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Secretly The Billionaire Boss By Debbie Chocolate Chapter 83

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 83: His identity “What the fuck are you doing, Smith?” Avery yelled suddenly, in fright. She
knew who Don was because she had encountered him before. That day, it was Chris that rescued her.
&#lt;p&#gt;There was no way Grey would be able to escape it. That aside, Grey might know some things like
dodging and punching but Don was great in martial arts. Avery feared Don might even kill Grey in the
process. “Trying to teach him a lesson,” Smith smirked in response. Avery couldn’t stop the hard
beating of her heart as she hurried to Chris. “Please, stop Don. Don’t let him kill Grey,” she might not
love Grey but she didn’t want him to die.
&#lt;p&#gt;Chris sighed. “You and I know Don,” he looked over at Avery. “There’s nothing that can stop him if he
sets his mind to something and he’s really popular around here, anything can happen to whoever tries
to stop him, except for Hercules anyways,” he smiled faintly.” Only Hercules can stop him.” Avery
raised skeptical brows.” Hercules? Why him?”
&#lt;p&#gt;Chris regarded her for a moment. “You don’t know that Hercules is the head of one of the mafia groups
in New York and Italy?”
&#lt;p&#gt;Avery’s eyes almost bulged out in surprise.” And Don is a mafia?” She looked over at Grey and
wondered what was really going to happen to him. Don looked at Smith. “Wait a moment, who were
you referring to?” His voice shook with a slight tremor.” Who is your son-in-law?” ” Live-in son-in-law,”
Smith corrected with a smug face. “And that’s him!” He gestured at Grey again.
&#lt;p&#gt;Don looked over at Grey, with fright. No one noticed the expression on his face except Caramel who
had moved a bit closer now to get what was really happening. She was held hostage once and Grey
rescued her. Somehow, she couldn’t stop thinking there was more to it and Grey was hiding something
big froin her. When Don’s gaze locked with Grey, he slowly shook his head so that Don wouldn’t start
treating him as Hercules. That was risky. Don nodded slightly, understanding what Grey meant. He
turned towards Smith and slapped him across the face.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;The slap was so hard that Smith hit his back against the car.
&#lt;p&#gt;Don rushed to him and pulled him by the collar. “What the fuck are you doing? Did you think I’m some
criminal!” He yelled at him.
&#lt;p&#gt;Smith blinked once, as he felt the sting of the slap.” What’s happening? I thought we’d discussed this
and you assured me that nothing would happen?”
&#lt;p&#gt;Don squeezed his clothes even harder.” Shut up! Do you know what you have just done?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Should we attack him, Boss,” One of the men asked.
&#lt;p&#gt;Don turned towards them with anger pouring out of his eyes. “If you dare do it, you will die!” He yelled
that everyone around wondered what was really happening Grey, seeing this, used the opportunity to
leave. He walked past them while the men only moved back in fear.
&#lt;p&#gt;He spared Smith a last glance before he entered his car and drove off. Caramel followed him quickly
while Avery couldn’t help but stared in shock at the incident before her.
&#lt;p&#gt;Others were also surprised. What could have made Don slap Smith instead of Grey? They knew
something was wrong but they had no idea what that was. “What have you done?” Don muttered.
Smith stared, confused. “Treated the fuck! You were supposed to treat Grey a great lesson but you let
him escape. He’s nothing but a useless son-in-law.” Don punched him in the face and finally let him go.
” You will not make a criminal out of me!” He yelled in annoyed, as if he wasn’t used to beating people
up for money. But when it came to Grey, he was trying to look for excuses to back up his actions. Smith
coughed blood and looked up at him again. “What the fuck are you saying? Aren’t you a criminal
already? This is easy peasy to you!” The statement angered Don the more. He looked up at the men.
“Beat him!” He ordered and the men rushed forward with the hockey sticks and baseball bats.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“What’s happening?” Diana asked in fright as the men started to hit Smith. “Oh my! Who’s going to stop
them!” Someone yelled from behind. Chris’s eyes went even wide with shock as he watched the scene
before him. “Don, what are you doing?” Was the only thing Smith could ask as several things
&#lt;p&#gt;collided on his body. After letting the men beat Smith to his satisfaction, Don finally waved for them to
pull back.
&#lt;p&#gt;He walked closer to Smith and squatted beside him, and watched him cough blood. “Never in your life
call me. If I see you on the street, I’m going to deal with you the more.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“You are going to regret letting the stupid Grey leave just like that,” Smith spluttered. He felt pains all
over his body. Don’s muscles hardened at the words. “Shut up! Do you even know who he is?” He
wanted to tell it out to Smith. He wanted to let him know who Grey really was. How dare Smith abuse
Hercules. Truly, Smith wanted death.
&#lt;p&#gt;Smith coughed out more blood. “The live-in son-in-law, what else can that pauper be?”he managed to
say as his mouth hurts so much. Don wanted to punch him the more but he decided against it quickly
and instead stood up. “Let’s go guys,” he muttered and moved to the last car. One of the men rushed
forward to open the door for him. The two cars zoomed out of the vicinity and everyone rushed toward
Smith who couldn’t get up again. “Call the ambulance!” One of the people screamed. Lucy sighed. “I
don’t believe this is how my birthday will end.” Only Chris stood back, his teeth clenched and he
decided that it was the best time to deal with Grey. He knew where he worked and he knew what he
must do.
&#lt;p&#gt;Grey knew Caramel was after him. Infact, he knew the moment he pulled out of the hall. Though, he
wondered why. After driving for a moment, Grey pulled to a stop and waited. Caramel parked the car
and walked towards Grey. She opened the door and entered the passenger seat. “Grey..” Grey looked
away, “What do you want?” “The Patek Philippe watch, did you buy it?” Grey looked back at her and&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;slowly nodded.” Yes, I won a lottery.” Avery chuckled, “For how long are you going to hide it? I heard
part of your
&#lt;p&#gt;conversation that night and I know why Don couldn’t listen to Smith today,” she released a sigh.” Who
are you, Grey?”
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