Novel Name : Skeletons Of The Marital Closet

Chapter 4

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&#lt;p&#gt;Jenny rushed into the building. Her aunt, Paula, broke the news of Shawn’s marriage to her! She
wanted to come and see who the vixen was. She must scratch her face, violently rip off her hair, strip
her clothes, and throw them on the street! Jenny walked fast in high heels and completely ignored the
fact that the floor had been mopped recently. She slipped on the wet floor and almost fell. Jenny
screamed, “Ah!! Which one of you blind b*tches wants to hurt me!” The employees of Wood Group
knew Jenny was unruly and easily provoked, so they all fled away. Only Gale was still working without
a second thought. Jenny looked around and quickly found her. “You, the one mopping the floor, come
here!” Gale raised her head and asked, “Are you calling me?” “Yes! Kneel down and dry the ground!”
Gale frowned. She stood still, which made Jenny angrier. “Can’t you understand me? If I fell just now, I
would definitely not let you go!” Gale looked at her. “First of all, you have to speak human words before
I can understand.” “You!” “Also, there is a sign that reads ‘Careful, wet floor’.” Gale said, “Can’t you
read?” Jenny had not expected a mere cleaner would dare to challenge her! “You actually accuse me?
Believe it or not, I’ll fire you now!” Gale asked back, “You? Fire me? Who are you?” Jenny answered
proudly, “I am the fiancee of Shawn Wood, Jenny Timothy!” ‘Well, I’m Shawn Wood’s wife.’ However,
Gale only said this in her heart. Jenny was clearly trying to one-up her. If Gale revealed her identity
now, Jenny would definitely tear her apart. She could not afford to offend this woman. “Hey!” Jenny
roared, “Cleaner, now you know who I am!” “Oh, if I remember correctly, President Wood announced
the marriage announcement this morning, and the bride doesn’t seem to be you.” Gale smiled slightly
and said, “So you are nothing now.” That hit Jenny’s sore spot. “The news is fake. Shawn can’t possibly
marry someone else! Our marriage was arranged by Mr. Wood before he passed!” I see. No wonder
Jenny was so confident. Gale suddenly patted her on the shoulder and comforted, “I hope you can
regain your position as soon as possible. I have high hopes for you.” After all, Gale did not want this
role at all. If Jenny could take the position, she would just be so pleased. “Ah?” Jenny was confused by
her reaction and looked at her strangely. “You support me?” “I am extremely, very, in support of….”
Before Gale’s words were finished, Jenny happily waved behind her. “Shawn!” Shawn appeared from&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;nowhere. Gale froze and turned her head slowly. She was a little guilty but felt mostly fear. Shawn
should have heard her. She was afraid of what could come… Shawn went to them with a noble
temperament that could not be ignored, and his face was extremely ugly. “Shawn, this cleaner almost
caused me to fall and talked back to me. You have to help me teach her a lesson!” Gale lowered her
eyes and bit her lower lip nervously. “What do you want me to do to her?” “Let her kneel and wipe my
shoes and the water off the ground.” Shawn looked at Gale piercingly. “Did you hear that?” “Do you
hear him? Hurry up!” Jenny pretended to be a fox and a tiger. In front of Shawn, she was not qualified
to say no. Gale responded, “Okay.” She brought a clean rag, knelt on the ground, and carefully wiped
Jenny’s shoes. The marble floor tiles reflected her embarrassed appearance. Jenny smiled
complacently. Looking at Gale’s hunched back, Shawn snorted coldly, full of anger in his heart. So
would die to be Mrs. Wood! Is it that bad to marry him? Even if she felt wronged, she could only suffer!
Shawn walked past her, and the leather shoes deliberately stepped on her rag, crushing her fingertips.
Gale kept her hand there, letting him step on it, hoping this would calm him down. “Shawn, are you
really married?” Jenny chased after him like a dog. “You promised Uncle Wood to marry me…” Paula
was the one who instigated his father to arrange this marriage for him because Paula and Jenny had a
good relationship. Last night… Paula had actually planned for Jenny to climb onto his bed, but it failed!
Shawn had no feelings for her at all. Shawn was too lazy to pay attention to her. “Yes, I promised my
father. You can go to him for your complaints.” Jenny had no words. He was trying to get rid of her!
“Also, you are not qualified to point fingers at my employees.” Jenny stomped her feet in anger. In
Shawn’s heart, she was not as good as the cleaner just now! The elevator for the president closed,
cutting Jenny off from him. … It was raining heavily after office hours, which increased Gale’s workload.
After she finished cleaning, she was so tired that she could not straighten her back. Shawn was very
pompous, Fiona held an umbrella for him, and the driver opened the door for him. He and she were not
from the same world. He glanced at Gale and whispered something to Fiona. Fiona came over,
coughed, and said, “Mrs. Gale, Mr. Wood… asked you to walk home.” It was a half an hour drive home.
It was raining so hard, and Gale had no umbrella with her. If she just walked back… she would catch a
cold and have a fever. “Okay.” She nodded. Faced with Gale’s indifference, Fiona could not help but&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;say, “Actually, I think, Mrs. Gale, you can show weakness appropriately and beg President Wood for
mercy.” She just smiled. Blindly showing weakness would not get Shawn’s sympathy. He just wanted to
see her as miserable as possible. Gale put the canvas bag on his head and rushed into the rain.
Temperley Hall. Shawn stood on the balcony, looking at Gale in the heavy rain. Her clothes were wet,
and they outlined the curves of her beautiful figure. They were exquisite and delicate, and the
underwear inside was faintly visible. His eyes dimmed. This woman did it on purpose! The more he
looked, the angrier he became. Shawn grabbed his coat and went downstairs. Just as Gale rushed
under the eaves, Paula just came out of it, and the two collided head-on. “Hey, you almost hurt me!”
Paula glared at her and yelled, “A newcomer! Such a rash!” “Excuse me.” Apologizing, Gale was about
to leave, but Paula stopped her and looked up and down. “Housekeeper, why did you find such a
young and beautiful vixen to stay in Temperley Hall? Or… did Shawn ask you to do this?” The
housekeeper reminded, “Mrs. Paula, this is Mrs. Wood, the mistress of Temperley Hall.” Paula’s
expression changed immediately. “It’s you? So it was you who foiled my plans that night!” She tried her
best to plan for Jenny to climb onto his bed, but all her plans seemed to have paved the way for the
woman in front of her! Gale looked puzzled and asked, “Foiled your plans?”
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