Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 51

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Episode 51
Absolute Honor
The marquis and emperor did not come to the debutante ball. Unless the relationship was that of a father or a betrothed, it was an implicit practice for older men not to attend the debutante ball.
They will probably notice later than anyone else that my partner is not the crown prince, but Anakin. purposely aimed for that.
When I opened the door and left, Anakin was waiting for me as usual. What was different was that this time, he didn’t stand behind me, he held my hand and stood by my side.
He was wearing a uniform with dark navy and gold, thread, and as expected, the word ‘men’s uniform was not for nothing. (PR/N: She’s probably referring to men in uniforms, like police/marine/etc.)
All his light brown hair was pulled back, so I touched only one side and ruffled it. Hmm, it’s much better. Slicked-back hair looked too old fashioned.
I smiled at Anakin, who was blinking his eyes, saying ‘It’s a trend these days.’ It wasn’t wrong. It just wasn’t a trend in this world.
Duchess Kazar’s townhouse was older than that of any nobleman in the capital. However, as it was constantly undergoing renovation, it was considered to be more of an antique and stylish mansion than an oldfashioned one. Above all, the garden was much wider than the mansion.
This was because due to the nature of the Kazar family who produced knights, they needed a place to train. Since it was a place for training, it was closer to an empty lot than a garden. It was also to prevent the assassins from hiding as much as possible in case of any event.
Instead, the Duke of Kazar’s mansion was exceptionally small for a nobleman’s mansion. When holding a banquet, because of its size, it was impossible to bring in all the guests. So when I read, the novel, there was a description that the banquets of Duke Kazar were always held in the garden
Last time, there weren’t many people at the tea party, I couldn’t imagine having a meeting on the terrace of a small mansion, it was a little embarrassing to call it a flower garden.
A banquet in a place like a lawn playground? However, when I arrived, I thought they were definitely one of the greatest nobles in the country.
The garden, which was brightly lit with 1,000 lights, was decorated with 10,000 flowers. Not only was it full of antique tables and chairs, but there was also a road paved with blue satin towards the fountain, which I don’t know where it came from. There were, even people dressed splendidly there, so it was a landscape closer to a famous painting than reality.
Originally, important people appeared later during banquets. When we got off the carriage, the servant tried to announce our status loudly. However, the young servant looked at Anakin with a slightly embarrassed face and bowed his head again and again and asked.
“Lady Misérian’s partner is not written on the list. Excuse me, but I’d like to ask how to introduce you.”
“He’s my knight.”
“Oh, then like Sir Kazar……?”
“Don’t you understand? It’s ‘my knight’, not the country’s.”
When I shook my head and showed signs of discomfort to the servant who asked if he had been given a title, Anakin quietly spoke to him.
“Just Lady Misérian and her knight is enough.”
“Yes, yes! Excuse me! Lady Misérian and the lady’s knight are entering!”
As the servant shouted loudly, the eyes of the people who were talking to each other turned to this side, They looked surprised for a moment and quickly removed it from their faces. Indeed, without a single error in my estimations, they were busy gossiping about the fact that Anakin was next to me.
Either way, I slowly made my way to the center of the garden. With every step I took, the ample skirt’s hem fluttered.
In the pouring attention, I found Lady Kazar, today’s main character.
Lady Kazar curled her red hair, which was like her brother’s, and the combination of the light sky blue dress and white lace was very beautiful. When she found me, she greeted me in a rather modest way with her pearls accessories dangling.
“Thank you for coming, Lady Misérian.”
“I’m more than grateful to you for inviting me here, Lady Kazar. Please take care of me in the future.”
While we were exchanging formal greetings, the voice of the servant rang out once again.
“Prince Alecto is entering with Lady Antebellum…..!”
Hmm. The introduction is a little shorter. Is it because it’s not the royal palace? As soon as the names of the two were shouted, there was a slight disturbance.
People looked at my expression blatantly without showing signs of concealing. I was actually thinking something out of line. Just look at me. Did I make any expression other than a sour one?
Numbly looking at the entrance, the two most beautiful people in the world appeared.
Helena was exactly how I decorated her. Purple, which was the color of the imperial family, was wrapped around her body and her long hair, which was neatly braided to one side, shined like the Milky Way during the evening. After contemplating on the tiara until the end, I eventually decided to put a violet ornament made of amethyst between the braids, and it was a wise choice.
The crown prince also looked more like the sun god Apollo than a human being. Seeing that Helena’s beauty, which I have polished, is not a joke and does not fade, I also wondered if the crown prince had put a lot of effort into decorating today.
The crown prince and Helena looked at us and walked slowly.
“It’s my absolute honor that you’re here, Your Highness.”
“It’s natural because you’re the younger sister of Jason. Since the debutante ball was held, you will soon become an adult.”
“Girls always grow up fast…. What about the lady over here?”
“Nice to meet you, Lady Kazar. I’ve heard a lot from Lord Kazar. It’s our first time seeing each other like this, right?”
Come to think of it, Helena was always in the Imperial Palace, and Jason was in a position to visit the Imperial Palace to see Helena and the crown prince, so even a childhood friend must not have been close to the siblings. Somehow, I wondered why Kazar’s young lady looked so subtle.
“I also heard a lot from my brother. I didn’t expect to see you…”
“T’ll see you often in the future, right, Lady Antebellum?”
I looked at Helena silently. Now Helena had to do what Eris had been doing. Attend parties held by people who are not even close to each other, smile and respond to people even if she doesn’t want to see them, and remember only the necessary information to use skilfully later.
Helena looked at me for a while, blinked and nodded slowly.
Lady Kazar was confused by my remark and looked back at the two of us alternately.
You probably can’t do it. You can’t imagine that Lady Miserian will break up with the crown prince.
Then I heard people gossiping in my ears.
“What is this…. Among the swans, there are no ducks, but crows.”
“By the way. I heard it earlier, so he didn’t get a title, it was said that he was a personal escort knight?
“Don’t be too harsh, ladies. Couldn’t that guy flirt with Lady Misérian, who had been abandoned by His Highness?”
“Oh my god, the Count is so….! Lady Misérian has just become an adult so it’s natural that she doesn’t know the world yet.”
Oh my, I only looked at what I saw with my eyes.
I think you guys are having an affair. When I looked back, men and women quickly avoided my eyes and coughed in vain.
Certainly, all the faces shone at this meeting. With all the most handsome and beautiful women in the world, gathered, Anakin’s existence, which was only a supporting role, deserved to be completely erased.
What’s the point if only the outside is flashy? There is no essence inside. I snorted inwardly. Anakin was even more unfortunate if you swapped him with the crown prince.
When I looked at Anakin, Anakin followed me and faced me. He tilted his head slightly to the side as if asking if I had something to say.
Even if you’re handsome for a season, if someone looks cute, it’s over. I smiled and tried to push Anakin’s fluffy hair back, but an ugly face appeared. It would be rather strange not to show up on his only sister’s birthday.
Dressed up more than ever, Jason was calmly walking this way with a bouquet of flowers in one hand, his ponytail tied with a ribbon that seemed a little longer
Because Jason was so big, there was an optical illusion that the garden looked like a runway. He smelled the scent of the flowers once and handed the bouquet of flowers to his sister.
“Congratulations on your debut, Paena. Long time no see, Your Highness. Helena, you too.”
“Even if I told you not to come, you came and went to the imperial palace, but these days, it’s been a while”
“There are a lot of people who want to see me come back alive. I was a bit busy. Right, Paena?”
“My brother was a little busy running away.”
In the midst of a friendly conversation, Jason stared at me. I didn’t stop looking even though I didn’t glance on purpose. The crown prince asked without noticing,
“But why didn’t you bring anyone as a partner? It’s not like you.”
“I applied, but I was rejected.”
Even while saying that, he was staring at me. If you’re going to do this, why don’t you spread the word that you’ve been rejected by me?
Even the crown prince noticed something and began to take turns looking at Jason. I was going to look back at Jason and say a word, but Helena smiled and said,
“Whoa, she is such a bold lady to refuse Jason.”
At this time, Helena’s lack of sense felt cute and lovely. When Jason, who couldn’t let go of his lingering feelings, was about to add more words, the band began to play dance songs, perhaps judging that all the main characters had appeared.
Although it was a little uncomfortable to dance on the lawn, I thought it was romantic, they were all memorable faces.
(QC/N: I believed our FL thought it was memorable as most of the main characters were gathered in such a nice place.)
I reached out to Anakin.
“Will you dance to a song?”
Anakin put his hand on his chest and nodded lightly
“It’s an honor.”
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