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Secretly The Billionaire Boss By Debbie Chocolate Chapter 153

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 153: Faked Who knows what Chris said to Avery but it got her laughing again and the action
took the wrong side on Grey. The fact that it was Chris that was with Avery makes his blood boil.
&#lt;p&#gt;Grey moved closer without a second thought. “What is happening here?” He boomed as he stood
beside Avery, startling the two for a moment. Avery looked at him, with eyes that showed she didn’t
expect to see him there.” Grey, what are you doing here?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“I should be the one asking that question. Why are you here?” He turned to look at Chris, pointing an
accusing finger at him.” Did you lure her to come here?” Chris smirked. ” Seriously? Is Avery a twelve
years old girl that she can’t decide where to be and who to be with?” Grey eyes hardened on him.” And
I hope you don’t forget that she’s married. You should stop crushing on her.” Avery felt embarrassed at
this. “Grey, stop! Since when do we monitor ourselves? Don’t tell me you followed me here?” Grey
regarded her for a moment.” Yes, I did. Now, let’s go.” “No, I’m not going anywhere with you. I came
here with someone and I’m leaving with him. Why are you acting so weird?” Avery felt suddenly
frustrated. “It doesn’t matter who you came with. You are leaving with me,” Grey said defiantly and took
Avery’s hand to walk her away but Chris was suddenly blocking the way. “She said she doesn’t want to
go. Is that so hard to accept?” Chris stressed, his facial expression turning hard.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Leave while I’m still asking nicely or shut up until you are asked to speak,” Grey warned silently.
&#lt;p&#gt;Avery looked at both guys and slowly released a sigh.” Grey, Chris helped me and it’s my way of
paying him back,” she didn’t even know why she was explaining.” Let me go, I came with him and I
must leave with him.” “Did you hear that? She doesn’t want you. How many times would she repeat it
before you get it?” Chris pointed out disrespectfully. “This is between me and Avery, you don’t have to
stick your nose into it!” Grey responded and pulled at Avery’s hand. “We are going home, Avery.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Let me go, Grey!” Avery yelled suddenly. She pulled back from him. In the process, Grey turned to
look at her. “Didn’t you hear what I just explained? I said he did me a favor.”&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“You’ve been here already and you’ve appreciated him enough. Let me take you home,” he offered
softly. He would take anything from Avery as long as she allowed him to take her home. Grey still
hasn’t forgotten what Chris had done to him. And he felt even angrier just staring at his face but Grey
was trying to be nice. “Seriously?” Chris laughed suddenly. “You want her to follow a useless man like
you? Do you even know the favor I did for her? If you had done the same, do you think she would have
come to me?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Exactly, Grey. I don’t know what’s really happening with you. Do you ever think at all? Chris gave me
millions of dollars when I didn’t even ask him but you are here fighting who would take me home?”
Avery released the words that were meant to stab Grey at every area but well, he wasn’t pained by it.
“Let’s go home, then you can insult however you want but you won’t leave with this idiot!” Grey stood
his firm and held Avery’s hand again.
&#lt;p&#gt;Avery slapped him across the face.” Step back!” She yelled the order at him.” Don’t ever touch me,
Grey. You couldn’t even help me! What’s the essence of being with you?” She was so bitter. “Serve you
better, Grey. You have always been so senseless. That should knock some sense into you!” Chris
&#lt;p&#gt;Grey’s fist clenched involuntarily at his side.” Shut up, Chris.” “Or what?” Chris dared. After a few
minutes that Grey didn’t say anything, he smiled. ” I don’t have your time, Grey. I have better things to
do,” he walked to Avery.”Can we leave now? I have a nice place that we can go to for steak.”
&#lt;p&#gt;That’s it! Grey couldn’t take it anymore. He moved closer to Chris and hit him across the face. He was
so fast and he succeeded in giving him two consecutive blows.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Shut up!” Grey yelled. “How dare a liar call me names? You have nothing to say! I’m better off than
you!” he shouted at him. “What have you just done?” Avery asked, shocked. She turned to look at
Grey, pulling him away before he would launch another punch at Chris. She slapped Grey again. “What
did you think you were doing? Who do you think you are?” She yelled, annoyed.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Grey held his hand over his hurting cheek and watched as Avery rushed to attend to Chris. Though,
Grey manged to draw blood from his lps and nose.
&#lt;p&#gt;He looked up slightly and saw that Charles had been watching them. Just as he took a step forward,
the dark frown clouding his face, Grey raised a hand to stop him in his tracks. He slowly shook his head
before he turned around to leave.
&#lt;p&#gt;He stopped suddenly when Avery screamed from behind him. Grey whirled around to look at what was
&#lt;p&#gt;Chris had fainted. At first, it looked like Grey was hallucinating. Shock kept Grey speechless for a while.
What was Chris currently planning? He gave him a light punch. It wasn’t supposed to weaken him but
draw blood alone. Avery rushed forward, angry and disappointed. “Look at what you’ve done to him!”
She yelled and would have said more if the health workers hadn’t rushed inside.
&#lt;p&#gt;Grey was just too shocked to do anything. He knew that Chris was faking it. Who the fuck collapsed
from one punch. That aside, Chris used to be strong. In fact, he had taken down Don.
&#lt;p&#gt;There was no way he would collapse unless he had something else in mind.
&#lt;p&#gt;Charles walked closer to him. He didn’t leave and was patiently waiting for Grey to leave before he
would. And since Grey didn’t want him to interrupt, he pretended he didn’t see them. “Is everything
alright?” Grey nodded once, “Everything is fine. Just that there are upcoming battles.”
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