Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 54

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Episode 54
Legendary Fruit, Dragon’s Tears
The girl who fell in love for the first time was blind.
She wanted to give her lover everything he wanted, and she tried to make all his wishes come true.
When those in power knew that God had fallen in love, they went to her lover and tried to ask him for a favor by offering all kinds of precious things, but her lover refused them all. No matter how precious it might be, not only did the girl have it, but he was also truly a good person by nature.
The two lived happily, but there was a limit to the lifespan of a person. The girl tried her best to prolong the life of her lover, but her lover refused it. Her lover said that he was happy. He thanked her too. He even said that he would love her even if he was reborn. And then her lover quietly closed his eyes.
The girl could not believe the death of her lover. It was hard for her to accept that she had lost him. The girl who was a god began to cry. No one could comfort her.
The girl stopped crying only after a thousand years and a thousand months. The girl who only planted one tree in the world, sprinkled all the tears she had ever shed on that tree
The tree, which drank the girl’s tears, grew big, and the girl, who watched the fruit grow on the tree, finally melted and disappeared.
The shape of the fruit looked exactly like a teardrop, and people began to call it the tears of god.
I needed to find the fruit called tears of god. It was close to a legendary fruit, so no one knew what it was
It’s not really a fruit, but rather, an idiom used in this world. When lovers swear to each other that their love is true, they would say, ‘I will swear on the Tears of God’.
Finally, the dragon’s tears were the tears of a real dragon. According to one theory, those who drink the dragon’s tears will have their wishes come true. No, regardless of its authenticity, I was at a loss at having to meet the dragon.
In the case of Jason, I think he was able to meet it because he was influenced by the dragon to come to him.
Did the witch really want the dragon’s tears? But ! thought it might be the case since she was a witch. She was always cooking something in the basement and she might need some magic ingredients.
It was said that the tears of a dragon could make wishes come true, so it might have the power to transcend the world.
Anyway, in order to meet the dragon, I had to go to the witch. Because I thought one had to be a witch to know where the dragon was. She’ll take me to the dragon’s place, or at least show me the place.
I was getting ready to go out after a long time. I didn’t know because the heating in the house was always plenty, but now I felt that it was very chilly at the beginning of winter.
Anakin went to Kynthia’s house to stock up firewood, so I went out alone for the first time in a long time.
I was worried if I had dressed properly.
I put on a thick scarf and got out of my carriage. As was walking for a bit down the alley I always went to, made eye contact with Hubris. It was the first time since we parted ways in Boniteo
I deliberately avoided it, but even in the novel, Eris and Hubris had a hard time meeting each other by chance. One is a lady of a noble family with a fiancée, and the other is a high priest.
His face was somewhat emaciated, but instead of looking sunken, his unique sexiness only deepened. I thought it would be embarrassing to say hello to each other, so I tried to pass by. However, Hubris promptly grabbed my wrist.
“What are you doing?”
“Wait a minute… Please give me some time.”
“No. Let go.”
Ah, why are you all taking turns behaving badly?! didn’t feel like he was worth dealing with, so I tried to shake it off, but my wrist was held tightly by that skinny body which was very strong.
If I had known this would happen, I would have just gone to Kynthia’s house with Anakin and came back. I said I was going on a market day, but I was unlucky.
He tilted his head, crookedly, and began to stare at me like a venomous snake, but after hesitating with an uneasy expression on his face, Hubris finally spat out words.
“Lady Misérian… I keep thinking about you.”
“So what?”
“Can I keep thinking of you?”
“No. If you have heard the answer, move away.”
I shook his arm off and went the way I was going, but this time, he hugged me as he pleased. He is really making me tired. It’s a deserted alley, but I don’t know what others are going to do if they see this.
I lifted my foot slightly to kick the delicate part with my knee, but my shoulder was wet. Is he crying?
“To me….don’t be so harsh.”
At least he didn’t talk like Jason, in comparison to him, I was obviously looking at Hubris. In the first place, don’t know why we’re filming a melodrama by ourselves, even though we aren’t in a relationship which allows it to slide. Besides, is it okay for a high priest who has to keep his chastity to be like this?
“Call me Hubris.”
“I don’t like it. High Priest, you reach out to the world, as a person that worships God. I’ll pretend that nothing happened today so go home now.”
As I looked up at Hubris, tears fell from his face and flowed down my cheeks. He was looking at me sadly, perhaps not even paying attention to my cold attitude. He pleaded with me almost in a hoarse voice.
“I’m not even allowed to look…?”
Even if I’m misunderstood as having an ax disease by saying this, I’ll have to ask.
(PR/N: ‘ax disease’ is a figurative disease where the person believes everybody has a crush on him/her, it’s a play on the word ‘//’ which means ‘to swing an ax ( ly’ and also a slang for to have a crush on someone.)
“Sir, do you like me?”
He opened his eyes wide at my words and whispered, softly with a face as if he was almost dying.
“…Yes, I dare to…”
Before he could say anything more, I stabbed Hubris with my words.
“Do you know that Eris Misérian is your half-sister?”
Hubris was startled by my words and shook his head violently. He ripped off his hair in disbelief, looked at me and shouted.
“No, that can’t be!”
“I think I am right. Do you really want to go to the Marquis and check it out? Shall we go now?”
Hubris, who had repeatedly muttered ‘sister’ with a pale complexion, said to me, squeezing his face as if he was out of his mind.
“But… you’re not Eris Misérian, are you?”
“So? My soul is not Eris Misérian, but will you commit incest?”
Ha, I laughed at myself. Hubris was noticeably intimidated by that sight. I was dumbfounded and retorted.
“Even if that’s the case, you of all people shouldn’t be the one to do that. You’re the high priest. You swore to God to be celibate.”
He looked really hurt.
He staggered as if he was about to fall like a stabbed man, but I did not support him. If you’re going to die, then die.
His idea was disgusting. Is it okay because it’s a different soul? Knowing that it’s your sister’s body? How come you only think of yourself until the end?
Passing by Hubris who was blankly standing on the side of the road, I finally knocked on the door to the witch’s shop. There were no signs of movement inside, but just in case, I pushed the door and it opened slowly.
But there wasn’t any presence. There was no witch in the basement I used to go to, so I went up again and looked around the store slowly.
I originally liked to browse around stores. I especially liked stores with a lot of little items, but I haven’t had the chance to look around the witch’s store properly until now because I was either busy or because the witch had guided me.
From a gigantic music box in which dozens of dolls danced as a group, to an antique brass celestial sphere that projects stars when turned, and a snow globe that shoots Tinkerbell’s golden powder like firecrackers when shaken.
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