Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 65

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Episode 65
The Interrogation
It’s ironic. That I, who persuaded her to die, would rather be her savior.
She’s different from me. I’m trying to die to live, but the empress is not afraid of death even though this is real life, she is not afraid of death even though she only has one life. What made her do that?
The empress resembled ‘Eris’ in many ways. This was the case with having power since birth, beauty and heartlessness. However, for both the loved woman and the unloved woman, the ending was concluded as misfortune.
Now I realize one common thing in the stories I’ve been reading for fun. That a woman branded as bad in the world of stories cannot survive.
Because she is not the main character, the stigma can never be erased because this world is not their story.
But the main character can’t be the only one in the story. She should have the right to live even if she is not the main character.
I woke up once every two hours. It had nothing to do with my will. Perhaps the shock of the incident with the crown prince was so great, it was just…… my body couldn’t fall asleep.
I would jump up and check the surroundings even if ! couldn’t hear anything because I was nervous all over. I was tired and nervous because I couldn’t sleep.
It was already the third time I woke up.
Eventually, I gave up sleeping and sat up.
After the empress left, I was locked up in a tower-like place. Anyway, I guess I couldn’t be imprisoned in a cellar because my status was still that of a semi-royal.
Except that it was small, the bed was actually quite large and soft, and it was not particularly dirty, so it felt more like an inn than a prison. I looked out the window for a moment. Um, it’s high.
Even if it was Anakin, I don’t think he could climb up here. I have a hand mirror that Anakin secretly handed me, so if I want, I can call the witch..
I heard a rattling sound, and the maid brought me a meal. Even if I ate poison, I wouldn’t die, but I had no appetite. I put only a few spoons of soup in my mouth and put the bowl down on the floor.
It was great luck to have a clock in the room. Thanks to it, I didn’t have to feel anxious about waiting for someone while not knowing how much time had passed..
It was not until evening that the servant came back into my room. He tied a cloth to my eyes to cover them, then carefully held my hand and led me
somewhere. I didn’t intend to run away, but the servant held me firmly with a strong grip.
How far did I walk? I was guided to one room and placed in a chair. I could hear the door locking, and there was a strict-looking old man sitting on the other side of the table.
I was thinking of saying hello first, but I just shut up because the person with the lower status usually says hello first.
When I glanced sideways, I saw that standing next to me was a face that I had seen in the empress’ palace,
It was fortunate that the empress did what I said.
There was no Anakin, so it was dangerous to be dragged around at will. The old man looked at the documents for a moment and then greeted me,
“It’s a dazzling afternoon, Lady Misérian.”
“I’m tired. If there’s anything you want to ask, let’s hurry up and ask it.”
“Okay. You visited the academy yesterday.”
It gives a hint of doubt, but not reassurance. I don’t know what will happen if I keep being imprisoned in the Imperial Palace. Lies and truth usually sound more plausible when mixed. I answered with a calm face.
“Because I wanted to see the fireworks.”
“Why in the academy? You’ll be able to see them from the outside.”
“I wanted to see them from a place where I could see them best. Why should I be listening to this silly question?”
When I got annoyed on purpose, the old man coughed several times. I turned my eyes away.
“Did you see the gate opening?”
“I saw it. Is it a problem?”
“If it’s the Marquis of Misérian who opened the gate, it’s a problem.”
He smiled and tilted his head in an awkward way. After cleaning under my nails for a while, thought I should know what they were trying to fit in, so I asked. (QC/N: as in, the story they want.)
“Do you mean that I helped my father open the gate? On what grounds?”
“You didn’t open it yourself, but by knowing the Marquis’ plans, you may have assisted him…”
Aha, that’s how you’re going to take me out of it, right?
Certainly, aiding and abetting crime was not as punishable as treason. Especially when I said I didn’t know. If I pretended not to know here, it was clear that they would pretend to investigate a little more, and soon remove me from prison and show condolences.
…..Or they might threaten me to behave if I don’t want to be detained again. It’s a dilemma. By being tied up as an accomplice with the marquis, there is still work to be done, and the crown prince will be caught when the charge is denied. If so, there is only one way I can do this.
“Well, what do you think?”
“It means I’m going to exercise my right to remain silent.”
The old man’s face gradually turned red at my shameless words. He yelled at me, hitting the desk hard.
“Young lady! Opening the magic gate is a crime of treason! Don’t you know how serious this incident is?”
“I know. So tell His Majesty that. Lady Misérian didn’t say a word, saying she was using her right to remain silent…. and…”
It was like a naive robber’s remarks, but it was calculated so that if I used the right to remain silent, the emperor would not be able to do anything else about me. You won’t be able to torture me.
Since I already had a connection with the Empress, thought I could give her a little hint if he was locking me up for too long.
Anyway, one of the reasons I have to go out is to help her.
The old man was trying to say something and noticed the servant behind me.
“If there is nothing left to say, I want to go back now.”
“… The interrogation will continue.”
The interrogation was concluded with a line like a third-rate villain’s. The servant covered my eyes again and led me to the room.
When I came back, I laid down on the bed as if collapsing.
As I was left alone, endless helplessness surrounded me. How much longer do I have to endure? How far have I come in this novel?
I rolled out my blanket and breathed silently. Breathing was also horribly overwhelming. I didn’t want to do anything.
After that, the interrogator called me over and over again, but I remained silent. At this rate, he threatened the death penalty and begged that he would release me immediately if I denied it, but it was all useless.
I still woke up once every two hours, and I had no appetite, but I ate a little bit of rice. However, couldn’t help being tired because I couldn’t sleep.
I was leaning against the corner of the room, just blinking my eyes, and suddenly a person came through the door.
“Lady Misérian.”
When she pulled up the hood, it was Helena, and her white hair poured out. I was so surprised that I stared at her.
She shouldn’t have been here. If she gets involved, she could be kicked out, let alone become the crown princess. I’m still being treated as a semi-royal because of the emperor, but it would be over for Helena, a low-ranking maid, who was hated by the emperor.
“Where do you think you are coming!”
“I was so worried about Lady Misérian…….”
When I screamed, Helena shrank and took something out of her arms. It was meat, bread and cold fruits that remained vaguely warm. I was speechless when I saw the food she handed me.
I’m in prison, but I still had a luxurious meal. No, at least they will be more expensive than Helena’s.
But these foods that she brought for fear of me starving…… I couldn’t throw them away. As if to check, she watched as I finished eating.
When I finally finished eating, I spoke quietly to her.
“…I enjoyed the meal. But don’t come here again, Because it’s dangerous.”
The moment Helena tried to say something more, heard footsteps. I gestured to Helena and sent her away. She looked back at me again and again and soon disappeared down the hallway.
The servant appeared from the hallway on the other side just as Helena barely disappeared. The servant covered my eyes as always, and I followed him as I walked.
But something was strange. No matter how blind they were, people had senses, so they had to roughly
notice which direction they were going. It was a different place from the usual room.
When I tried to pull out my arm, the servant held me firmly. I twisted my body and told the servant.
“Where are you taking me? The direction is different than usual.”
“I’m not trying to kidnap you, so please be relieved. However, you can’t go to that room because of circumstances.”
You have to be able to believe that. But while I was struggling, I was pushed into a room. The servant released my eye patch.
It was definitely a different room than usual. The table and the chair made it more luxurious. It was like a room designed to answer to someone rather than interrogate them. The interrogator, who was waiting in the room first, poured the tea. He smiled kindly and told me.
“Sit down, Lady Misérian.”
“Did you give up on the interrogation?”
“Because I can’t make Lady Misérian open her mouth.”
He shrugged once, quenched his mouth with tea, and looked towards the door.
Somehow, my spine was cool. The fact that this room was so nice also played a part.
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