Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 83

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Episode 83: Delusional Myth
He seemed to choke up when he saw me, his face became distorted, but he soon managed his facial expression again.
I ignored all the visits over and over again because I knew we would never meet again. We didn’t know what people were doing, and we became frustrated with each other. Still, I intentionally fixed my eyes on Alecto so as to not show it. Alecto asked Hubris.
“All the High Priests can see the soul of a person. Do you see it the same way?”
“Yes, Your Highness.”
The crown prince looked at me and spoke quietly.
“My ex-fiancée claims that she is not Eris Misérian. Is what she said true? Or did she eventually go crazy?”
Hubris looked at me when he said that.
For the high priest, he didn’t have to pause at all because the color of my soul was ‘seen,’ but he looked at me for a long time and smiled.
The more time he took, the more anxious I became.
No way. No way. I hoped my hunch would be wrong.
“I’m so sorry to hear that…….”
After finally opening his mouth, Hubris’ voice was completely submerged. The deep shadow on his face made him look like a stranger. He spoke in a low, gloomy voice.
“The person in front of me is Lady Misérian.”
“You crazy bastard! Don’t lie!”
I didn’t know it would come out like this because he said he would catch people. No matter how much you had been saying that you were going to save ‘me’, I didn’t know you would drive me crazy.
I, who was on the side of the bed, jumped out and grabbed Hubris by the neck.
The crown prince grabbed my waist and pulled me away from Hubris. I tried to get away from the crown prince, but there was a wide gap in power.
The crown prince closed my mouth which spat swear words at Hubris with his palm and asked. I put my teeth against his palm, but he didn’t even budge to see if he received many calluses.
“Can you swear to God that there is no lie in that word?”
“Yes, I can swear.”
Oh, yes. I completely forgot that Hubris had said he loved me. You call this revenge, right?
When I glared fiercely at Hubris, he simply lowered his eyes, as if he was treating a young girl from an aristocratic family. My body trembled with betrayal. It couldn’t be like this. It wasn’t like this.
“It may be presumptuous, but for a mad person, treatment should take precedence over punishment. Please have mercy.”
“Thank you, High Priest. I’ll take your opinion into account.”
On the subject of lying without his mouth salivating, Hubris took another step and gave an opinion to the crown prince.
Treatment, that was terrible. If I was unlucky, I would go to the worst situation I have ever thought of. I had cold sweat on my back.
The crown prince and Hubris went out, and the door was locked tightly again. I was gritting my teeth in anger, but I heard human footsteps again in the hallway.
I thought it was Anakin, so I approached the door without realizing it, but it was not the face I wanted to see.
“Why did you come back? You want to watch me go crazy and mad? Why did you lie even though you knew everything? Are you going to retaliate like this for refusing your heart?”
“At that time, didn’t you answer it yourself, ‘Lady Misérian? Since I remembered the answer back then, I just answered the same thing.”
The eyes of Hubris who finally met mine were black and dead, and my words stopped spontaneously at the horror. Hubris whispered to me darkly.
“From the day the lady rejected me, I searched all the materials in the Great Shrine. As I told the lady before, there was no way to get out of this world alive.”
“But I’ve seen literature that says that if a stranger ‘naturally dies’, then he or she will be reborn as a member of this world.”
As I stepped back terrified, Hubris smiled brightly. I got goosebumps and became distracted.
“Did you say that it can’t be accomplished because you’re trapped in my sister’s body in this life? Then I will gladly wait for the next life.”
“Are you going to look for me when I reincarnate? How are you going to recognize me?”
It didn’t make sense. If I was born again, even I wouldn’t remember myself, but how could he wait? When I snorted, Hubris whispered quietly.
“…The divine power is usually closely related to the previous life. This is because the divine power is not a physical realm, but the realm of the soul entirely. It is close to the water in a vessel called a human soul. The reason why the divine power is finite unlike magical power, is because, if the limit is exceeded, the vessel of the soul will be completely broken.”
“If it breaks, you can’t be reborn again. It’s a complete death…. The same goes for witches. They’re more like monsters than humans. They completely deviate from the orbit of life, so they can’t grow old, die or be reborn.”
Hubris closed his mouth for a moment and said as if he was organizing.
“Even if the owner of the vessel changes soul, the purpose may change, but the form does not change. In other words… I just want to say that I can see the color of the lady’s soul in the next life.”
“It’s crazy! Again… if I’m reborn, I’m no longer a stranger.”
“The color of the soul doesn’t change that easily. It’s deeper than the memory. There’s probably a little bit of purple left.”
Was it because I learned too much that I didn’t know at once? Or was it because I didn’t want to believe it? I was very confused. I didn’t want to hear anymore, but Hubris didn’t stop talking.
“Once upon a time, there was a princess. This princess had to save the world, and she knew the way, but unfortunately it was never possible in this life of the princess. How the princess, who had no idea when she was going to be reincarnated, would have left it. Is it the same? Neither paper nor stone can wear out or be destroyed.”
“I don’t know. Get lost.”
“I’m thinking of making a myth. With you and me coming out. Then it will be delivered to people. Find a lover with a purple soul……. I can leave that information. So that the reincarnated me can recognize it. There may be a little distortion, but isn’t every story different from the truth?”
He was completely out of his mind. I couldn’t think of any other words to express. I thought he was shit, but he was crazy. I was really tired, so I shook my head and whispered
“You’re crazy….”
“You’re the one who drove me crazy.”
“How dare you! Don’t try to put it on me. Your disgusting feelings are my fault? You just needed someone to sympathize with and save.”
When I looked with evil eyes, Hubris stared at me silently with bloodshot eyes. But soon he turned away from me without saying much and disappeared. It was not until I confirmed that he had left completely that I could sit on the floor.
What should I do? I tried to bluff, but if this continued, I might not be executed and die of old age. Even when I tried to use my brain, I couldn’t think of anything. My teeth just clattered with fear.
I kept wandering around the room and tried to come up with countermeasures. Originally, since Hubris returned, he had to save Helena to get it right.
But seeing Hubris obsessed with me in a weird way now, I thought Helena might not be able to revive.
The weather wasn’t hot yet, but Helena’s body might rot at this rate.
When my thoughts went crazy, my breathing became short. No. I couldn’t. How did this happen? Where did I go wrong?
Time, time. I had to drag this on. I needed something big to drag this on……. I suddenly remembered the empress.
Come to think of it, the emperor and the empress were scheduled to die from the teacup the marquis had gotten. My hands were sweaty. No matter how crazy you were, you would not be able to save the traitor’s daughter.
In order to do that, I have to meet the empress, but I was trapped in this small room, so there was no way to meet the empress. If Anakin was next to me at times like this, I would have conveyed my words through him.
Should I ask Medea for a favor? But I felt like she was going to refuse.
Indeed, I’ve been playing around with an universal key.
When I turned my head after a rattling sound, I noticed a young attendant.
(TL/N: I don’t know if the young attendant is a boy or girl, the author wrote it too vaguely.)
Maybe he came to put my meal down. It was a time when I traced my memory to a familiar face. Where, where did I see him?
“Stop there!”
“Yes, yes?”
I grabbed the child who was about to turn around. That child… he was a child who worked in the Empress’s Palace.
There was no reason for the Empress Palace’s child to come to this remote tower. It was clear that the empress sent him to me. The child looked around for a moment and came back to me with a pause.
“D, do you have anything to say?”
“Did your owner send you here?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about…….”
But the child hung close to the door and reached out to me. As I handed him my hand, he slowly wrote on the palm of my hand. The child said in a terrified voice.
“Let me go!”
There are ears that are listening. From now on, write on the palm, so the lady can answer with her hands.
“Come on, can’t you say the right thing?!”
Okay. I can’t take too long, so I’ll get to the point. Tell Her Majesty to use what I handed over.
“Please forgive me, Lady Misérian!”
Yes, I will say that.
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At the end, the child was pushed out of the door as if shoved by me and rolled on the floor. And he ran away as if he couldn’t bear it because he was scared.
I could breathe, I turned it around with this. When will the empress carry out the plan? It was not even estimated, but now I had no choice but to believe it.
The marquis ‘couldn’t’ or ‘wouldn’t’ come to me? I even brought the empress in to catch the marquis, but it would have been very difficult if he noticed a hint and fled abroad.
I thought the empress would be monitoring on her own even if I didn’t give her any notice.
I was terribly tired, physically, mentally, but somehow I couldn’t fall asleep. But even if I wasn’t sleepy, I had to force myself to sleep. This was because time went by too slowly if I didn’t sleep.
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