The servant came in carrying a large box. Madame usually comes to check if the size was correct, but seeing that this is the only attendant, she seemed to be busy with Helena’s clothes.
If it was Eris, she would have run wild saying that she was ignored, but from the modern point of view, it was rather pitiful for Madame to have to stay up all night while making clothes by hand.
“Madame has sent you a letter apologizing for not being able to visit in person.”
Even sending a letter? After doing something, I read it and found a short letter written in a very elegant and beautiful cursive.
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