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Kill The Villainess - Chapter 90

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Episode 90: It Wasn’t Goodbye, It’s See You Later
Between the soul and the body, any witch, subject of use, or priest, would value the soul side.
In the first place, that was attributed to the premise of reincarnation. Even if their memories disappeared, if the souls remained intact, they could be reborn.
The same was true of the witches who could not be born again. For them who transcended everything, the disruption of the body had no meaning.
As long as the soul was not damaged, it was enough to restore the body again. That was why ordinary people often thought of the soul as ‘the kernel’ and the body as ‘the shell.’
However, when a soul crossed the world, all standards originated from the body.
Firstly, even if the soul passed over, if there was no vessel to contain the soul, it couldn’t be alive. Secondly, from the body’s perspective, the material for the ‘gate’ through which the soul passed through the body must have been found.
If the gate asked for ‘the most loved one’, the soul that entered the body had to offer the one loved the most by the original owner of the body, not the one they loved the most.
The reason why this happened was because the stranger who first crossed the world deceived God and won.
The stranger asked God to do his favour because he would save the world as he wanted, and God allowed it on the condition that he would save the world.
As promised, the stranger who saved the world refused all the fantastic gifts from God and asked to return to his world.
God, whose gift was rejected, was grumpy and demanded that he sacrificed what he valued most if he wanted to return to his world.
However, God made one mistake, he did not decide whether it was the most precious thing of the ‘body’ or the most precious thing of the ‘soul’.
The stranger killed the horse that the owner of the body he had possessed, valued most and fulfilled the conditions. Later, God realised his mistake. But he could not reverse his promise, so he had to let the stranger go.
“It took two people’s understanding for her to cross the world. The understanding of the person who loved her and the understanding of the person she hated.”
In other words, in order to cross the door, the person whom ‘Eris Miserian’ hated, and the person who loved ‘Eris’ needed to understand. Anakin suddenly recalled when he had shed tears.
“Are you talking about my tears?”
“Oh, my. What you loved was the stranger, not ‘Eris’. I’m sorry, but your tears were not conditions, but a price. Did you forget? She hasn’t paid me yet. I needed tears from someone who was purely delighted.”
Medea recalled something, sweeping her lips with her fingers.
“She left without knowing that someone she had never expected had already shed tears for ‘Eris’. Poor Emma. By now, she might have been crying until the snow melted down.”
After speaking, Medea reached out her hand to the sky in an elegant and exaggerated tone, as if in a play. She whispered as if reciting a verse from a play. At that moment, even though it was a basement, he had the illusion that light was pouring in.
“May you be forgiven for inserting a knife into a hateful person. Even if you are separated from the one you love forever, may they understand your choice. So that when we finish the play of life, we may be applauded by everyone. “
Medea turned gracefully to greet him, and her skirt fluttered. She put her hand on Anakin’s forehead, who was slowly dying. Then she continued to talk. She didn’t seem to care much about whether he could hear it or not.
“Because you were born and raised here, the way for you to cross the world is completely different from the way the stranger returned. In fact it’s actually harder. The most powerful women in the world; the strongest woman, the most influential woman….. You need the power of the three.”
Medea closed her eyes, but the world was as bright as day.
“You’re so lucky, baby. You’ve already met all three of them, and you’ve earned them a favour.”
* * *
I woke up from my dream with a seizure. My friend said she didn’t wake me up because she thought I was sleeping, but she said something felt wrong and when she looked it up, I wasn’t breathing. She was shaking me awake because she thought I had sleep apnea, but I woke up when she was about to call 911.
(PR/N: sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterised by temporary stopping or irregular breathing during sleep.)
I pushed my friend away and ran into the bathroom to check my face. It looked like this. My face used to look like this.
When I washed my face with cold water, my friend was looking at me with a puzzled face. Are you sure you are okay? I struggled to smile at the question.
I looked at the watch and saw that four hours had passed. There was a saying that even if you lived your whole life in a dream, it was only a moment when you woke up, but it hadn’t hit me yet.
I stared blankly at the romance fantasy novel next to me. Come to think of it, it took about four hours to finish reading that novel.
Was it all a dream that I went through after reading a novel? In vain, I grabbed and opened my empty hands. I could still vividly remember my life there.
My return meant that Anakin had done what I asked from him.
Anakin, what happened to Helena?
My head was dizzy from worries.
* * *
A few days have passed. I was achieving things that I had decided to do in this world one by one. I wanted to quit my job right away, but I ended up working a little more due to the issues of takeover.
These days, I paid attention to holiday packages on the internet every day with the intention of travelling abroad when I received the severance pay.
I couldn’t sleep deeply and woke up from my dream because my throat was being cut off over and over again. In the end, I had been regularly visiting a neuropsychiatrist for a while.
I couldn’t tell them everything, but I think I was getting a little better after taking medicine steadily.
I also went to my parents. I went and drank a cup and took the energy to confess my upset and disappointment.
My parents comforted me, but it didn’t mean that they understood me. I think that was…… It was no different from comforting for a moment before the word ‘endure it’ came out.
They haven’t changed. I decided to understand that there were things in the world that couldn’t be achieved only by effort.
I often cried. Sometimes I wanted to call the publishing company and ask them to change the writer, and then ask the writer why he wrote it like that.
I haven’t been able to find the publisher’s phone number yet, because a thread of reason stopped me saying it was the truth.
As I walked down the street, I stopped and looked at people’s faces. Perhaps Anakin came after me.
After spending time standing there for a long time, I went back the way I had walked with not even tears in my eyes, feeling only the fact that I would never see him again.
I didn’t look at my cell phone anymore. Even when walking on the street, even when I was on public transportation, I was busy checking the faces of people who were waiting for the crosswalk signal.
Just in case, just in case. I kept catching myself. I looked forward to it every day and was disappointed every day.
Have you not crossed the world? Was it impossible even if you dedicated your life to it?
It might have been my delusion. Maybe it was just a midsummer night’s dream. Even if he said that he had crossed the world, how would he recognize me, whose appearance and voice have changed? In this vast land, in the midst of so many people.
It started again. As I began to cry, people passing by glanced at me. While I was at it, I wanted to sit down and cry, but I stepped out of the way because I thought it would interfere with the traffic because I was in the middle of the road. To make matters worse, I felt a drop of water on the top of my head.
What had fallen drop by drop soon turned into a shower and soaked me. I thought it was better, so I stopped wiping my tears and was walking with tears as much as I wanted.
A man with an umbrella walked from across the narrow street. I habitually looked at the man in the face. And finally.
Everything had changed, but somehow I was strangely convinced. I had always been confident that I would be able to recognize him at first sight if I met him.
Honestly, I didn’t know why my groundless confidence had sprung up so much. People usually called it fate.
The man looked at me reflexively at my question. He tilted his umbrella towards me to block the rain, and soon smiled. His shoulders and eyes were getting wet.
In this situation, kisses were cliché, but there must have been a reason why cliché things in this world were loved.
Like the dazzling ending of a play, movie and story, we kissed. Then we never broke up again.
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—The End—
Jasmine’s Note: Oh my god, it’s my second novel to be completed! I want to thank one of my favourite PR, Dea, and QC, AME thank you so much for your speedy work, if not for her, I wouldn’t have been able to post the chapters constantly, second, I would like to thank all my readers who were there with me in my journey to translate this beautiful novel, loved, cried, cursed ?, with me. Thank you so much for loving Eris, Anakin and everyone in the novel. Now that we are here, can we give a big shout out to Emma? ??
Dea’s Note: No because for real, I needed a second to remember who Emma was haha, you go Emma, the hero we didn’t know we needed. Thank you so much Jas for translating this novel and congrats on completing it! It’s one of the best ones I’ve read so far, it’s so realistic, frustrating and sad, but also heartwarming and cute at times. It was truly an experience going on this journey with those characters. Thank you Ame for having my back and making sense of the odd confusing sentences and thank you to everyone who read it, hope you enjoyed it!! ^^
Ame’s Note: Actually, sorry Anakin, I kinda like you but in my opinion, the women are the best characters in this novel – Eris, Helena, Medea, Emma, the Empress… I am very relieved that I named one of the chapters ‘Emma’ :”) If I didn’t, it would be such a disservice to that lovely woman who quietly supported and rooted for Eris from the side. Much thanks to Jasmine for translating this novel, and Limu and Dea for proofreading this. Completing these 90 chapters in such a short time (6 months!) could never be done without everyone’s efforts and time :sparkles: Thank you all for reading this, see you again in the side stories!
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