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Secretly The Billionaire Boss By Debbie Chocolate Chapter 146

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 146: The same live-in son-in-law? The meeting ended well and both parties were already
familiar with each other.
&#lt;p&#gt;Avery was specifically happy about it as Jane was arrogant and she didn’t like her but Maria seemed
very much better. Just as the team stepped out, Smith stayed back. Instead, he moved closer to Maria.
&#lt;p&#gt;“May I have a chat with you, ma’am?” Thanks to Maria, he was finally able to attend the meeting.
Perhaps Jane just hated him and it wasn’t even Hercules’s order. What she didn’t know was that Grey
forgot to give Maria the order. Maria nodded briefly. “That’s very fine.” Avery looked back at Smith and
wondered what he was up to. Though, she knew it always wasn’t something good. She would have
waited but she needed to visit Emma at her private house. Her mother didn’t come home the night
before and she wasn’t picking up her calls. She understood the fact that she wanted to make her
divorce Grey. Though, she agreed with her grandfather about the fact that she went too far but Avery
was starting to be worried about her disappearance. So, she left Smith behind. Just as she entered the
elevator, Grey walked out and moved towards the elevator. So, the two missed themselves. Just as he
moved to go to the second elevator, Carol called him from behind. He turned to look at her. “Yes, is
everything alright?” “No, sir. I only wanted you to select an assistant. I made a list of ladies that are
qualified. You can choose the one you want,” she explained and stretched out the file for him.
&#lt;p&#gt;Grey took it with a smile and perused it. “Thanks for this. And oh, get Maria to see me after the meeting
with the LN material company. There’s something I forgot to tell her concerning them,” he hinted. Carol
took a short bow.” I will do that.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“And take this to my desk,” he ordered, stretching the files out to her again. Carol took it with another
bow before she walked away. “How about we talk more about this during lunch or dinner?” Smith
offered. He was a very handsome guy and getting ladies to flirt with him was very easy.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Jane had fallen for his wits once. Smith just wondered why the truck hadn’t worked on her again.
&#lt;p&#gt;Maria smiled softly. “I’m sorry but I’m very busy. I just got transferred here and there are so many things
I need to know.”
&#lt;p&#gt;Smith nodded briefly as if he understood her.” It’s alright but that doesn’t mean I can take a beautiful
girl like you out for dinner. I mean dinner is past work hour, “he persisted.
&#lt;p&#gt;The two walked out of the office, side by side. “I’m not sure, for now,” Maria declined softly. Smith
sighed inwardly. Maria was proving very stubborn. She wasn’t as easy as the other girls that he had
met, yet he had to keep trying. They entered the elevator together as Maria needed to speak with the
receptionist. She had been sacked by Grey anyways. So, she wanted to run that and appoint someone
else to be at the lobby till they find another replacement. “So, how about I have your contact. Or you
have mine so you can call me whenever you are free to hang out?” Smith proposed. Maria thought
about his proposal for a moment and slowly nodded. “That’s alright, I will definitely call.” Smith released
an exasperated sigh. At least, his plane had eventually worked out.
&#lt;p&#gt;Smith stretched out the latest iPhone to let Maria know how rich he was. Perhaps, Maria would fall for
it. Well, every ladies want and love rich guys. So, he might be able to win her over with it.
&#lt;p&#gt;However, Maria doesn’t look impressed as she took the phone and saved her contact on it. Well, she
knew Hercules and he wasn’t even using the latest iPhone, yet he was so rich he could buy the city.
So, she wants really impressed with physical things.
&#lt;p&#gt;They walked out of the elevator. Maria turned towards Smith. “I will have to say my byes now.”
&#lt;p&#gt;Smith smiled at her, then his eyes caught Grey speaking with one of the workers. His eyes went wide
with shock. “Isn’t that Grey?” Maria followed the path of his gaze and saw that he was referring to Grey.
Though, she wondered how Smith knew Grey. Does he know he was the Hercules?&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“You know Mr. Grey?” Maria inquired.
&#lt;p&#gt;Smith went into shock for a moment, then burst into laughter. “What? Mr. Grey?
&#lt;p&#gt;That man is a live-in son-in-law of Robinson. He’s so pathetic but what’s he doing here by the way?”
He looked over at Maria and noted the dark frown that had suddenly formed on her face.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I won’t have you insult Mr. Grey. If that happens again, you will have me to deal with!” Maria warned.
&#lt;p&#gt;Smith blinked once, then twice as if he could t believe it. “What?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Mr. Grey is the new supervisor of Protos Pubblicita.”, “What!” Smith yelled uncontrollably, almost
choking on his words. He couldn’t believe it. The last time he checked, he was just a manager at SU
world, a very small company at that. What had happened? “What about the KK corporation that he
brought?” He inquired.
&#lt;p&#gt;Maria stared ignorantly at him. ” I don’t know what you are talking about and I’m clearly not interested.
Now, if you will excuse me,” and she walked away without even waiting for another reply from him.
Smith stared behind her for a moment, still shocked. It was more shocking to find out that the secretary
of Protos Pubblicita was defending Grey. It was something he had never imagined. Who the fuck in
their right state of mind would defend a useless live-in son-in law? And how did Grey become the
supervisor? These questions raced through his mind but the answers eluded him.
&#lt;p&#gt;Though, at that moment, he knew that he needed to find out what had become KK corporation. So, he
drove straightaway to KK corporation.&#lt;/p&#gt;

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