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Kill The Villainess - Chapter 75

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Episode 75
Quies Miséran
Important note: when Emma starts to tell the story of Eris Misérian’s mother, she says it from the perspective of her mother (Emma’s mother). Emma addressed Eris’ father as ‘Master, and Eris’ mother as Owner.
In the next chapter the perspective changes from Emma’s mother to Emma because at that time, Emma’s grown-up when Eris was born.
After dinner, I looked around and stepped into the study. The room, located at the end of the aisle on the first floor, was completely different from the family’s study I went to when studying writing.
Just in time, the marquis was away today as well,
When I turned the door knob of the study, there was a rattling sound, but it did not move. Looking at the tightly locked doorknob, 1 pondered for a moment Should I ask to have it opened? However, it bothered me that the maid whispered that I should not be caught.
Most of the attendants of this mansion were not mine, but the marquis’. If caught, there was a high possibility that they would stop me or confess it to him.
Even if I heard a sound later, I should go in and find out what he was hiding. I called Anakin a little.
“Anakin, I have to go over there. Don’t cut the whole thing. It’ll make a sound.”
He cut down the doorknob and opened the door according to my command. I called Anakin as entered the room.
“Keep watch here. When a servant comes, send him away.”
“What should I do if someone who is not a servant comes?”
“……. There is nothing we can do if the original owner of this room comes. Let him in. You don’t have to scratch it and make crumbs.” (PR/N: an idiom for making things worse/bigger by doing something that shouldn’t be done.)
Leaving Anakin, who bowed his head, behind, I took a step into the study. At first glance, it was an ordinary study…… It was definitely a little small. It felt like a wall was built in one room to divide it into two.
I approached the bookshelf, Tooked around and swept across.
The family tree of the Misérian family was placed among them, so I picked it up. I read it while flipping through.
I didn’t know the name of the marquis or the name of Eris mother, so I had to hope that Eris would be written on the family tree. And almost at the end of the page, Eris’ name came out.
The names of the two were written above Eris’ names. Carnival Axel, Quies Misérian. It was unlikely that the woman’s name would be ‘Carnival Axel’. Then it means that Eris’ mother was ‘Quies Misérian… Did that mean the Marquis of Misérian was a live-in son in-law?
When I turned the book over to the end, a letter was stuck in it. I opened the letter and hesitantly looked through the contents.
……She’s not interested in the family business, so I’m going to find a man who can continue the family business instead of her. I can find a partner from another powerful family, but he can’t ignore her just because she doesn’t do anything. It would be nice if could choose him as an ambitious and meticulous man from a fallen noble family…..
When I finished reading the letter, I noticed a book with exceptionally lesser dust. When I pulled the book slightly, the bookshelf opened with a click. Something white was shining beyond another cleverly hidden room.
I went inside as if possessed and looked. It was… a coffin. Like a scene from Snow White, a woman with black hair was asleep in the coffin.
Without having to read her name engraved on the side of the coffin, I could recognize who she was at a glance. Because she resembled Eris that much.
When I took my eyes off the coffin containing the body and looked around the room, it was full of things that looked like Quies Misérian’s items.
It felt as if he had moved everything related to her into this place. Then I heard someone’s urgent footsteps.
My body was roughly turned. I teased the marquis a lot, but I’ve never seen his face so angry. The marquis whose face was red and trembling, soon raised his hand and grabbed me by the wrist.
“You… disgusting. You know that, right?”
Catching my trembling arms, he pushed me out of the room. As the marquis tried to catch me again, Anakin, who approached, put the sword at the marquis’ neck.
“Let go. She is not one to be treated recklessly.”
“How dare you…… You don’t know your place and you shouldn’t talk to me!”
Anakin silently brought the sword closer to the marquis neck. Blood began to fall from the marquis’ neck. Only then did the marquis let go of my shoulders without saying a word as if he had calculated that he could not win.
I shook off my shoulders as if something dirty was on me and faced the marquis next to Anakin. Anakin still lifted up the sword.
I spoke quietly to the marquis.
“If you answer my question, I’ll shut up and forget about it.”
“Are you threatening me?”
“That’s right, I’m threatening you right now. I don’t think killing you here would make any difference.”
Blood began to pool under the marquis’ feet.
“Why did you have the body of Quies Misérian stuffed?”
“What do you mean stuffed? Watch your mouth…….! just did what she wanted.”
“She wanted it?”
“Yeah. She….. wanted to die beautifully.”
The marquis swallowed a painful groan once and added the words.
“I called it postpartum depression. But….. She originally had no lingering feelings about this world. Same for me, our daughter also wasn’t good enough to catch her interest.”
After saying those words, the marquis closed his mouth and looked at us. His eyes were telling me if I wanted to kill him, to kill him. However, despair was deeply cast on his determination. Somehow, my enthusiasm died down and I asked Anakin to pull down the sword.
We turned our backs to each other without saying a word. I was in Eris’ room, and he was…… he headed to the room where Quies Misérian was lying.
When I returned to the room, the maid was waiting for me inside, restless. She looked at my face and immediately collapsed as if her legs had no strength.
“Do you know how nervous I was when the Marquis came?”
“Sorry. I made you worry.”
“Don’t apologize. You don’t have to apologize to me, lady.”
I sat on the bed and looked down at the maid and asked.
“You said my mother died shortly after I was born, right?”
“The madam died by the time you were being breastfed.”
“…Did she get sick?”
The maid stuttered for a moment and said,
“Probably, yes. She was originally weak, but I heard she got worse after giving birth.”
Then why did the marquis say that? The marquis described Quies Misérian as if she had killed herself. The maid blinked slowly and added quietly.
“But even if you brought the master’s best physician, you wouldn’t have been able to cure an incurable disease. She didn’t have the will to get better.”
“My father said my mother had postpartum depression.”
“Postpartum depression? Well… My mother, who had been watching the owner since she was young, said, she was consistent until the day she died.”
“That story… Can it be more detailed?”
She was obviously hesitant, but then bit her lip. As is always the case with those who hesitate, the story started with ‘I don’t know the details.’
(Note: From this point on, Emma is telling the story from her mother’s perspective.)
The owner had been a docile and clumsy child since childhood. Children usually express their opinions through crying and laughter, right?
But the owner neither cried nor laughed. That’s why the lady’s grandmother and grandfather were worried a lot. (PR/N: lady’ as in Eris.)
Was the child not smart enough…? That was.
That was why they appointed a tutor a little earlier than others, but contrary to their worries, they were told that she was rather clever. If she was taught, she understood everything, so even if it was a daughter, they had no other successors, so it was enough to educate her as the head of the family.
But the owner wasn’t interested. So they were frustrated and asked the owner herself. What in the world do you want to be? We’ll support you no matter what you say. Do you know what the owner answered?
– Father, I don’t want to be anything. I’m not interested in anything, and I’m just tired of living. Do / have to do anything? Does a girl have to do anything?
My mother was across from the lady’s grandfather, so she clearly saw the expression at that time. She said, she never saw such a sad expression in her life. I would have done the same.
What parents wouldn’t be sad when their finely raised daughter acts like a person who was going to die right away?
The lady’s grandfather and grandmother said that anything would be fine, so they struggled to arouse the interest of the owner. They taught her instruments, raised animals and plants, and even taught her gambling by attaching a handsome and eloquent man.
But nothing caught the owner’s attention.
Getting married was the last choice. The reason was that if you have a family, give birth to children and raise them, you will have some fun in your life, Someone said that the owner was not interested in animals and plants, but they firmly believed that raising a child was a different thing.
Except for the imperial family, this family was the richest in the capital, so naturally hawks came and went until their feet were worn out. However, the grandfather wanted to bring in a live-in son-in-law, saying that a child who did nothing could be bullied if she went to someone else’s house. He also had to take over the Misérian family. (T/N: hawks is used as a metaphor with the noble men trying to get married to Quies Misérian so that they can feed on their wealth)
That’s how the marquis was chosen. He said he liked him because he was a man who was sincere and ambitious, but could not fulfill his desire due to his poor and powerless family. The owner’s parents said, they wouldn’t get involved in anything as long as he let the owner do nothing as she did until now.
The unfortunate thing was… the marquis fell in love with the owner. The marquis would have done anything for the owner, his wife, but the owner was
not happy with anything. Even though she didn’t refuse when he held the owner in his arms…… that didn’t mean permission. The master didn’t even feel the need to refuse.
The despair of the marquis who knew that……. was incredible. The marquis began to go outside. Drinking and gambling, of course, he even called a prostitute to his house. He was going to show it to the owner.
The owner didn’t change her expression even though she knew that the prostitute had taken over the bedroom. She just slept in the rest of the rooms. Because there were a lot of rooms.
T/rant: my guess is that Quies might be stranger?
Anyways, a detailed information on the new character name!:
Quies Misérian: mother of Eris Misérian and the owner of Misérian, she in particular from birth didn’t have interest in anything, no matter what her parents or the husband did for her. Not even the birth of Eris made her change and eventually died after giving birth to her.
Meaning of “Quies”: the word Quies is the root word of “Quiescent” which means “rest or quiet.”
Carnival Axel: Father of Eris Misérian, originally from a weak noble family, he fell in love with Quies Misérian, but sadly his love wasn’t reciprocated, he fell into depression and started to sleep with prostitutes and his obsession with making Eris sit on the highest seat is because, that is the only thing he couldn’t give to Quies, to get her interest in him.
Meaning of the name “Carnival”: There isn’t a special “meaning” to it as such but anyways this is what I gotan instance of merrymaking, feasting, or masquerading.
Meaning of “Axel”: Axel is a Scandinavian form of the Hebrew name Absalom. He has the incredible meaning of “my father is peace,”
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