Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 63

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Episode 63
Reliving the Night
The odds are half and half, but it was better to know for sure than to make a big mistake later. And if it has to happen, I would like for it to be the empress
(PR/N: she’d prefer to avoid the emperor and crown prince.)
It was because if she betrayed me, I wanted to make a deal with her so I could have at least one weakness on her.
Above all, I needed an excuse not to meet the crown prince tonight.
I heard a knock on the door. Astonished, I watched the witch open the door.
It was Anakin. That familiar face seemed somehow unfamiliar to me, so I stood blankly and looked at Anakin’s face. Medea got up from her seat and looked at me worriedly, she said with only a blink of her eyes.
“Would you like to go take a little break?”
Medea, who looked at me worriedly, tried to smile,
“It’s okay.”
I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard. Over and over in my head, the previous situation was replayed over and over again. I had nothing to vomit, but I wanted to vomit. My empty stomach throbbed and my legs trembled.
I had to pretend I was okay even if I wasn’t okay
Because there was still work to be done. It’s never too late to cry after everything is over. I hid it by squeezing my trembling hands tightly.
“Let’s go, Anakin.”
Everything was repeated once again. But this time didn’t dress up in a bright yellow colored coat. Last time, it was a date with Anakin, so I stopped by my house to change my clothes, and after the butler contacted the academy, I went off leisurely with Anakin.
Now I didn’t have time to relax like that. I have to start right away to catch the criminal one step ahead.
When I got off the carriage, there were no people,
from the academy this time. I came without saying a word, so it was understandable. I looked at the tightly closed iron door and ordered Anakin.
“Cut it.”
It was a crazy order, but Anakin never refused or complained. He pulled out his sword, looked at the door for a while, measured something, and soon cut down the thick iron door with a single stroke.
The iron door fell back with a loud sound. People at the academy raised their heads one by one at the thundering sound. Soon after, two people ran this
way. They ran to us with a weapon, checked my face and lowered the weapon slightly.
“What the heck is this! How can you open the door to the sacred academy……!”
Seeing those who did not hide their wary eyes, I raised my chin as arrogantly as possible and said annoyedly.
“Claim it to the Misérian family.”
“Mi, Misérian family…….?”
They looked through me for a moment and exchanged glances with each other. I gained momentum and retorted like a very rude person.
“I definitely sent someone to inform you that I was going to watch fireworks here…… Why didn’t he come out to greet me?”
“Excuse me, Lady Misérian, we haven’t been told anything.”
“It sounds like I’m lying. Will you be able to handle it?”
The student turned blue and shut his mouth. No matter how promising he was at the academy, he was just a commoner.
If it was known that he had insulted the daughter of a great nobleman, he was more likely to be punished. Even if there was a supporter behind the brilliant child, even entering the academy would have become difficult.
In fact, it was like abusing power, but I was in no situation to look after anyone now. I was sorry, but it was enough to charge the price of the iron door to the
Misérian house anyway. It didn’t matter because wasn’t the one who would pay.
They whispered to each other for a moment to see if anyone knew it, and soon bowed their heads and said,
“There must have been a mistake.”
They quietly led the way, telling us to come this way. The students who were looking outside at the disturbance glanced at the two of us, but I didn’t care,
It was fortunate that Eris’ personality was so overbearing and reckless. Even if I act so recklessly, may not be suspected.
We arrived at an outdoor balcony overlooking the school’s panoramic view. We sat side by side in a chair, but I didn’t touch anything this time because I didn’t have an appetite.
Soon after, a group of people wearing thick capes came out and lifted something like a cane embedded with jewels. Then a flame was fired from the end of the jewel. Boom boom… Flames that shone brilliantly with the sound.
But there was no more excitement. At this moment, remembered what I wanted to say to Anakin. Those sparkly emotions and beautiful times were all ruined.
I felt like I was going to cry because it was unfair. Nothing has changed, but so much has changed.
We were no longer impressed. I was just counting, trying to remember the time. The most perfect time to get out of here and catch the criminal’s breath.
Before the roar, Anakin held me in his arms to protect me from the explosion. People’s screams resounded. This time, we both got up almost at the same time. I stepped out of the balcony and Anakin drew his sword and guarded my back.
“It’s a monster! A monster has appeared!”
A hole opened in the sky and winged monsters poured out. Close the gate! The gates closed and students rushed out of the building in unison. It was the same until the sound of the release of the heavy chains rang, and light burst out from the top of the spire in the center, blocking the academy.
We had to figure out the location of the culprit who was watching us at the time. The person who stopped and stared at us as we ran when everyone was running away. Because I had a gut feeling that he might be the culprit.
I looked outside, trying to figure out where we were that day. The monsters that had been destroyed by the students one by one began to merge into one. Then, they came together in a huge shape and melted the surrounding area quickly.
“Help me!”
People’s screams broke out and confusion increased. The crowd was too large for Anakin to find him. remember it was near the stairs, but the academy structure was all similar, so I had no idea what kind of stairs they were.
Let’s think calmly, we have to think. I chewed on the bottom of my fingernails, closed my eyes and tried to concentrate. Anakin protected me from the crowds pushing me.
And finally, I remembered that there was a flowering winter tree near the road we had escaped from
“The red flower… Anakin, you need to find a place near the stairs where you can see the red flower tree. The culprit was standing there.”
We ran through the chaos, trying to find the tree, Finally, next to the flower tree, we found the place where we were standing. We held our breath and waited for the culprit to arrive here.
Finally, an ordinary man wrapped in robes walked towards the stairs. Anakin grabbed the man’s neck in an instant.
I slowly walked out in front of the struggling man. The man who saw me widened his eyes. I looked straight at the man and spoke with as much confidence as I could.
“Guide me to your master.”
I didn’t even say who it was. If I chose the wrong one, it would be a failure.
The struggling man squeezed his eyes shut.
Anakin quickly pressed the man’s jaw and opened his mouth to check. Anakin clicked his tongue once and put his finger inside and scraped something.
“It is a poison for suicide.”
“As long as you accompany me there, I will be silent about everything……. You did this because you hated the Marquis, right? Relax. The plan will go as scheduled.”
When we returned to the mansion, the culprit had already confessed. No matter how much he did as he was told, the empire could not have saved a felon who opened the pouring gate himself.
‘If you hate the marquis enough to die for his death appeasement will work better than intimidation
The man took a few rough breaths. After a while he lowered his head as if he had resigned. As Anakin released the man’s neck, he spoke to us with red bloodshot eyes.
“Follow me.”
The man led us down to the basement of the academy. As we went around the winding road several times, there was a huge magic circle. So……a “magic’ force.
“This… isn’t magic engineering.”
“Magic engineering cannot go against the rules. This is the magic circle left by a witch in the early days of the empire. It is connected to the underground of the Imperial Palace.”
The man grabbed Anakin’s sword with his bare hands and bled. As the blood soaked the floor, light poured from the magic circle.
It felt like my body was leaning, and when I opened my eyes, I was sent to a completely different place. A sword was pointed at us in the dark, was there any other knight protecting the magic circle?
“Who are you!”
“You’d better lower the knife.”
The light shone towards my face. The knights who confirmed my face drew their swords with surprised faces.
“How come… You’re here…”
“You don’t have to know that. You, keep guiding me. And Anakin…….”
It would be difficult if the emperor caught us coming here now. Anakin pulled out his sword without me saying anything. As I left the room where the magic circle was, I heard the screams of the knights behind me.
As we climbed the stairs along the underground corridor, where we arrived was not the Empress’s Palace. It was a little remote from the Imperial Palace and was not very large.
There were no people, but everything was in order as if it was regularly maintained. It was rather fortunate. If this place looked like the Imperial Palace reception room, I would not have been able to endure it because I would have felt sick.
I checked the location of Anakin standing near me over and over again. How long have I been waiting? Fortunately, the empress, not the crown prince, opened the door and came in.
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