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Secretly The Billionaire Boss By Debbie Chocolate Chapter 189

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 189: Revealed Grey wasn’t really surprised but he was shocked. He had always thought it was
Alex but lie didn’t think he could be the one, coupled with thie fact that Alex referred to Giovanni as his
&#lt;p&#gt;Alex smiled. “Now that you’ve seen me, Grey. You have successfully become my right hand,” he
&#lt;p&#gt;Grey huffed inwardly. If only Alex knew who he was. “Here,” one of the men rushed back with the
clothes. He stretched it out to Alex.
&#lt;p&#gt;Alex took it and stared down at it for a moment before he looked up at Grey. “No one must know about
this. You are not supposed to tell anyone who the face behind Pablo is,” he warned sternly.
&#lt;p&#gt;Grey managed a nod, still pretending to be surprised. Well, he was a bit surprised. To even think that
Alex was who he had been looking for all these while. He intentionally started the gym to hide his
identity and he did it so well. Though he had his doubts, he was always forced to think otherwise
&#lt;p&#gt;“Let’s go,” he told his men but they barely took a step before he pulled to a stop again. “Don’t forget the
party. I will be expecting you,” and with that, he walked away. Grey blinked once, and a smile appeared
on his face. He walked back to the mini club where he got back his phone and texted Gregory about
where his men were. Grey walked out of the hallway and saw some of his men but he couldn’t find
Gregory. Just as one of the men raised his gun towards Grey, Don stepped out from behind the men.
“Don’t touch him, he’s with us,” Don informed and moved closer to Grey. “Are you alright?” Grey
nodded briefly. “You guys should go to the basement, I’m coming behind you.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“No,” Don said at an alarming rate.” We can’t afford to let Pablo see that you are with us.”&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“He won’t,”Grey assured.” Just let the men know that I will be with a purple nose mask and they should
know I’m with them,” he informed and walked out of the club before Don would say something else.
&#lt;p&#gt;Grey walked to his car. He got inside and drove the car out of the vicinity. He didn’t want Surveillance
cameras exposing him to Pablo but he didn’t want to leave Don and Gregory behind. He pulled off his t-
shirt and opened the door to retrieve a nose mask. He retrieved a new t-shirt from the back seat before
he hurried back into the club, with the nose mask on.
&#lt;p&#gt;There was no one from Pablo or any strangers around. Don was suddenly gone.
&#lt;p&#gt;Grey made his way toward the basement. A man came out of nowhere, aiming a punch at him. Grey
dodged quickly. It was so last that the man must have thought that he had gotten hold of Grey but Grey
was faster
&#lt;p&#gt;Grey punched him in the face and sent him reeling backward with a kick in the stomach. Another
attacks him from behind. It was at this moment he discovered that he had once seen them with Alex.
Alex acted as if he wasn’t the owner of Atomic Liquors but he was. And well, he had seen the men
twice at the gym. They were part of the instructors.
&#lt;p&#gt;Grey twisted his hand and kicked him in the abdomen. When he saw that the men weren’t getting up,
he proceeded toward the basement
&#lt;p&#gt;When he got there, there were some men standing guard outside. He couldn’t find Gregory but he
knew that he was inside. The men were not trying to attack, which meant that Don had successfully
passed the message across. “You can’t find Pablo here, he left already,” Grey heard a familiar voice
from within. Without even checking, he knew who it was. Yet, Grey stepped inside and stared at Alex.
“You are making a mistake, Gregory. Who sent you? Hercules? Or the team of the elders?” Alex
chuckled.” I don’t know why you had to come after Pablo. He’s not Giovanni, right? Even though he
works in Atomic Liquors, it doesn’t make him your enemy.” Gregory huffed.” Just working here, in an&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;enemy territory makes us enemies. Release the men to us and we will leave peacefully. Refuse and we
will have no choice but to take you as our full enemy,” he warned. Alex looked at Gregory for a moment
and his gaze slowly shifted to Grey. It didn’t look like he knew who was under the mask but he was
fascinated that there was someone who could hide his face in front of him. Maybe, it was Hercules.
Though, he doubted it. There was no way the elders would allow Hercules to come to Atomic Liquors.
“Give them what they want,” Alex ordered one of his men.
&#lt;p&#gt;The two men they held hostages were released and pushed forward. Gregory’s men stepped forward
and helped the men out of the basement. “Good, now we are on safer ground,” Gregory smiled and
walked out while the men followed. Grey got inside one of the cars the men brought. He only alighted
to get into his car and he drove slowly behind them.
&#lt;p&#gt;They drove for a while before Gregory finally pulled the driver to a sudden stop.
&#lt;p&#gt;Grey pulled the car to a stop behind them. Gregory and Don hurried over to his car. Gregory took the
passenger side while Don entered the back seat.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Is there anything you aren’t saying, Grey? You seemed quieter than usual.” Grey let out a sigh.” You
are right. I saw who Pablo is,” he revealed. “What?” Don was shocked.” Do we know him? Have you
seen him anywhere?” “Yes,” Grey nodded once. “But that’s not even the main thing. The important
thing here is that Pablo referred to Giovanni as his father. He must have thought I knew nothing of the
mafia world. That was why he wasn’t careful,” he explained. Gregory nodded once. “I didn’t expect your
plan to work so well but tell us who Pablo is.” Grey held his gaze for a moment.” Alex, the guy that
spoke the other time,” he revealed. Everyone’s eyes went wide and dark with shock.&#lt;/p&#gt;

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