Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 68

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Episode 68
Each One’s Resentment
“How dare you…”
With one gesture, the emperor sent all the people around him out. We both knew that even if the story behind this was made known, it would be nothing good for each of us.
My weapon will be gone, and he will lose the empress. When everyone went out, I quietly asked the emperor.
“Break the marriage. Or I’ll let everyone know that Her Majesty is the real culprit. Are you going to execute her according to the national law?”
“There is no evidence. The culprit who opened the gate is dead.”
The emperor grinded his teeth. I covered my mouth slightly with my hands and folded my eyes to laugh.
“Do you really think there’s no evidence?”
The empress must have left at least one evidence on purpose. And she would have hidden it in a place only he knew. If he didn’t kill the marquis, she might have been willing to reveal everything and threaten to kill herself.
She said he would die from the poison I sent, but there was nowhere he could hide the evidence I had.
The emperor looked at my expression and gradually hardened his face. The weight was tilting. It was a battle that could never be won by those who had valuable things.
“It’s enough to kill you and ask about it.”
“Who do you think I heard this from? And I’m neither foolish nor naive enough to die alone.”
This was a half lie. In order to go back, Helena had to be killed, so I could not die at the hands of the emperor.
There is a stabilizing device called causality, but I wasn’t sure. Still, if the emperor wanted to kill me, even if it was unfair, I would release Kynthia and spread it to the people before I died.
“…Is it okay if the engagement is broken?”
In the end, it was the emperor who lowered his tail. smiled widely.
“Yes, please identify the Marquis as the culprit. That way there will be less talk afterwards.”
“Then your father dies.”
“I wonder if Your Majesty will spare his life as a token of appreciation for his achievements.”
“You’re a viper-like girl. You really resemble your father.”
It was funny to hear that the marquis and I are alike even though we don’t have any relationship. After laughing for a while, I bowed my legs slightly and greeted him with sarcasm.
“I’ll take that as a compliment.”
I was about to go out, but suddenly turned my head and told the emperor. Oh, I can’t forget this.
“And make Helena Antebellum the Crown Princess.”
“Antebellum? Isn’t that child a low-born?”
“It doesn’t matter. The moment she becomes the Crown Princess, she will be the most precious blood, Since the Her Majesty the Empress loved her as much as her daughter, I’m sure she’ll be more pleased than with any other ladies”
The emperor burst into laughter.
“That’s what you did too. Teaching and decorating her and sending her to the Crown Prince…….”
“How could I have recklessly dressed her up in the color of the royal family? It was possible because Her Majesty approved it.”
“It’s a pity. More than Antebellum, who can not do anything other than cry, the imperial family is the place where you, who are spirited, are more likely to survive.”
“It’s easy to survive…. everything.”
As soon as I opened the door, I was amazed by what heard. I sighed and corrected the emperor’s misunderstanding. No matter how tough Helena becomes, she will not survive in the imperial family,
“How can you say that there’s no one alive in this imperial family?”
I went out without looking back. I really hoped this would be the last meeting with the emperor.
As I was about to go back, the crown prince walked by from afar. My feet stopped as if they were frozen. My heart was tightening.
The crown prince also looked surprised to see me for a while. But what surprised me was that for a moment, he passed by as if nothing had happened. There was no feeling of guilt in the eyes that looked at me. It was just full of embarrassment.
I was dumbfounded and the corners of my mouth went up. How’s that possible? How can you be so okay? I’m having a hard time. I’m going crazy. Why are you okay?
I wanted to hold onto him. I wanted to slap him on the cheek like he did to me that day and swear that he was as bad as a beast. If you have a conscience, kneel down and beg me. Like that…… I was going to tell him. But suddenly, I remembered what the witch said.
– All the other people’ don’t remember. It wasn’t there in the first place. I don’t know if it will really benefit you or not.
Oh, it didn’t happen. My mouth slowly opened. All the memories and words from that night, being forced to commit a crime, became illusions.
I remembered it clearly……
It was still this clear. But I can’t ask him anymore because the sin never happened. There was a victim, but the perpetrator disappeared.
How can you do this? My jaw trembled when I clenched it. Who should I blame?
I leaned against the wall because I didn’t want to sit down even though my legs were weak. I closed my eyes.
As time went by, it would have been nice if my memory disappeared as well. If I hadn’t known anything…….
When I opened the door to the carriage, Anakin was waiting for me. It was not until I met his face that! burst into tears. I had no choice but to pour despair into his arms. The carriage ran fast. The sound of horseshoes concealed my crying.
“He’s the one who made a mistake. Why should I suffer? Why am I the only one suffering?”
“Argh! Argh! Argh!”
Anakin hugged me tightly. I know it’s not my fault. But now I have no one left to resent.
The marquis was back. He was hollow and thin.
From his physical condition, it seemed that there was no physical torture, but sometimes mental torture worked better than physical. He became ten years older in that short time.
As soon as he saw me meet him, he grinded his teeth, but he didn’t say anything because he cared about the eyes of his servants.
I chased after him without saying a word. When! followed the marquis into his office, he pushed me to the door, he brought his face closer and asked.
“Why did you go to the academy that day?”
“I wanted to see the fireworks. Are you suspecting me?”
“You’re not four years old, if so who are you!”
“It’s sad when someone who committed a lot of crimes says that……”
When I laughed, the marquis punched the wall next to me. I crookedly looked up at him.
“Why don’t you try hitting your daughter, who is rumored to be crazy, now? Then you’re done.”
“I’m already done, you stupid thing…..!”
The marquis moved away from my body.
He was thinking about something, hovering around the same spot. I lifted my body, leaning against the door, and asked faintly.
“Can you guess the culprit?”
“I don’t have to know……. If you hadn’t broken up with the imperial family……”
“Why? If I hadn’t broken up, do you think you’d be acquitted?”
To put it bluntly, the marquis had been ‘nearly acquitted as he thought. It was because I hit the player first before him and made a deal with the emperor, so it was canceled. There was no need to tell the truth. In order to urge the Marquis, it is necessary to create a virtual enemy. (PR/N: she struck first, and so she won.)
“Then think about it this way. Who will benefit from my breakup…”
As I whispered, the marquis’s expression hardened. Do you see any faces that come to mind? This might make the story easier. The marquis’ mouth twitched and spat out a single last name.
Seeing the shape of his mouth, my head turned quickly. I had read it in the book.
He was one of the imperial nobles who would later help Helena.
“The emperor tried to bring you down. The emperor knew you didn’t open the gate, but he condoned it to keep his strength in check.”
“His Majesty… No way.”
“Are you really sure? Has the Emperor never once betrayed you?”
I said it in a provocative way on purpose.
The marquis’ mouth was firmly closed by my words.
Once the doubt was planted, it would sprout and grow in him.
He will pull out all the memories of the past, contrast them and find questions. And he will create his own absurdity. It would soon become a plausible fiction that will replace reality.
Because the marquis needs an excuse.
“Was it the noble family of the Emperor faction that pushed my breakup? They knew that the Crown Prince loved Helena… so they must have secretly taught Helena. They were weaving the board under the water.” (Q/N: meaning, the ones who pulled the strings.)
The marquis’ pupils grew. I raised my voice to heighten my excitement. Because I had to make him my puppet and move him as I wanted.
“To make her the Crown Princess. If you make her a puppet, you’ll be able to regain power and take revenge!”
“……Why are you saying this to me? What do you want from me?”
The marquis scoured through my expression as if searching for my intentions. It was understandable to be suspicious. Because I’ve been hostile to him so far.
It was weirder for a suspicious human like the marquis to suddenly believe in me.
“Isn’t it too sad to lose everything like this? It’s not too
I whispered more tenderly on purpose.
Like, your enemy is not me.
“If Helena dies, won’t he have no choice but to use me as the Crown Princess again?”
The marquis trembled at the whisper. He crumpled his face a little and said.
“What does that mean? How can you become a Crown Princess again just because Antebellum dies?”
“Think about it. There’s no sense of compassion in society. Then should the Crown Prince be made into an old bachelor?
I didn’t go to many social gatherings, but I got a rough idea after going out twice to Young Lady Kazar’s party,
None of the aristocratic women of my age had a fiancé. We couldn’t wait for the girls who didn’t even go through the debutante ball yet because they were too young.
Young Lady Kazar has not yet been engaged, But when the Duke of Kazar was awarded the title of duke as a contributor to the founding of the country, he swore that he would not become an outcast of the imperial family.
Can the crown prince marry a princess from another country? It was impossible for him too. This was because, in the empire, there was no princess of marriageable age.
This ridiculous disaster occured when the author tried to give the probability of Helena, a lower maid, somehow marrying the crown prince.
In the original work, Helena was not reinstated as a nobleman for no reason. The marquis’ expression while listening to me shook for a moment. He asked in a locked voice.
“So what?”
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