Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 66

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Episode 66
Maintaining the Status Quo
This room was not prepared for me as a sinner. It was a place to treat people higher than me.
“I thought I wasn’t good enough, so I brought someone to persuade Lady Misérian instead of me.”
The door opened. I really didn’t want to look back. felt like I shouldn’t look back.
However, the interrogator smiled and bowed his head, and greeted the person behind me.
“It’s a dazzling afternoon, Your Highness. Thank you for coming.”
I was suffocating. Don’t come. Don’t come close to me. There was no Anakin here. Fragments of last night flew like sparks. I felt nauseous.
However, contrary to my wishes, Alecto slowly approached me. Our eyes finally met.
Repeating what happened that night…… I never had such a nightmare. I had never slept that deeply before. Reality was always worse than nightmares.
I was frozen to the core. I forgot how to breathe, I felt suffocated to death, so I had to breathe like I was bursting out.
“Lady Misérian, are you okay?”
The interrogator felt something strange and tried to come up to me to check my complexion, but I hit his hand roughly.
The sound of teeth gritting was clearly audible. Was it my voice that was seething, or was it anger? Probably both.
I still remembered clearly. The sense of being dragged, the fear, and the touch of the vase in my hand.
The sour taste that poured out when I was nauseous, terrible helplessness, and the sound of my heart that seemed to explode when I was nauseating……. I’m going crazy, but I’m barely holding it in!
“You….. How can you be so shameless?”
“What did you say?”
“Lady Misérian?”
“Get out.”
My pale hand was clenched on my lap. Maybe that’s how tired my face was. I shouted as if I was squeezing my throat. It was almost a scream.
“Can’t you hear me telling you to leave? Get out! Get out! Get out!”
“Lady Misérian, calm down.”
“Get out before I kill you!”
Why do you look surprised? I already succeeded once You don’t think I’ll succeed twice?
“How dare you be rude to me?”
The crown prince’s surprised expression did not last long. He soon hardened his face as usual. While frowning in the middle of his forehead, he tried to catch me with an angry voice.
I screamed. I shook my body recklessly and tried to shake him off. Something seemed to have been scratched to the point where my throat was hoarse,
I had a headache and shortness of breath. I couldn’t control it and twisted my trembling body. While lying on the floor, my eyelids shook, and I breathed in vain and coughed.
My vision was blurred….. I could remotely hear voices of people looking for a doctor.
When I came to my senses, I was on the bed. Seeing that it was not a bed in the prison tower, it seemed to be an ordinary imperial room.
My head was pounding. I didn’t even have the strength to get up, so I just closed my eyes, and soon after, someone came into the room. They seemed to be maids.
They wiped off the cold sweat off my face for a while and soon lowered their voices and began to talk,
“She still isn’t up? They said she didn’t get hurt anywhere.”
“Shh, you need to be extremely quiet.”
At the scolding of another maid, the maid closed her mouth for a while, and soon lowered her voice and asked.
“Is that true? I heard Lady Misérian went crazy and ran around”.
“Lady Misérian used to be a little crazy. That’s not a flaw in the Imperial Palace, sweetheart.”
The other maid added frustratingly at the maid’s gentle tone.
“No matter how crazy Lady Misérian was, she only trembled at His Highness. This time, she pinched him, scratched him and made a fuss.”
“Oh, my. Really?”
The maid, who had been surprised for a while, soon sighed once and spoke pitifully.
“That’s understandable. Because of her great pride, she was always despised by His Highness, and she was completely abandoned.”
“Did she become completely abandoned?”
“Forget it. I shouldn’t have said that about a sick person…”
When the maid stopped talking, I heard another maid busily chasing her. The maid with a slightly higher voice spoke to another maid as if she was whining.
“How can you stop talking? Making people curious…….”
“Okay. Don’t you know that the more you stay in the Imperial Palace, the more you have to spare your words?”
“I’ll spare them. I’ll totally spare them. So, huh? Let me know. Curiosity killed the cat.”
The curious maid must have tickled the silent maid. I heard a laugh. The tickled maid sighed as if she couldn’t win and brought it up.
“Sigh… Do I have to keep it to myself? My cousin works for Duke Kazar. You may know that His Highness took Helena to Lady Kazar’s debutante ball.”
“Of course! For a while, all the maids in the palace were going crazy over that, right?”
“But she said Helena was wearing purple”.
After finishing her words, the maid continued to speak with a very low voice.
“Wearing clothes in a color that only the royal family can wear means that she’ll soon become the royal family.”
“What? But Helena is not a noble.”
“Even if it’s rotten, it’s still a herring, the bloodline is still noble. Lady Misérian is also pitiful. The Marquis was also charged with treason, and now even he’s going crazy… (PR/N: ‘Even if it’s rotten, it’s still a herring’ is a Korean folk saying that means that anything that’s naturally good will never wear out or change. In this case, the maids are saying even if Eris is crazy, she’s still a noble so all is still good.)
It was not until the maids escaped and the door closed that I opened my eyes.
First of all, the marquis was still captured.
It didn’t matter if the marquis died here, but he shouldn’t die yet. Because I don’t know where to get the cup the marquis had brought.
If I ask the witch, I’m not sure if she would do me a favor, and I don’t know what she would ask for in return.
No, maybe I wouldn’t be able to go back even if I kill Helena as the witch told me to. What if the witch deceived me?
Come to think of it, she was weird. Does she need to help me just because it’s fun?
She said she found something important, but I didn’t find anything for her. Why did she lie like that to the other witches?
Paranoia kept lingering in my mind. I was pulling my hair out and suddenly found the mirror Anakin gave me in my pocket. I touched the mirror, looked around, and took it out.
“I want to ask you something.”
She looked at me silently. Even if she lied to me again, or if I didn’t believe her, at least I should ask.
At least later, I could make excuses to myself, like’ was honest. It’s just that she wasn’t honest.’
“What did I find for you? Why did the witches greet me then?”
“It’s not your story, stranger. You’re going to leave, right?”
“No, I need to know. Because I don’t understand why you are helping me this much.”
Medea laughed, but she was staring coldly at me for the first time. The gaze hardened me.
“You’re very suspicious. You always think, calculate and think about whether your opponent is trying to hurt you. Poor thing. Aren’t you tired of living like that?”
“…Just answer the questions | ask.”
“…You, you’ve read this world before, right?”
I got goosebumps. I accidentally lost the mirror from my hand. The witch continued without caring about me.
“When the story is over…… What do you think the world will be like?”
“What are you talking about?”
“When God’s story is over……. The world begins to collapse.”
I picked up the mirror again. Medea from the mirror closed her eyes with a hardened face. She took a breath and soon continued to talk
“The end isn’t coming right away…… but it gradually loses power and starts to wear down. Chaotic beings that are neither life nor death begin to appear, and they begin to consume both life and death.”
“Then what happens?”
“Life is no longer born. Death disappears.”
“Then… Isn’t it done? It’s maintaining the status quo.”
The witch said with a smiling face.
“Let’s say one person was stabbed. That person remains stabbed with a knife for the rest of his life……. Blood keeps coming out, and he feels pain, but he can’t die.”
“It must be…”
It’s like a zombie. But I’m sure it’s not a zombie, Medea rubbed her fingertips lightly.
“It’s just that it’s maintaining its condition. All beings who are neither dead nor alive have their own selves……. Being stuffed without doing anything.” (PR/N:like comparing to stuffed animals.)
Medea somehow had a sad face.
“You know, witches can move. We’re not creatures of God. That’s why it’s more painful. We’re the only things that can move, but can’t give rest to the world. Because we are not gods.”
“So? Is that the solution I found?”
“Well, you can say that. We will create a new god in this world.”
Making a god? This was an idea that struck my head like lightning for a moment..
“Shh. I said it wasn’t about you, right?”
Medea had a scary expression. It was a more eerie face than any other face I’ve ever seen in my life. My heart shrunk as if I was a prey in front of a beast. Medea soon raised the corners of her mouth and warned me.
“Isn’t your wish to escape this place and return to your world? Please don’t let me have any hostility towards you. Okay?”
“…..I will keep that in mind.”
When I swallowed my saliva and answered Medea, my face was reflected in the mirror again. My face? What was I thinking just now? My body trembled.
No, this is not my face. But somehow, I couldn’t remember what I originally looked like. No.
There’s no way.
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