Novel Name : Kill The Villainess

Kill The Villainess - Chapter 85

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Episode 85: Save Me Not
* * *
No matter how rushed the preparations for the coronation ceremony were, since a person had died, the funeral must be held first.
The national funeral was held on a huge scale, but the progress was slower than expected. That was because the emperor and empress died at the same time and a joint funeral had to be held, so in that case, there was no precedent to see whether it conformed to the ‘law’.
I didn’t know if it was good or poisonous for me to spend time like this, but one thing was certain, it was poison for Helena.
It was a shame that she was pitiful, but if she couldn’t be revived like this, in the worst case, something that I wasn’t aware of could happen.
Like when I tried to commit suicide at first but failed. Because she was the main character of this novel.
It was time to take out the mirror, thinking that I should ask the witch if Helena might never wake up. I heard someone’s footsteps.
I hid the mirror again and turned my eyes towards the door.….
“Lady Misérian…….”
Yes, no wonder I couldn’t see him these days.
The migraine that started again made my head pound. Jason was looking at me with the momentum of breaking through the door. I hadn’t said a word yet, but I felt tired already.
“How did you get here?”
“Your face is very bad. Are you eating well?”
“No, I asked the wrong question. Why are you here?”
“Are you sick? The tower is quite high, and it’s cold.….”
Despite my cold question, Jason said gibberish, constantly looked at me and continued to ask questions. I felt it even in Hubris, but somehow he was not as sane. I couldn’t take it any longer and screamed.
“Hey, Sir Kazar! Don’t say nonsense. Get out of here!”
Then he stood close to the door and whispered in a desperate voice.
“Run away, Lady Miserian. Let’s run away.”
“If you cross the border, they won’t chase you. You can start anew there.”
“Let’s start….”
What was he talking about, crazy guy……. The curse filled up to the end of my throat and was hardly swallowed. Did he really think that I was going to participate in a night getaway?
Also, with him? It was better to be tortured by that interrogator than to elope with him.
To that extent, I didn’t trust Jason at all. However, people avoided poop because it was dirty, so I just shook my head because I didn’t want to scratch it for no reason.
“No, I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to stay here and pay for my sins.”
“You could die… You know.”
“Didn’t we already end this dreary conversation last time?”
I rubbed my tired face.
I couldn’t figure out why I had to convince others about my life and death.
Of course, my life was mine, but why were there so many people around me who didn’t understand this simple proposition?
“Okay. Running away with you? And what are you going to do? Can you let me go? No? You’re going to stay with me, saying things like you’re worried or it’s dangerous.”
“I, Lady Misérian…….”
“Are you sure that you won’t touch a single hair on my body for the rest of my life, or rather, you won’t beg me for my heart?”
Before Jason could even open his mouth, I declared.
“You can’t do that. Even if it’s okay for now, over time, you’ll cling to me and ask me to look at you, saying you’ve done this for me, and you want to be rewarded.”
It wasn’t Jason’s fault. It was just a universal trait that humans had. People want to be rewarded as much as they have given. It was a truth that humans had learned since they first began trading.
There might be differences in the reactions seen when expectations were broken. Some would be angry, and others would give up. There were people who wanted to adjust, and there were people who wanted to deceive. And Jason……  There was no reaction whatsoever.
“Alecto too… The escort knight next to you…… can live long enough without you.”
Instead, he paused and muttered in a terribly trembling voice. He was very weak and miserable, not like the strongest man in the world.
“I can’t live without you.”
Jason….. begged me. He was begging for love. It wasn’t a plea to be his. Rather, it was the opposite. There was no use, it was closer to a desperate plea from a person who wanted to be dependent on someone.
“I need you…… Please.”
“You can use me, use me and….. throw me away, but please.”
Could such a miserable and one-sided thing be called love?
Oh, yes. Maybe it was love. But,
“I can’t take responsibility for you, Jason Kazar.”
Even if it was love, I didn’t have an obligation to accept him.
“So go back. Don’t try to save me.”
I shouted to make Jason go, who was not going to leave. Because I thought that someone guarding this place would hear my voice and come, and naturally Jason would have no choice but to run away. But he didn’t run away.
“What’s wrong with you! Who’s there!”
“A stranger in front of the door…….”
It was before the words were even finished. Ugh! The guard shouted in agony. Gasp, I swallowed my breath.
The shadow on the wall clearly showed Jason cutting down and killing all the running guards. When the scream was finally over, Jason approached me, covered in blood.
As I backed away with a look of fear, he wiped the blood with his sleeve with a bitter smile. But rather than wiping it, it just spread. He said in a low voice.
“…..There must be something going on. You… I’m sure.”
He left those words and disappeared. I took out the mirror in my pocket that I was holding tightly and finally called out the face I was desperate for right now.
“Medea, something is wrong.”
When Medea finally appeared in the mirror, I asked her desperately. What happens when a body comes back to life? Medea said slowly, cleaning under her fingernails.
“People can’t come back to life. That’s why we turned back time, right? When you killed the crown prince.”
“Even if the high priest saves me?”
Medea raised one eyebrow.
It was like a sign that she was interested. I had an ominous feeling. She finally reversed her words with a smile around her mouth.
“Oh, then it’s a different story.”
“Does that mean I’m going to come back to life? You’re lying!”
“As I said. Divine power and magic are completely different kinds. Magic does not have an absolute advantage. Magic can do things that divine power cannot, and there are things that magic cannot do, but divine power can.”
But somehow, Medea seemed very upset about that fact.  She paused her words for a moment, and the witch, who was holding her breath as if to quench her anger, continued her explanation shortly after.
“The divine power, as the name suggests, is a power that is related to God, and it is accumulated in the soul as humans repeat reincarnation. Since God has the power of creation and life, isn’t that the way for divine power too?”
“Wait. You said God and divinity have rules and must follow them. Isn’t it against the rules to revive the dead?”
“That’s right. ‘Reviving’ the dead is a violation of the rules. But what if you ‘reconstruct’ the body that is perfectly the same as the body of the dead? What if you make the same organs or blood as the dead organ and exchange it? What do you think will happen?”
“Human… can a human do such a thing?”
I breathed once. Humans… To ‘create’ another human body? Was that possible? How could that be a human being?
Even though it was in this world, I felt like all the knowledge I knew was being destroyed. My hands trembled and Medea seemed to be shaking.
“It’s going to take a lot of energy. If you’re unlucky, you might die because you run out of energy. But… Yes. I wouldn’t say it’s completely impossible.”
“What if…… if I come back to life?”
“In the first place, the soul that fits the soul of the body was sucked in, so if you really ‘revive’, you can come back into the body.”
“Even if I’m in a different world?”
“Even if you are in a different world. For your information, if you come back that way, your soul will be bound to this world and it will never let you go again.”
I lost my breath. I buried my face in my hands and breathed heavily. How long has it been, I barely cleared my voice and asked the witch.
“…..What should I do then?”
“It’s surprisingly simple. It’s a permanent and complete destruction of a corpse that can’t even be saved by swapping it with divine power.”
“Then you’re going to destroy me after I die?”
Then Medea looked surprised and waved her hand as if it was ridiculous and burst into laughter.
“Oh my God, wasn’t the contract ‘returning you to the original world’? It didn’t include ‘preventing you from coming back’.”
“You’re so cheap! Are you going to be like this?”
“Then do you want to sign a new contract with me?”
Medea narrowed her eyes.
“I warn you, after hearing what I’m going to ask you, will you say you’d rather be reborn here?”
After saying that, the witch gave me a mean smile. Then a person’s face suddenly came to mind as I was trying to ask how to destroy my body.
Anakin. Anakin was good at erasing traces, so after I died, he would be able to come in to destroy my corpse.
……I thought it was impossible, but there was no other way.  Above all, now was not the time to be immersed in sentimentality, even when the death penalty was unclear. Let’s think. To have Anakin destroy my corpse, I had to be executed.
“Medea, send Anakin and Kynthia here.”
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“Well, wouldn’t you rather leave? There’s the concern that this might be heard by someone.”
“Is that possible?”
“Try your best to get out of there to where a mirror is. I’ll take care of the rest on my own.”
Medea left that remark and disappeared.
I looked at the toilet in the room and rubbed my face. What the hell do you want me to do….
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