Novel Name : Stone Thrown into the Lake

Stone Thrown into the Lake - Chapter 2

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The first day she met her brother was the day Yvor Adela got her life. She remembered every emotion of the day. How can there be such a lovely life in the world? How could she not love?
The little one called her that way. He held her with that little hand as he swerved like an inorganic matter being transferred to the hands of others. With his reddened cheeks, his fluttering pure eyes looked up.
Only this child found a living person in her. She was seen as family and blood, and not as a diary or treasure chest.
Only at that moment that she knew that even she could be a person. She knew she could be someone’s family. She knew she had a family too.
The ten-year-old young girl became alive at the moment. That moment made her live.The voice that called her. The small hand that touched her carefully. The warmth in his eyes like a grape egg as he looked up at her.
Finally, he made her aware of the loneliness, and at the same time ended it. Ever since that day, Yvor had not been lonely. Loneliness was feeling alone. She wasn’t alone. She had a brother whom she loved and who loved her.
So she would do anything. For her brother, for her, and for her family. It was alright to be held in the arms of a king who had a son older than her and to be in pain. The pain would be forgotten by closing your eyes.
Her love, loyalty, future, and life were all for Duran Craig Salzmia.
Clink! There was a loud noise. As she sang, she opened her eyes as if she were waking up from a dream from the fierce sound of iron. The guard who threw a chair at the iron bar was staring at Yvor, breathing hard.
“You have no future! You’re a witch that should be torn to pieces!”
Yvor looked up at the screaming guard with eyes that were so indifferent, even from seeing the chair roll on the floor.
“You’re dead! You’re dead tomorrow! You’ll die in the most miserable way!”
She knew too.
“Your name will remain a witch forever! It was a stain on your family, the worst prostitute in this country, the witch who caught and killed so many people and drank their blood. What’s the point of singing, what are you?”
I knew that too. Did they not plan and act to make it happen?
“Your soul won’t be accepted even in Hell!”
Yvor laughed.
“That was my wish.”
The words of curses that the guard uttered were like words of praise to her.
Everyone thought so. My dear Duran will recognize me. What this sister did to make Salzmia’s name stand out, what people called the misdeeds of a whore, and how much those who died in her hands deserved to die.
And her soul will never go anywhere in heaven or hell, but will be by her beloved brother forever.
“Crazy bitch!”
The guard, tired of her spirit, uttered abusive language. Yvor, who had become accustomed in hearing such vulgar words over the past few days, still laughed. The guard clenched his teeth. Then he would do something so that you lose that smile. He picked up the key to the prison. The rustling sounded ugly. But at that moment, the door opened.
“Why is the prison so noisy?”
The candle light on the wall casted a dim light on the person who entered the prison. Yvor realized first before the guard knew whose voice it belonged to.
The dark shades that covered over his reddish blonde and purple eyes did not stop her from recognizing him. Like a dog recognizing its owner or a mother that recognized her child, he was her only one.
“Duran, Duran Craig, my Deu.”
She whispered like a breeze on a spring day.
“What were you doing?”
Duran said to the guard. He had a dry voice that was perfect for a stone prison. The guard came to his senses. What was he doing?  That was right. He must have been out of his mind for a while. What the hell were you trying to do? Duran shook his hand when he tried to take out an excuse because it was all the witch’s fault.
“Get out. I have something to say to the sinner.”
The guard withdrew with a grim face. Seeing Duran approach the bars with heavy steps, Yvor quickly stood up and walked in front of the bars. It was the face of Her younger brother after a full year without seeing it. On the day he took over the palace, neither she nor he had the time to see each other’s faces as they were too busy.
“Let me see your face, Deu. My beloved brother.”
How have you been? Are you hurt? This sister……. Yvor reached out to Duran, who took a step forward and stopped. The light shone on the white hand without any accessories.
Duran was wearing a shadow like a hat, just as she wore light as an accessory. So his face was invisible, but she believed. That he was as happy and glad as she was.
Yes, only her brother would know. Everything. How much she loved him. She truly believed so. So when her hand was thrown out, she couldn’t even figure out what had happened.
◇ ◆ ◇
Yvor called. It was a voice that wondered what had happened. Duran took a step aside. The light on the wall illuminated him. It was only then that Yvor finally saw his face. It was a face that’s heavily distorted.
“Is your life a waste?”
Duran said mercilessly
“Are you going to hang on to your half-brother who’s been despising you for the rest of your life?”
Yvor was still ignorant. she couldn’t figure out what this was about or why he asked such a question. She couldn’t even understand the meaning of the question. The painful, resentful, and repulsive scratching voice fell apart from each syllable and knocked on her head.
“Yvor Adela, since when did you call me that!”
Duran roared. Ivor was startled and reached out again. But the hand was dropped again this time. The back of her hand was burning with a stinging sensation. She looked at Duran as if she was clinging on without even thinking about her injured hand.
“Deu, what’s wrong?”
You’re here, aren’t you? My Deu. Today was a happy day, why are you frowning so much…
Her younger brother, who never stopped loving her and understood her thoughts, cut her off at once like a sharply forged knife.
“I’ve never hated you more than this moment. I’ve been unhappy all my life because of you.”
Yvor Adela couldn’t understand what she just heard.
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