Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 53

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Episode 53
Tears of the Moon
TW: Mentions of r*pe
“His Majesty is calling.”
As soon as Helena and Alecto arrived at the Imperial Palace, the head servant bowed his head to Alecto, and said so.
As if he knew the reason, Alecto clicked his tongue once and followed the head servant silently. Helena looked at Alecto with concern, not forgetting to reassure him with hand gestures.
The door opened with the maid’s announcement that Alecto was coming in. A white-haired Kratos stood near the window. With his back towards Alecto, he asked in a quiet voice.
“I heard that you took your nanny’s daughter to the debutante ball. Are you crazy?”
In fact, it was more of a scream than a question. Kratos shook his head and said to Alecto.
To capture Eris Misérian again.
“Whatever you do, make a wish or beg, tie her back next to you!”
Alecto responded gloomily at Kratos, who was angry but never looked back.
“I heard that my mother allowed me to break up with Lady Misérian.”
“Yes, the child recklessly insisted on breaking up the marriage first. Do you know how troubling it was because of everything she’s been doing? And yet the Marquis and His Majesty cover it, and as the day goes on, her arrogance is getting worse…”
Alecto sighed loudly as if he had a headache and spoke as if criticizing Kratos. His, at first, calm voice grew louder and louder, and in the end, he got angry at Kratos.
“The Marquis of Misérian is clever, you told me that I should be wary. But then why do you keep the Marquis close to you! Even now, the Marquis and his child are so complacent, what if she marries me and becomes lonely?”
Kratos finally looked back at Alecto. He had a younger face than his peers, but it was also difficult to guess his age because of the tiredness around his eyes and the white hair. He suddenly changed his voice and soothed Alecto.
“Do you think I don’t understand your heart? Never trust the Marquis, but keep him by your side. The same goes for that child.”
Kratos made up an infinitely friendly voice, but the eyes were indifferent. He treated Alecto as if he was treating his servant, not looking at his son.
That’s why Alecto had never looked straight at Kratos. No, it was closer to not being able to look.
Because he was always afraid of Kratos.
“Eris Misérian is a hostage, shield and faithful servant.”
Kratos was a man who was skilled at holding and shaking other people’s hearts better than anyone else, He tied his beloved woman to his side with that talent, dropped the vast empire into his grasp, and gripped the enemies who tried to break him down.
“Your mother was born and raised as an empress, so she was able to endure, but Helena Antebellum is different. Do you think that a fragile and good child will be able to hold out in this scary imperial palace where even your strong mother could not endure?”
It wasn’t that difficult for Kratos to make one of his sons act according to his will.
Above all, Alecto was always scared when he stood in front of Kratos. Kratos patted his son on the shoulder.
“Helena Antebellum is perfect if you let her in as a concubine and love her. There is no need to put the child as a Crown Princess and make things dangerous.”
“What if the Marquis tries to assassinate her because of resentment right now? As you said, he is a clever
marquis. Can you guarantee that you will completely block all those attempts?”
Alecto’s mouth shut up at the words. It was more of resignation than conviction. Above all, however, Alecto was not confident in himself.
Will he be able to go against his father and marquis and protect the woman he loves? Alecto quietly asked Kratos.
“Then what should I do? Not only does everyone think that Eris and I have broken up, but they will also avoid
Perhaps Eris also appeared with another partner at the debutante ball aiming for this. The emperor thought for a moment and said calmly.
“I will bring Eris Misérian to the palace in my honor, r*pe that child then.”
Alecto’s eyes opened wide at the shocking remark. Even though he clenched his hands until they turned white, Kratos continued to speak softly.
“If we sow the seeds of the imperial family, she will never be able to break the marriage.”
“Quiet. I’m not saying this as a father, this is an imperial order.”
Is he going to refuse an imperial order? Alecto kept his mouth shut and resisted. It was because Alecto had the least amount of morality left.
However, resisting in silence was always limited. He had to nod reluctantly at the cold gaze. As he left the room, Alecto saw the nail marks left on his palm.
At that time, Alecto first thought that he should increase his strength. And he realized why his father was so obsessed with power.
Not only for the loved ones but also for those who you don’t love, you must have power to protect them.
That strength was sometimes needed, not in order to sin, but in order not to sin.
In the room where Alecto had left, Kratos reflected on what Alecto said. It was said that his wife, Melpomene, allowed Eris Misérian to break up the marriage.
Is it Eris Miserian’s bluff? However, for impersonating the imperial family, she could have been punished for contempt of the imperial family. Eris Misérian could not take that risk.
Melpomene didn’t discuss it with him. Why?
The debutante ball must have ended. While resting for a while, I tried to figure out the identity of ‘tears’ the last clue that the witch had told me. At first, thought it had a metaphorical meaning.
But for that, this crystal bottle in my hand looked too much like a bottle that holds liquid.
Even the size looked like a cosmetic sample container, so it was not for a lot of liquid, it had just enough capacity for tears.
Firstly, because I am the only one who must escape from this world, I stabbed myself in the eye. I carefully put the tears that flowed due to the physiological reactions in the bottle, but nothing happened.
I wondered if the quantity was insufficient, so by using additional measures such as yawning, I filled it up, but it was the same.
I thought it was because of my tears, so I poked Anakin’s eyes next. I was a little sorry for Anakin, but couldn’t help it. Because I could confidently say that in this place, the person closest to me emotionally was Anakin.
Well, it was a romance fantasy novel, so I wondered if it required the tears of a loved one.
However, contrary to my expectations, nothing happened even if I filled it with Anakin’s tears. Was it because it was forced tears? I’m not an actor and I didn’t want to cry, and I couldn’t cry thinking about sad things.
I should build up some knowledge first. I thought it would be helpful if I searched through books, so started looking for them by going in and out of the bookstores on the street, after searching the mansion’s.
Well, the most popular thing was definitely the tears of a mermaid. Come to think of it, the name of the gemstone in the Rundol region was also the tears of a fairy.
But both were solid, so I thought it wouldn’t be the tears I was looking for. She wouldn’t have told me to powder the solid and put it in a bottle.
There were many legends and tales related to tears, but there was no time to trace every legend and tale. asked the maid and she said that the tears of the moon, the tears of god and the tears of the dragon were so famous that everyone knew.
The story of the tears of the moon that I read in the book is roughly as follows. There was a boy a long time ago.
The boy sought all the best medicines to cure his father’s illness, but none of them worked for the boy’s father. With the feeling of grabbing straws, the boy headed to the temple.
As the boy prayed earnestly every day, a priest who was proud of such a boy gave him a hint. It was said that if he feeds his father the tears of the moon, he may get better.
The boy tried to save the moon’s tears with all his might, but in the first place, he could not reach the moon in the sky, and it was not crying.
The boy, who moved his body nonstop, fell down onto the grass in despair. When the boy couldn’t get up, he fell asleep and when he woke up, it was wet everywhere.
The boy suddenly collected dew from the leaves. Then he ran straight to the house and moistened his father’s lips.
Soon after, the boy’s father slowly opened his eyes, and the two hugged emotionally. It was a very conventional story that the tears of the moon were actually dew.
But I didn’t think the witch would ask me to bring the dew that was so common around me.
Then next were the tears of god. If the moon’s tears were dew, I wondered if god’s tears were rain, but I guess not.
No, in the first place, I was a little puzzled as I knew that the god of this world was the writer. Is it the writer’s tears? Or does another god exist?
Anyway, the legend related to god’s tears began like this. There was a girl.
The girl, who had no family, always lived her own way, She wasn’t arrogant, but she was fearless and had nothing to lose because she didn’t have anything. The world made the girl a god.
The girl who became a god was no different.
She still lived her own way, but unlike before, the world was greatly influenced by each of her actions.
At every word she brought up, people trembled, and at each thought, heaven and earth fluctuated. The girl didn’t think it mattered, but the humans did.
They brought everything for the girl. Expensive treasures, spices, silk, fresh honey and fruits, as well as the world’s most beautiful men and women were selected to serve the girl. It was intended so that the girl would be drunk on happiness and not have any thoughts.
The girl who had a lot in an instant was really happy. When the girl was happy, the world became peaceful and the powerful people of the country constantly paid tribute to the girl so that she would continue to be happy and learn joyfully. One day, however, the tragedy began when the girl became aware of love,
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