Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 55

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Episode 55
Fortune Telling
“You mean the legends about tears?”
If you think about it, I was asking because the existence of witches was also quite close to a fairy tale. But in fact, like a witch whom everyone believes to be fake is real, how many of the stories I’ve read are genuine and how many are false?
Medea opened her mouth after thinking for a while,
“Strictly speaking, it’s all true.”
“The tears of the moon were a little exaggerated, but to be precise, he was able to survive by being fed the pollen-stained dew of medicinal herbs, and dragon tears have the effect of making a wish come true. If it’s a wish that fits the laws of nature. Well… at least it’s definitely going to be effective for rain rituals.”
“What about the tears of god?”
Medea stopped talking for a while and then said.
“The tree is in the witch’s realm.”
“What? Really? There was a god?”
“Ah, because she was a witch, not a god. She matured when there were only a few witches, so there was no witch to let her know that she was a witch.”
A witch?! Just by listening to her words, a witch was like a being who could do anything…. it was not strange to mistake her for a god.
“Her name was Lilith, the other witches who belatedly discovered Lilith respected her desire to be reborn and killed her, causing her to be reborn again. But being born is not in the witches’ domain, so they had to get some help from the dragons.”
(QC/N: domain’ as in ‘ability’ or ‘what they can touch/manipulate’.)
“Didn’t you have a bad relationship with the dragons?”
“They promised to hand over half of the fruit that Lilith grew to the dragons. If you eat that fruit, your fertility will be very high…. Anyway, the trees are well protected by dragons and witches. So that it’s not seen by humans.”
I asked sharply as I felt something steaming.
“So, what’s up with the tears?”
“It has a metaphorical meaning or existence. Just as everything does.”
“Are you a sphinx? You’re not going to play riddles with me now, are you?”
“Hu-hoo, don’t get too nervous because you’ll find out on your own when the time comes.”
How can I not be nervous! What if I can’t find it until I die? The moment I got annoyed at Medea’s reckless reply that it wasn’t her business and when I was about to say something, she opened the cards in her hand as if to appease me. It’s not even a magic show, but where did you get those cards?
“Right, do you want to have a look?”
“I don’t believe in superstitions.”
“Oh, don’t do that you’re supposed to watch all of these for fun, right?”
“Is it okay for a witch to say that?”
Even though I was grumbling, I sat on the opposite side of the small table where she sat. Medea flew the cards in the air and mixed them up. The cards that naturally shuffled as if dancing looked like a performance.
“What would you like to see?”
“It’s up to you, please just look moderately. Well… it would be nice if it was about the future.”
“Hmm, good. Please pick a card.”
I caught one of the flying cards. When I turned it upside down, it looked terrifying. There was something like a sheep’s horn and…….
“Death in the front…”
When she saw my card, the witch’s face became serious. She grabbed one of the cards that were flying and turned it upside down. It was a card with a big moon. She swept her hair back and told me seriously.
“Don’t go around alone, okay?”
“What the hell do you mean? Why didn’t you tell me that before we started?”
“There are a lot of variables like this. It’s no use, hearing it won’t make a difference. What’s certain is that you shouldn’t be alone. Your knight….. Put him next to you under any circumstances.”
Medea scared me a lot, but I just laughed it off. Maybe she just wanted to tease me, and because Anakin was always by my side anyway, there is no way I’ll be alone. I shrugged and said okay.
Then I suddenly thought of my love fortune.
Hmm, I don’t usually believe in this, but it’s not bad to try it once for fun. I did something slightly different and hinted at the witch.
“I want to see my love fortune… too.”
“With the knight?”
“Who said it’s with Anakin?!”
“Why are you screaming?”
I was a bit intimidated because I felt guilty. I’m doomed. As I looked into the witch’s eyes, she smiled brightly. While fiddling with the cards, she just placed her hand on my hand across from her.
“I know it’s more than a love affair.”
“…What is it? Is it some kind of spell?”
“Well, if it’s magic, it could be a spell.”
As I was pricking up my ears, the witch smiled and shook her hand lightly to burst the flame. There was a small sound of fireworks popping.
“There will be a fireworks display tonight to celebrate the graduation of the National Academy students. Wouldn’t it be better to see a great view rather than a love fortune that only tells you obvious things?”
I was a little tempted. It’s because I’ve been busy while living in Korea, so I’ve never seen fireworks before. So what if fireworks exploded in Yeouido every year, I had no time.
However, I was worried that there would be a lot of people. No matter how good the view was, I hate getting caught in between people and suddenly being knocked around here and there.
The witch hinted that she knew about my worries,
“If you don’t like people, you can go directly to the academy and watch it.”
“The academy would be off limits to outsiders.”
“Well, half of Lady Misérian isn’t an outsider, right?”
Medea added, wrinkling her nose at me, who was puzzled.
“The Marquis of Misérian is one of the biggest sponsors of the academy, so won’t they let you in?”
A man who was no help during her lifetime was useful in strange places.
Putting on my dark golden coat, Anakin and I got off the wagon where people from the academy were waiting.
They told us to come this way, quietly leading the way. The students passing by glanced at the two of us, but it didn’t bother me much because in middle and high school, everyone does this when an outsider enters.
It was like an outdoor balcony overlooking the whole view of the school. I don’t know if it was thermal insulation magic or some kind of magic engineering, but it wasn’t too cold even though it was outside. Sitting side by side in a chair, we put the prepared refreshments in our mouths.
Soon, a group of people wearing thick capes came out and lifted something like a cane embedded with jewels. Then a flame was fired from the end of the jewel.
Bang, bang… The sparks that glowed brilliantly with the sound drew attention by themselves. When I saw it in pictures or videos, I thought it was tacky and not very pretty, but it felt different in person. The colorful lights and the falling sparks were dazzlingly beautiful.
Anakin was also watching the fireworks frantically, as it was the first time he saw fireworks. Unconsciously I grabbed Anakin’s hand on his lap. When Anakin looked at me, I clenched my fist and opened it.
My hands were sweaty. Even though I had hesitated for quite a long time, Anakin waited without rushing me. I love you like that.
“Hey, Anakin… do you know?”
I know I shouldn’t say it. But I didn’t think I’d have a chance unless it was now.
“I want you…”
Boom boom!
At that moment, a roar rang and the ground shook. Anakin quickly held me in his arms and protected me from the explosion. People’s screams rang out. When I couldn’t get myself together due to the shock, Anakin lifted me up, hugging me. It was then.
“It’s a monster! A monster has appeared!”
A hole opened in the sky and winged creatures came pouring out. There seemed to be hundreds of them.
When one of them rushed to us, Anakin kicked his tongue, pulled out a sword with one hand and cut it down. Sticky green blood poured out.
“Close the gate!” Belatedly, the magic engineers closed the hole through which the monsters came out of, but there were already too many. Was this the witch’s fortune telling?
In the midst of my confusion, pulling away from Anakin with my staggering legs, I said.
“I can walk alone. Anakin, escort me. A carriage… No can a carriage come now? Let’s get out of here first.”
“All right.”
Students poured out of the building in order to see if they had been called. They quickly evacuated people
near the exit and locked the door firmly, perhaps they had received preparatory training in this regard.
“Is the magic field far away?”
“It’s fully charged! 5 seconds left! 4 seconds left! 3 seconds left! 2 seconds left! 1 second left!”
There was the sound of the heavy chains being loosened, and light bursting out from the top of the spire in the center. The light exploded like a fountain and soon created a huge tent to block the entire, academy as if wrapping it.
When I stopped walking because of the sight, Anakin slashed the attacking monster and grabbed my hand to lead me.
Anyway, how do we get out of this confinement? Anakin looked back at me and spoke, perhaps knowing that I was anxious.
“You’ll get out safely. Don’t worry.”
Yeah, Anakin was still incomplete, but he was a sword master. There will be a way out of here somehow.
At that time, the monsters that were being destroyed, by the students one by one began to mumble and merge into one. Then, they came together into a huge shape and melted the surrounding area as quickly as possible.
“Get away!”
“Save me!”
“Get out of my way!”
People’s screams burst from place to place, adding to the confusion. Usually, people who would have avoided Lady Misérian were busy running away, whether they bumped into her or not.
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