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Secretly The Billionaire Boss By Debbie Chocolate Chapter 151

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 151: Plans “If you are not ready to do that, I will leave then,” Grey announced suddenly.
&#lt;p&#gt;Chloe let out a sigh and suddenly went to her knees. “Grandfather.” Grey smiled. “Good,” he looked at
Kanye. “Don’t do anything. Keep everything you discussed a secret.” Kanye nodded briefly. “Alright
boss,” and he walked away, not after eyeing Chloe. Grey turned to regard Chloe for another moment.
“Don’t tell Avery all this or I will come back for you,” he threatened in a deep voice.
&#lt;p&#gt;Chloe nodded slightly. “I won’t,” she stood up slowly and watched Grey walk inside one of the rooms
with the rest of the men.
&#lt;p&#gt;Shock kept Chloe motionless for a few minutes. She had not expected that Grey was someone
important and rich. Well, ur was the only reason that these people were calling her a master.
&#lt;p&#gt;To even know he knew someone like Aphrodite amazed her. Aphrodite was a popular and classy lady.
You might have her membership card and you still wouldn’t have seen her. And the question was, who
Grey really was and why was he hiding it?
&#lt;p&#gt;“I thought we’ve decided to keep it a secret,” Grey said the moment he walked inside the room.
&#lt;p&#gt;Gregory closed the door behind them, “Not to someone like Kanye. It’s the best way to handle it. We
didn’t even give away your identity, so it’s good so far.” He explained. “Gregory, that was a bit far. What
about the other lady with him?” Alfred asked, concerned. “About that, she has been dealt with,” Grey
said quickly.” Let’s move to the reason why we are here.”
&#lt;p&#gt;There were different delicacies on the table and it looked like the elders had been waiting for Grey. “No
now, we are missing someone,” Aphrodite said suddenly. A knock sounded on the door almost
immediately. Luciano was closer. He opened the door to reveal Charles.
&#lt;p&#gt;There was a nice smile on his face. “You were not really going to start the meeting without me?”&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Sir your ass down bro, you should pay ten million dollars for coming late,” Aphrodite joked.
&#lt;p&#gt;Charles smiled and took a seat beside Grey.” What are we talking about?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Can we talk about the spy? And who we suspect. For me, I think I suspect Jane. Grey did tell us that
he saw her with Giovanni days back,” Gregory pointed out. “No, I don’t think Jane is the one. Well, I’ve
demoted her and transferred her to SU world,” Grey supplied. “If Giovanni was still so anxious to know
about Hercules from Audrey, then it shows that his spies don’t have any clue about Grey,” Alfred
wondered aloud. The elders exchanged glances. “Yes, I think that’s right. But what is really painful to
me is the fact that we are yet to find out who the spy really is,” Aphrodite expressed. “We need another
strategy than what we’ve been using,” Grey spoke suddenly. He poured himself some champagne. “We
need to step up on our games,” he took the wine cup and sipped the wine slowly. “So, what do you
suppose we all do?” Jayden asked. “Should we reveal Hercules’ face?” Charles offered. “No, not until
we find out who Giovanni’s son is,” Alfred declared.
&#lt;p&#gt;“What? Giovanni’s son?” Charles raised skeptical brows. “Yes, as much as we don’t want to think about
it, we think that Giovanni is employing our weapon against us. We must not reveal Hercules until we
reveal Giovanni’s son. It would help us a lot,” Aphrodite explained. Everyone nodded their heads in
agreement. “And how do we do that? No one knows anything about him all these years. Do you think
we can at the moment?” Luciano raised skeptical brows. “Yes, I mean how do we even know that the
spy we are looking for isn’t Giovanni’s son? We’ve never seen him. There’s no way we can make
progress,” Jayden complained. “Grey actually has a clue,” Aphrodite announced. All gazes turned
towards Grey.
&#lt;p&#gt;“You do?” Alfred was shocked for a moment.
&#lt;p&#gt;Grey smiled softly.” Yes, I do. And I have plans to lure him out.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Wow, really?” Gregory was excited.” Let us go on with it.”&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“I believe that Pablo is Giovanni’s son. Pablo deals with escorts at Atomic Liquors. And well, no one
has seen him, not even the escorts. So, we might need to select some of our men to patronize Atomic
Liquors and even act like they are devoted to Giovanni,” he explained.
&#lt;p&#gt;“What?” Charles’s mouth dropped open in shock.
&#lt;p&#gt;Grey sat up. “One of the men might pick a fight with the other men in our group concerning Giovanni’s
son,” Grey thought for a moment, remembering what he had done concerning James. “If the men
openly claim loyalty to Giovanni’s son, he would be forced to come out. There’s nothing more than a
boss having followers. The joys that come with someone pleading loyalty to someone they don’t even
know would make Giovanni’s son reveal himself,” he revealed. “Damn! Tell me why we didn’t think to
that extent,” Gregory laughed. ” He’s right! That’s why he’s Hercules. But how did you think to this
&#lt;p&#gt;Grey smiled again and relaxed. “I had the same experience and I just say that it really got me. For
someone as wicked as Giovanni’s son. I’m sure he has the same ideas of what being loyal means.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Yes, everyone is the same when it comes to being loyal. No one can stop feeling like that,” Gregory
added. “So, it might take time but I’m sure he will eventually come out. The men must act as if they’ve
been going to Atomic Liquors for a while.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“But how do you know Pablo would be there? You just said that no one has seen his face. He might not
even be in the club at that moment,” Charles pointed out.
&#lt;p&#gt;“He will, just trust me. This is how I discovered that Pablo is Giovanni’s son even though I’ve never
seen him and I don’t even know what he looks like. If he’s like his father’s son, then he would be
present. Giovanni’s son would be as callous as his father, that’s for sure,” he assured.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“I will arrange that. What other things?” Grey stared into space as if he could read the future. “I’m
getting into an open fight with Hattie but I know that Giovanni would join.” “That’s your second plan?”
Luciano inquired. Grey nodded briefly.” To them, I would be a second enemy, one that dotes on
&#lt;p&#gt;Hercules. It would really upset them.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“What can we do to help?” Gregory asked excitedly. “I’m going to start the fight at the auction day
coming soon. Production for my mom’s cream would start soon. I will need you guys as the company
image soon, especially Aphrodite as the ambassador. That’s it for now,” Grey mentioned. Gregory
nodded slightly.” We will definitely help you in any way that we can. Just let us on out it and how far
you’ve gone.” “Anything else to discuss?” Jayden pushed forward. “Yes, we need to discuss the death
of the former Hercules,” Alfred said suddenly. “What about it?” Jayden probed. “It turned out that he
was killed,” Alfred announced and Charles’s heart made a sudden thud. “What?” Everyone was
shocked but Jayden was the one that exclaimed. “Who? Who killed him?” Gregory jibed in. Alfred
looked at Grey as if seeking inner permission. “Let Grey say it. He knows more than I do.”
&#lt;p&#gt;Charles’s heart skipped several beats as he looked over at him. They both knew who killed former
Hercules but Charles was scared of what the elders would think of him if they discovered. And
somehow, it looked like Grey was going to disclose it.
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