Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 74

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Episode 74
What We Want (1)
When he finally made eye contact with Eris, Alecto noticed that it was all a nonsensical illusion. What was in her eyes was not excitement or relief, but clear despair and fear. She screamed as if she was facing a monster she should not have seen. She hated him, but never feared him.
“Get out before I kill you!”
Alecto was perplexed but tried to convince her. His mind quickly went back to calculating. The meeting between Alecto and Eris was always thoroughly calculated. There was an intention implied in every word and action.
Obviously, it was to scare him and get a head start.
Alecto interpreted Eris’ yelling like that. If it was ‘Eris’ from the past, the interpretation might not have been wrong.
However, when Alecto crumpled his forehead and grabbed Eris’ arm to calm her down, Eris shook wildly to escape his arms.
Ah, when he missed her in the meantime, her thin body twisted helplessly to the floor.
Her eyelids trembled as she coughed, as if she was about to run out of breath.
No, she might die. Die?
This child was going to die? Alecto asked blankly. He didn’t even think about that future.
“Why, why are you doing this….”
“Doctor! Call the royal doctor right now!”
“What’s wrong with her…”
Even though the interrogator called out to the royal court at the top of his voice, Alecto could not escape the shock. He barely convinced himself to leave.
However, Alecto had never imagined that Eris would die so fleetingly, even if she would leave.
Was this also an extension of the nightmare?
When the breakup was confirmed, he ran out to the empress’ palace after hearing from the royal attendant that she had entered the palace after a long time. This was because in the corner of his mind he was convinced that he would no longer be able to see that face unless it was now.
Again, Alecto was born and raised as a crown prince. That meant that as soon as he learned to walk, he had to learn self-defense techniques, learned cesarean as soon as he spoke for the first time, and always had to rationally doubt the intentions of the other person when dealing with someone.
“You…. have changed.”
It was an impulsive choice to spit this out.
“You love me.”
I love you.
That voice still stood out.
Then Eris, who was laughing like a crazy person, finally grabbed him and started an unbelievable story.
A nonsensical story that a girl who had dreamed of becoming his crown princess was not rewarded for her efforts, so she made a wish to make herself disappear from this world, it was a vain story created by using this.
“You know… Then who am I?”
Her eyes had changed one day. Was it because her love changed or because the person changed?
It was only after hearing that question that Alecto could finally understand. All those mysterious reasons were solved by drawing a single trajectory.
“You’re a different person? Lies. You’re lying. You really went crazy.”
Alecto’s hand trembled. He was confident that he knew Eris Misérian better than anyone else.
But when he looked back, he didn’t know anything about her. How did Eris laugh? He didn’t remember a single thing about how she spoke or what habits she had.
He couldn’t even picture the performance of Eris Misérian’. So he couldn’t even tell if the woman was lying.
– I wish you hadn’t been born.
All he remembered were the harsh words he said to her. Alecto held her hand again when the woman in front of him stood up and tried to leave. Eris, or the woman who was not Eris, shook her hand.
“If you’re not Eris, where is the child?”
“She’s dead. No, she’s gone forever rather than dead. You’ll never see her again.”
The woman forcefully said so. And Alecto instinctively knew that what the woman said was true. He lost strength in his hands.
Oh, he had lost something terribly lovely forever. He couldn’t believe that someone who loved him the most in the world had disappeared, so it hurt every time he breathed in as if his lungs were stabbed.
Although he didn’t have anything from the beginning, he had no immunity because it was the first time he had lost something he had.
“I can’t see her again?”
Alecto began to cry. No one comforted him this time.
It snowed for several days. My white breath was cold. The servants diligently heated the air in the house, but I opened the window like a tree frog and smelled the winter scent.
(PR/N: ‘tree frog’; a person who behaves erratically.)
I had been trying everything to see what were the tears’ the witch spoke about, but they were all in vain. It was neither my tears nor Anakin’s tears. wonder if it was Helena’s tears, but it was unlikely that one person would fulfill two conditions.
“Young lady…….”
“Ignore it. If they come tomorrow, at least pour some water on them.”
Jason and Hubris kept knocking on the door of the mansion. They came to see me, asking me to meet them, but I sent them all back because it would be tiring just to meet them.
As I wrinkled my brow in tiredness, the maid looked at me. She took a deep breath and added.
“At least if they catch a cold, they won’t come while they’re recovering.”
“Should I send all the invitations back?”
“…Yeah. I don’t plan on staying here for a while.”
Jason and Hubris were not the only ones who came to see me. Everyone wanted to meet me. To be exact, they want to see Eris fall, but…
That’s why I was intentionally stuck inside the house. If I die, I would be dead, would you like to see such a spectacle?
I still slept brokenly and woke up. I thought everything was okay now, but it was still the same. As I couldn’t sleep properly, I lost my appetite and became sensitive.
Suddenly, I couldn’t control my anger and nervousness, so I had a few people around me.
It was unfair. What did I do so wrong? Would it have been less painful if I called someone else without killing the crown prince? If I hadn’t gone to the imperial palace in the first place……. The question of if constantly bothered me.
What if I called someone else? Alecto was the crown prince of this country. It was also unclear whether the crown prince could be questioned for a crime just because he touched his fiancee.
……Was it fair for me to kill him? If individual retaliation could replace punishment, there would have been no need for laws to be made in the first place.
Funny. Alecto, who actually sinned against me, wouldn’t even have these worries.
No, it was not. Let’s not think about this.
I had definitely sinned too. Even if the person didn’t remember, it was true that I had blood on my hands even if time went by and it didn’t happen.
‘If I denied it, it would be contradictory for me to resent Alecto.
pressed down on my twitching forehead. Let’s not think about it. It was already in the past, and it was irreversible. Although the pain remained like a scar and bothered me, time would solve it all. Time, because all I had left was time.
Thinking so, I tried to forget the fact that I had to kill Helena myself.
… The imperial family announced yesterday that it would reinstate the status of the Antebellum family, which was executed for treason during the “Great Pursuit.”
According to the results of the re-investigation, which ended not long ago, it was found that the Antebellum family rather dissuaded former Crown Prince Letatio at the time of the ‘Great Pursuit.’
However, now that the Marquis Misérian broke the engagement of Lady Misérian on charges of treason, speculation was coming out that the imperial family’s unusual reinstatement is to promote Helena Antebellum, who was the crown prince’s favourite, as the new crown princess.
Reading the newspaper brought by the chief servant briefly contained the news that Helena’s status was reinstated. As suspected in the article, the crown prince couldn’t be married to a commoner, so it must be prepared in advance.
It was true that they were falsely accused, so there was no problem with being reinstated.
The marquis had been locked up in the room for the past few days and drank alcohol. Sometimes he went out and met people then came back. I didn’t know if it was going well, but he always came back with a stiff face.
I might be able to play with the marquis that had fallen down, but he must not want my help. No, maybe he wanted his money.
It was honor and power that Marquis Misérian was deprived of, not money. Of course, half of the family’s assets were seized, but the Misérian family had so
much wealth that it was comparable to the imperial family.
Perhaps even if the marquis played and ate for the rest of his life from now on, he would have enough property left to pass on to Eris.
Come to think of it, he was a man of extraordinary business skills. If he was born a merchant who was not interested in power, he would have been happier. It must have been more miserable because it was usually human nature to cover what one does not have.
Now that Helena had become a noble again, it was a long way to get married. According to the scheduled narrative, I had to hide in Helena’s honeymoon room on the day of her wedding, so time was flying.
While thinking about what to do, I thought it wouldn’t be bad to look for an ‘unread world’.
Come to think of it, while reading the novel, Eris’ mother never appeared.
There was no way that the Marquis of Misérian gave birth to Eris, so she definitely existed. Of course, I was busy dating, but I couldn’t even unravel the story of the villain’s family relationship, so I suddenly became curious.
What kind of person was Eris’ mother? Was she arrogant or sweet?
Would she look like Eris? Or wouldn’t she look like her? Until what age did she stay with Eris? Maybe she died immediately after giving birth to her?
I found a maid who was always by my side to solve that curiosity. When asked what kind of person her
mother was, she swallowed her breath for a moment She hesitated for a long time, looked around for a moment, and soon whispered with her mouth in my ear.
“Behind the master’s study, there’s another room.”
It was an unexpected answer. As far as I knew, the library of the Misérian family was located at the end of the mansion, so there would be no more rooms….. She blinked, grabbed my hand and spoke eagerly.
“You can’t get caught.”
….To that extent? I had an ominous feeling.
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