Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 67

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Episode 67
I’m Not Eris
The hand mirror was thrown into the wall and shattered.
Hearing the scream, the maids ran into my room. They grabbed me and tied me to the bed, and soon pressed a syringe onto my arm. My consciousness became blurred. I think tears came out little by little. It was not me…..
Everyone calls me Eris Misérian. Even though I’m not Eris Misérian…….
I didn’t want to get up. I didn’t even close the curtains, but it was dark. I guess it was night.
I rubbed my eyes helplessly, and then rubbed my cheek against the Misérian’s blanket, which I’m used to now. The bedding of the Misérian family always had a subtle floral smell. My house always smelled like well-dried blankets.
The pillow was wet. Was I crying? Was I crying again? There was no sense of reality to anything.
If I’m going to keep crying like this, I’d rather cry and melt away.
If I was made of salt, I would easily dissolve from the tears, but why did the gods make bones and flesh?
A giggle came out. It’s like looking for a God only in difficult situations, even when you don’t believe in God.
Is that why? I suddenly raised my head.
If I believe in God even now, will God save me? Blessed are the ones who believe in it.
“Aha, ahaha…… hahaha!”
I turned my head and laughed. There was no God. If there is a God, you can’t do this to me. You can’t betray me like this, who worked so hard in a poor family.
If you wanted to save me, you should have saved me earlier. I’m the only one who can save me…… I know better than anyone else.
I darted out of bed like an arrow. I fell and rolled a few times because of my legs, but I didn’t care. I grabbed the mirror in the corner of the room and carefully examined the reflection in it.
Fumbling, I touched my face. The woman in the mirror followed and touched her face with her hands.
“This can’t be? Me, it’s not me?”
The woman laughed. I screamed as if I had seen a ghost. The mirror that left my hand broke and shards splattered here and there. I screamed and scratched my head.
“Give me my face, give me back my face!”
A hoarse sound squeezed out of my throat. This voice, was not mine either. This house was not mine either Even the people running now are not for me.
The maid held me together. I resisted by waving my arms and legs. I felt resentful and sad. I was upset and sad.
“Give me my face back! No! No!”
Just then, Anakin ran in. I could see it very slowly and clearly. That’s right. You, whom I love, weren’t really mine either. You, too, were Eris Misérian’s knight.
It felt so unfair that I was going to die. I can’t believe had to leave you, whom I love, in this world.
You are the only lovely thing in this world, but I can’t even have that.
“I’m sorry.”
If I die in this world, I forever can’t see you or even hold your traces in my hands. This was our last time.
It was as absurd as it was cruel. So I once again denied God. It felt like my soul would be shattered if I didn’t do this.
“Lady Misérian is crazy.’
The whole capital talked about it. Some people said they saw me walking around at night.
When I heard that, I checked my feet every time! woke up, but my feet were clean even though there was always a wound that someone wiped off.
Whether it was to compensate for the sleepless nights, I habitually tried to sleep. Because when I opened my eyes, there were so many tiring things. I didn’t even know I wanted to escape.
The maids and Anakin diligently woke me up. They forced me to take a walk in the garden. Leaning on Anakin, I was half out of my mind and walked around like a ghost. The Marquis had yet to return.
The imperial family sent someone to call me to the palace, but I continued to refuse under the pretext of being sick. It actually hurt. It was a psychological problem rather than physical.
Normally, they would have tried to take me by force under the pretext of an imperial order, but the chief servant looked at my face and quietly returned with a sad expression.
The doctor also came and went, but he couldn’t particularly fix me. He just prescribed a stronger sedative.
Even if I took sedatives, my heart kept beating. If couldn’t sleep, I looked at the ceiling. I breathed lightly while looking at the invisible ceiling pattern.
They said Helena came once. The maid said I was sleeping, so she didn’t wake me up, but she just stayed with me.
I knew she was nosy, but she was a very strange kid. You should study more with the time you come to meet me. Or go out and play.
If she becomes the crown princess soon, she wouldn’t even be able to do that.
Even the marquis contacted me. He called me to attend the Imperial Palace to testify. Of course! ignored it.
It wasn’t just that there was the crown prince
Just….. I didn’t want to do anything. Is burnout syndrome like this? I woke up, ate and fell asleep again.
Another week has passed since then. The empress sent someone to send me a letter. The message was that the marquis would be released soon, so be prepared.
I put the letter in the fireplace and stared blankly as it burned. It’s just… Overall, I was out of order. And didn’t feel motivated to fix it. It was so comfortable because I didn’t do anything.
Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever rested like this in Korea.
Because I’ve always been busy. I ran around during vacation to write even one more line on my resume After getting a job like that, I lived a busy life without spending my monthly leave properly. I used to live so hard.
By the way, when the marquis is released, I won’t be able to rest anymore. Oh, what should I do?
I haven’t been using my brain too much, so even if I tried to think a little, I heard a loud noise.
Right now…… when the marquis is released, I have to whisper to him to get a poisonous cup. Then I’ll give it to the empress…… I, I, I have to kill Helena…… executed…….
Wait. Before that, I have to turn her into a crown Princess, but what should I do to do that? How much more do I have left?
I felt nauseous. How much more do I have to squeeze out of myself? I pressed hard around my dark eyes. Let’s hang in there a little longer. There’s very little left.
As expected, I should go to the imperial family now. I should show my appearance to the emperor and nail Helena to the position of the crown princess. If it’s not now, there won’t be any time.
When I woke up after lying down for a long time, my head was pounding. Anakin caught me staggering.
I leaned against Anakin, I called the maid in and prepared to go out. She only brushed my hair without saying a word.
I didn’t wear any makeup anymore. I really liked it. The doll play was over, and ‘Lady Misérian’ was freed from all the bustle after going crazy.
Crazy women are forgiven even if they no longer show ‘courtesy’. It was so funny. I can’t believe I can be freed only when I’m crazy.
Dozens of eyes followed me. The servant chief guided me to the emperor’s office without a word.
There was no special greeting. This was because the marquis may have lost the marquis’ title, and I came here to give up the status of being the crown prince’s fiancée.
The emperor watched me silently.
He didn’t even tell me to sit down. He knocked on the desk a few times and quietly brought it up.
“You’re being quite clever. Are you doing this to break Alecto?”
“If I had wanted that, I wouldn’t have come here.”
“What you are doing right now”
“-Yes, I know. Of course I know.”
I cut off the Emperor’s words. I was too tired to have a trivial power fight. The emperor stared at me. But when he saw my expression, he soon sighed.
“What do you want?”
“I want to break up my engagement. It’s okay to get rid of the crime, but people’s doubts cannot be prevented. If you push ahead with this marriage, it will certainly be said to be a privilege among the nobles, Perhaps even the position of the imperial family will be shaken.”
“Do you see the imperial family being shaken by such a thing?”
“It’s going to make it shake. Almost all the commoners already know that the Marquis opened it. In the meantime, you’re holding hands with the Marquis. People will think it’s weird, right?”
I tilted my head and glanced at the emperor with my side eyes. I made up a suspicious tone with an innocent voice. Like a person in a play.
“Why does the imperial family, who hate demons so much, embrace the Marquis? Did you shed tears for the witch?”
At that, the emperor snorted at me.
“The witch?”
“The witch even opened the gate to ruin the empire. But the imperial family, deceived by the witch, tries to protect her….. Wouldn’t it spread widely because it is interesting?”
“It’s enough to call the high priest and prove it. It’s a scheme that is not even good for a third-rate writer.”
“If I’m not a witch, there’s no more reason to defend, is that right?”
I slowly moved onto the emperor. I didn’t necessarily erase the smile. I said it to be cheeky.
“If you weren’t misled by me, people would think this, Who’s the culprit if it’s not the Marquis? Who are you to keep interrogating the Marquis without making an announcement? If it’s not the Marquis, and if it’s not another nobleman…… Isn’t it the imperial family?”
The emperor’s face hardened frighteningly. Looking at his face, I noticed that the emperor already knew. The emperor was also stalling.
To find a way to not lose his beloved wife.
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