Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 57

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Episode 57
Dance of Death
TW: Attempted r*pe, blood, murder
Why is the crown prince here? After Young Lady Kazar’s debutante ball, I thought there would be nothing to see now.
I didn’t say anything officially, but it was practically a broken engagement notice. This is because ‘a fiance’s lover’ was not just a flaw.
The empire was stricter than expected because the pope was not the first power, but anyway, it was a state with diplomatic relations. Having a lover secretly after marriage was acceptable, but not before marriage. That’s why the crown prince tried to break up the engagement with me.
Even if he had a lover before marriage, he had to bury her under the water, by denying that they are ‘friends in front of people. An affair before marriage was treated as a strict reason for disqualification, and in severe cases, he could be questioned about his faithfulness and even be forced into a religious trial.
The Misérian family is the backbone of the aristocratic family, and the imperial family doesn’t want things to get bigger because of Helena’s presence, so they probably won’t send me to the religious trials……..
Still, I didn’t know. This gate incident alone was the same. From the imperial side, a plan can be used to take down the Miserian family altogether.
I barely raised the corners of my lips to the crown prince, hiding my thoughts.
“Your Highness, what are you doing here? If you have something to say, I will visit the palace again next time…”
“His Majesty is not coming.”
The crown prince declared. Somehow, in the midst of my doubts, there was a chill up my spine. It felt like! had to hurry home, like the anxiety I felt when I looked up at the dark sky from time to time.
“Then it’s late, so if you don’t have anything else to say, I’ll leave.”
However, despite my greetings, the crown prince walked towards me expressionlessly, so I stood up to avoid him and stepped back.
With every step I took, my heart was pounding and was sweating profusely.
“Before, you said that I was not engaged to you, but to the Marquis of Misérian. You too, are not marrying me, you are marrying the imperial family.”
The crown prince paused for a moment and then returned. He looked kind of in pain. I had a bad hunch, a very bad hunch. I moistened my dry lips and looked into his eyes. The distance to the door was too far.
“You’ll get married even if you don’t want to.”
Why are you saying this? Cold sweat dripped from my hands. My wet, wet hands gripped my skirt. As I was stepping backwards, my heel slammed into a wall, and I realized it was the wall. I instinctively glanced at the window next to me.
I was out of breath, so I grabbed the window frame to open the window, but the latch did not turn due to my lack of strength. Even at that moment, the prince was approaching me.
“Now I must return those words. You did not marry me, but this imperial family.”
“Your Highness, don’t come near me.”
“It’s not that we’re getting married, but that our names are married.”
“I told you not to come closer.”
Two stories high. I was going to jump if I had to. know it’s a crazy idea, but it feels like I have to do it. Even if I break my legs, it’ll be okay if Anakin hugs me.
At last, the latch turned and the window opened, and only then did I catch my breath. I was terrified when I saw the height I would fall from if I were to jump off.
The crown prince grabbed my waist like that. As if dancing, my body drew close to him. We stared at each other for a long time. A terrible silence surrounded us. I warned him clearly.
“Don’t touch my body…”
Attempts to get rid of him were again blocked. The prince held me like that and moved slowly. It was in the direction of the bed.
“Your Highness?”
“What are you doing now?”
If I had a siren in my head, my ears would have been ripped apart by now. Never go alone okay? The witch’s words flashed in my mind. Your knight.. Keep him by your side in any situation.
I tried to give strength to my toes somehow. Soft carpets did not allow this. I stretched my arms to grab anything around me and hang onto it. The silk curtain I barely grabbed escaped my hand like a grain of sand.
“Don’t do it, Your Highness! Let go, let go!”
“Eris Misérian.”
All my efforts were lightly ruined by the crown prince holding my back and knees, hugging me. He carefully laid me down on the bed and then looked down quietly.
I tried to get up, but my arms kept losing strength, and the crown prince pushed me down again.
By that time, I was so scared that tears flowed down my cheeks.
“Your Highness, what’s wrong? What’s wrong with you? You’re trying to scare me, right? I’m being arrogant. That’s why, right? That’s enough for me now…….”
“Today you will have my child. And that will be your shackle.”
A clear death sentence was given to the ear that was trying to avoid it. I convulsively tried to get out of the bed, but the crown prince immediately grabbed me by the waist.
Shrinking with fear, my throat could not even scream and barely spoke in a rattling voice.
“Eris Misérian, you can resent me for the rest of your
“Don’t do it, Your Highness. Save me, please save me. Your Highness, Your Highness, please…!”
Without a word, he grabbed the laces on my clothes and started pulling them out. No, don’t do it. Somehow, my struggle was blocked, my body firmly caught under the prince’s body.
I didn’t know the difference in power would be this
No gap was seen. It was hard to breathe, and it was hard to breathe because my head was dizzy. I’m scared. I’m scared, Anakin.
I tried to call out Anakin’s name, but all that came out of my throat was a wheezing, rough breath. My heart was beating too fast.
It felt like it was going to explode.
No, no, no! As soon as the prince’s hand came under my skirt, my eyes turned bright red.
In times like these, it would be nice if you showed up like the prince in the novel. But you are not a prince, and I am not a heroine. It was so unfair.
I struggled like a madman, as if I was having a seizure,
Kicking, pinching, punching the crown prince……. Despite being beaten by me, the crown prince was silently continuing his work.
I screamed out her name as if squeezing it out.
“H, Helena, think of her. Won’t she be ashamed of
At that moment, the crown prince lifted his head and clasped my shoulders tightly and looked at me.
The eyes that I finally met were dotted with sadness and shame. It was frustrating, and it made me angry. Why are you making that face? It’s like you’re the victim.
The prince opened his mouth a few times as if to say something, and then lowered his head. He didn’t tell me any reason. Whatever the reason, there would be no justification for doing this now.
Instead of making any excuses, he bowed his head and tried to kiss me. I twisted my head to avoid it, but his lips followed.
A groan came out as he tried to push into my lips and bit them tightly with his molars.
When my mouth opened due to the physiological nausea, he did not miss the gap. Something unpleasant slipped into my mouth. As I tried to bite,
Alecto’s hand gripped my chin tightly. I raised my nails and tried to shake him off, but to no avail.
The squealing sound was appalling. Suddenly my body shuddered. He didn’t even bother to take off my clothes anymore. After all, the ultimate purpose of this act was different. I couldn’t even earn a single minute of time.
Despair engulfed me like a tidal wave.
I was collapsing like a shipwreck engulfed in a wave of helplessness. I wanted to bite my tongue and die, but even more so, knowing that I am not going to die. really can’t do anything like this, like this…… like
No, I couldn’t end it like this. I couldn’t even call this the end. I had to survive. I had to do anything,
Gasp, I took a deep breath and grabbed something in my outstretched right hand. It seemed to be a vase that was usually left on the tabletop. It would have been fine if it wasn’t a vase. Whatever it was, it didn’t matter. If only I could stop this situation now.
I held it firmly in my hand so that it did not slip from my trembling hands. Then I swung it at the side of his head at once. With a cracking sound, the crown prince’s hand stopped. I didn’t stop. I told you not to Please, please don’t. I didn’t like it, I even cried at you,
What happened after that, well, I don’t know. The memory was clear, but somehow there was no sense of reality. When the vase was broken, the broken pieces left in my hand were stuck in the crown prince’s neck.
The feeling of being immersed in the soft, smooth flesh was terrifying. I didn’t have any strength in my body until now, and I didn’t know where I got that strength. It is said that crazy people are strong, but maybe they really went crazy.
The crown prince staggered while grabbing his neck, then tried to resist while grabbing my wrist. I bit his wrist with my teeth. We fought over and over again in the same place.
I struggled not to lose the piece in my hand. And swung it as much as I could and stabbed the crown prince. In fact, the expression ‘pushed it in by force’ may be more accurate. The blood that burst like a fountain was scattered across my face.
I crazily cut him. Anger and resentment were not the only things that surrounded me.
It was closer to a more fundamental fear.
I definitely have to finish it now. If the crown prince comes back to life, I don’t know what he’ll do to me. More terrifying things could happen. The primal and desperate self-defense controlled me.
Over and over again…… Until the sound of our breaths subsided and finally the crown prince did not move.
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