Novel Name : Skeletons Of The Marital Closet

Chapter 2

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&#lt;p&#gt;What?! Shawn picked her up with his big hands and threw her in the car. Gale retreated into the corner
in horror. “Who are you going to marry me to… No, let me go…” She was a person, a living person, not
an object to be sent around. He squeezed her chin and said, “I can give you to anyone I want. You
have no choice.” Gale wanted to cry, but she was afraid of annoying him, so tears were held back.
Looking at Gale’s clear eyes, which are full of tears, he felt a moment of pity. No, how could he be soft-
hearted to the enemy’s daughter, it’s ridiculous! Shawn regained his indifference and tugged at his tie
irritably. She grabbed hold of his shirt cuffs with her white and tender hands. “Please, don’t…” Gale’s
tears fell on the back of his hand. “Anything but that. Please don’t ruin me like this…” This was her first
time begging him, and she had no idea if it would work. Her voice reminded her of the woman from last
night. There were some similarities! But… how could it be her? She was locked up in a mental hospital,
unable to go anywhere. He gently wiped away the tears from the back of his hand. “We have known
each other for two years, and I finally heard you beg.” Immediately afterward, he smiled cruelly.
“Unfortunately, it’s useless.” Her hand fell from his sleeve. The phone rang. He took a look and found it
was the call from his stepmother, Paula Zane. Paula asked, pretending to be concerned, “Shawn, I just
heard you were in a hotel last night with a woman…” Before she could finish, Shawn interrupted,
“That’s right. We are on our way to the Civil Affairs Bureau.” “This… ah? Are you planning to marry
her?” “Yes.” He was very good at preemptive strikes. Paula kept bringing women to seduce him
because she wanted a woman to spy on him. He could not let her succeed. He would continue to look
for the woman from last night, but he must not let Paula know. The room was dark last night, and he
could not see her face clearly. Otherwise, Paula would find a woman to pretend to be her, and he would
not be able to tell the difference. The best way was to let Gale take over temporarily! She will atone for
her sins by his side all her life. After hanging up the phone, Shawn raised his eyebrows slightly. “Gale,
listen carefully. The person you’re marrying…is me.” Marry him? Gale could not believe her ears.
Judging by his expression, it’s not like a joke! … The Marriage Registry. Gale held the pen and
hesitated to sign the paper. She never wanted to be Mrs. Wood, and she was not worthy to sit in that&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;position. She would rather stay in the mental hospital than stay by his side day and night. The staff
asked suspiciously, “Ms. Gale, are you doing this voluntarily?” “I…” “Of course.” Shawn hugged her
from behind, held her hand, and signed her name stroke by stroke. “My wife is just too excited.” His
broad chest was against her back, seemingly gentle but, in fact, forcefully! “Gale, if this marriage is not
successful, I will throw you to the mountain to feed the wolves!” he whispered a terrifying warning in her
ear. Gale was like a puppet under his control. After the marriage certificate was issued, he took it away
directly. “Don’t be delusional, Gale. You are still nothing.” She bit her lip. “Marrying you is the beginning
of the torture?” “You can take it that way.” Shawn stepped out. Temperley Hall was his private
residence. It was located in a wealthy area, surrounded by mountains and rivers. Like a gorgeous
gilded cage. Gale stood in the middle of the living room, wearing her whitewashed clothes and canvas
shoes, like an ugly duckling who strayed into the castle. The servants whispered and discussed, “Who
is this? She’s dressed more shabby than us.” “Shh, Mr. Wood brought her back himself.” The
housekeeper reprimanded, “You all want to lose your tongues? This is Mr. Wood’s wife, the mistress of
Temperley Hall!” God, Mrs. Wood was so plain! Shawn came over and indifferently instructed, “Go
wash her and bring her to my room.” She was shocked, he wanted to… No, he will find the bruises on
her body! Even if they did not have physical relations, just staying in the same room with him would be
enough to suffocate her! She whispered, “I can sleep anywhere, the utility room in the basement…or
the floor!” “Do what I want you to do!” He waved his hand, motioning for the servant to take her away,
and walked to the second floor. She was so nervous that her palms were sweating frantically. She
could not imagine what would be waiting for her next. She cannot be so submissive anymore… Run
away! Out of all the strategies, the best would be to run! The bathtub was full of water, and the servant
came and tried to take off her clothes. She said, “I’ll do it myself. Just wait for me at the door.” “But Mr.
Wood ordered…” “I won’t tell him.” After driving everyone away, Gale looked up at the small window. …
In the Study, Shawn sat in front of the computer, video calling Dr. William. “Have the test results come
out?” Dr. William coughed. “It’s out…” “Give it to me straight.” William replied, “…Asthenozoospermia. I
checked it three times.” Shawn was tapping his finger on the tabletop and stopped suddenly when he
heard it. When he got the medical report two days ago, he could not believe he had that disease. He&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;immediately contacted the top male doctor abroad. Unexpectedly, the result was still the same. William
added, “But Mr. Wood, I found something abnormal in the test.” “Hmm?” “I can be sure that you get this
disease because you have been taking certain foods or medicines for a long time.” Mr. Wood relaxed
instead after hearing that. He smirked coldly. “Can it be cured?” “Of course it can, Mr. Wood. I will
prescribe medicine for you. It will take about three months. However, the best way is to find the cause
and get rid of it. “Hmm.” Shawn looked out the window, and he already knew what it could be. Since his
father’s death, Paula had used caring for him as an excuse to bring all kinds of stews and soups to
Temperley Hall every day. If he did not drink them, Paula would nag and say things like it was your
father’s favorite. Shawn was so annoyed that he drank two sips every day. Unexpectedly… Paula had
revealed herself to be so vicious. She wanted to use this method to prevent him from being able to
conceive a child no matter how many women he had and cut off the Wood family! Knock knock! There
were rapid footsteps followed by the housekeeper knocking on the door eagerly. “Mr. Wood! Bad
news!” Shawn looked stern and asked, “What are you panicking about? Speak!” “Ms. Gale, she…she’s
gone!” The bathroom was clean, and the water in the bathtub was still; only the exhaust window was
open, just enough for one person to wiggle through. Gale jumped out of the window and escaped! She
was so brave! Shawn’s face was extremely gloomy. “A bunch of trash, you can’t even take care of a
woman!” “Mr. Wood, your wife’s phone is still here… there is a voice message in it.” Shawn opened it
and clicked on the voice message. “Shawn Wood, I have atoned for my father’s alleged crimes for two
years. We owe each other nothing. Let’s never meet again!”
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