Novel Name : Stone Thrown into the Lake

Stone Thrown into the Lake - Chapter 8

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Chapter 8
“Your Majesty, The King is asking for you again.”
The second son of Dunmel, Knight Ziark, said to the empty garden. Ziark sighed because it was funny to see himself talking to a tree, even though he was not a forest knight or a fairy in a story.
“Prince. Prince? I know you are here.”
“Can you come out before we burn the tree?”
The situation in which he threatened to do something that could not be done was also funny. After a while, a hand popped out from among the trees.
“If you burn the tree here, you’ll be involved in treason, so there’s nothing I can do.”
It was a sleepy voice. His hands slid through the branches, and finally Sidis showed his face. It wasn’t good to see his green eyes, which were brighter than the leaves of the royal palace garden, full of sleep. Ziark sighed and clicked his tongue.
“Your Majesty has passed this way only once or twice. If you don’t want to get married, are you going to live alone for the rest of your life?”
Duke Sidis Murka responded dryly and jumped down the tree. He always sleeps there. Ziark sarcastically held out his coat to him, but Sidis stretched out his body instead of accepting it.
“You have to think about marriage. Women are good; They are soft, smell good, and if you treat them well, they will stay overnight…”
“If you do more, you will be punished Ziark Dunmel.”
Ziark sighed again. From his point of view, Sidis was a master who acted strangely and ruthlessly. The innocent attitude of acting like a friend was sincere, as was the attitude of wanting to cut others with a knife.
“She is someone you don’t know.”
“It would be a thorough pleasure to continue to not know.”
Then, Sidis smiled.
“Look, what can I do when I see her? No matter who I have in mind, it’s not my job to decide on who the bride is.”
Ziark bit his tongue, a royal marriage was just like that. It was more important to be the next queen of a kingdom than to be the wife of a prince.
However, if you bring up the words that you should play around with this opportunity, you will really be punished.
Instead, Ziark recalled a topic that has been gossiped about these days in the Dunmel family. As Sidis said, it was legally the king’s job to determine the princess. In reality, the interests of the king and high-ranking nobles were intertwined.
There were no girls of the right age in the Dunmel family, so they took a step back and weighed the profits of backing another family, but that was a recent conversation.
“It seems like it is going to be decided soon.”
“Well, I am waiting impatiently.”
He was saying that, but Sidis’ eyes didn’t change. His green eyes remained relaxed. It was the leisure of a person who was given everything before he even knew what his desire was.
He had nothing like obsession, regret, or desire. Just as the forest silently swallows whatever walks into it, and then spit it out without holding onto it. Even if winter comes for a while, the trees will soon sprout and will quietly become green again. Unless there is a fire and the forest is burnt down.
Seeing the always lukewarm Sidis, it was hard to imagine that such a thing would happen. Ziark sighed again and chased after Sidis, who was entering a deeper part of the garden, leaving behind the noisy party venue.
◇ ◆ ◇
Yvor, who had served five drinks in front of Duran, held her hands together and waited for him to speak.
The boy took a deep breath and took a cup in his hand. His sister acted like a person who wanted him to put on weight and roll around. Duran, who had never been so full in all of his fifteen years, was worried that his stomach might burst for the first time in his life.
“Which one do you like the most?”
Speaking of Yvor, she really wanted to fatten up Duran. It was not that she wanted him to roll around, but due to the irregular diet and insufficient nutrition, every time Duran’s fingers or wrists came into her notice, her heart ached so much that her chest felt like it was ripping apart.
“…That one.”
Duran pointed to the leftmost cup with his chin. It had a slightly bitter taste compared to others. Yvor poured another cup of tea with a happy expression on her face.
Duran, who had chosen the tea purely because of the sweet taste of the baked apple cake he had eaten earlier, frowned. Yvor opened her eyes in amazement.
She asked impatiently, “Where does it hurt? Is your seat uncomfortable? Oh, would you like some refreshments to go with the tea?”
“…I’m full.”
No matter how much he experiences it, it feels strange for someone to be surprised and worried about every gesture he makes. It was unfamiliar to him and he didn’t know what to call the feeling in his heart, it was like finding a field after a famine.
Yvor carefully stretched out her hand. If he stays silent too long, her hand will touch his as if she were touching a fragile treasure. He was worried that it was poison. Something toxic that even if you don’t eat, you’ll die. If left as is, it’s a poison that he’ll not be able to live without.
What would happen if she suddenly disappeared one day? Not wanting to think about it, Duran gulped down the tea she had poured. Yvor relaxed her body as if she were relieved.
As soon as he thumped down the cup, she poured tea again. Duran drank the tea quietly, and Yvor filled his cup again. Duran slowly grabbed the cup.
[Editor: Boy is going to need to pee REALLY badly soon.]
Yvor Adela was happy. Even though the mistakes she had made still held her back, and she wanted to dig her eyes out because she could see things that cannot be healed. But she was happy that Duran was in front of her now. He was willing to drink the tea she gave him, she was happy to be able to touch him just by reaching out her hand. She was blessed to be able to tell him that she loved him.
“Dew, so…”
“Don’t do it.”
Duran answered immediately. Aside from Yvor’s happiness, the boy was so ashamed and embarrassed that his sister said she loved him about once an hour. He felt like he wanted to run away.
Her whispered ‘I love yous’ sounded like she was pouring sugar on him, honeying him, and powdering him with stars. It was too much for a boy who had never been treated with any form of affection, at least it was too much for now.
It was not a drizzle, it was a heavy downpour, and the rain seemed to pass through the sweet and looked like a flood. Every time he heard those words, his heart trembled. He felt frustrated as if something was sitting in his stomach, and his face was hot, as if his blood was on fire.
Just as Duran did not know about Ivor’s happiness, Ivor did not know about Duran’s embarrassment, and was a little confused.
‘What should I do?’
After much thought, she gently grabbed Duran’s hand, and it was warm again. She felt happy again, so happy that even her joy was saddened.
She wished she could give him all her bliss. She wished she could take away all of his misfortunes. If she can give him all the good things she has, and she can receive all the hard things he has.
Then she would be the happiest woman on earth.
A blushing Duran looked at Yvor’s hand, which was over his own. The touch on the back of his hand was so soft that he felt like his body was stiff in comparison. With great care, she stroked his hand. She was constantly whispering that he was precious.
“…It’s uncomfortable,” said Duran with much difficulty. It was awkward, uncomfortable, and he didn’t like it, so he was stiff. No one had ever loved him, and he was afraid of being touched harshly. Never before had such a careful hand touched him. It had never happened, even once, so he didn’t know how to respond.
Yvor took her hand away with regret.
‘I have to learn,’ she thought. This was the only way she knew how to express her affection.
What she can do, and what she needs to do.
She had to learn everything she could.
◇ ◆ ◇
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