Novel Name : Skeletons Of The Marital Closet

Chapter 7

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&#lt;p&#gt;There was no way out of the situation. Gale looked sideways and saw Paula and Jenny sitting by the
window, looking and gasping in unison. She went out immediately as it was not a good idea to stay any
longer. However, Jenny had no intentions of letting her go so easily! “Cleaner, wait a minute.” Jenny
stepped forward and forcibly pulled her to Paula. “Aunt Paula, what did you call her just now?” “Mrs.
Wood!” “What!? S…She is Shawn’s new wife?” Paula nodded. “Yes. When I went to Temperley Hall to
deliver some soup to him, I saw her. I can’t be wrong!” At that time, Shawn had defended her,
embarrassing Paula. Paula was narrow-minded and vowed to take revenge one day. “Ahhh!!” Jenny
screamed in anger, it could shatter windows. “She’s actually that vixen!” “But… Jenny, why did you call
her a cleaner?” “Because when I saw her, she was cleaning the floor in the office!” Paula could not
believe it and questioned, “Really?” Jenny recounted what happened and added, “Shawn didn’t help
her at all!” It was not looking good for Gale. She remained calm and shrugged Jenny’s hand off. “You
have mistaken me.” Jenny said, “Impossible! It’s you! You were the lowly cleaner who cleaned my
shoes!” “Ms. Jenny, go to the hospital to see an ophthalmologist when you have time.” Gale wanted to
leave, but Paula stopped her. “Okay, Jenny is sorry for what she has done, but I’m your mother-in-law.
Why haven’t you greeted me when you saw me?” “Paula, I didn’t recognize…” Paula gave her a
pointed look. This was not her first rodeo. Paula started to piece it together in her head and understood
what was going on. So… it turned out that Mrs. Wood was not favored at all! Otherwise, how could she
polish Jenny’s shoes? Since Paula married into the Wood family, Shawn had not liked her and found all
excuses to go against her. So, Shawn was putting on a show for her! Paula dragged Gale to sit beside
her, “Well, since you’re here, ugly daughter-in-law has to greet her in-laws.” “I still have something to
do, so I can’t accompany you, Paula.” “What did you call me?” Gale replied, “Well… my husband calls
you that too.” Shawn had made her slap herself because she apologized to Paula… She had not
forgotten it. It was evident that Shawn hated this stepmother very much. Paula said meanly, “How dare
you say that? How stupid do you think you are?” “That’s right. You are not allowed to call Shawn your
husband!” Gale’s face turned cold. “Look, I’ll say it again, I’m leaving. Otherwise, I’ll call the police.”&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;When she was in the mental hospital, she would make an effort to make herself look untouchable so
that others would not dare to bully her. She could implement what she’s practiced with Jenny and Paula
and her years of practice told her that this would work. Gale walked out without looking back.
Unexpectedly, Paula actually chased after her as soon as she walked out of the restaurant. They
grabbed Gale’s arms and dragged her to the car. “Let go!” She shouted to passersby, “Help! Help me!”
Paula smiled and said, “This is my daughter-in-law. She quarreled with my son and ran away. I was
about to take her home…” The passersby saw what was happening and looked the other way. Gale
could not match their strength, so she was dragged into the car. Paula pinched her hard, “Hey,
arrogant. I have to teach you a lesson today!” Gale said, “How dare you! If Shawn found out, he
wouldn’t let you go!” Jenny replied proudly, “You think Shawn will… offend Paula’s family for you, a
cleaner?” “Yes!” The car whizzed away. … In the Wood Group Headquarters’s conference room,
Shawn raised his wrist and glanced at the time after the meeting. “Mr. Wood, lunch is ready,” Fiona
said. He nodded and suddenly remembered something. “What about her?” “Er… I’ll contact her now.”
Fiona was famous for being kind-hearted in the company. Besides, Gale is still Mr. Wood’s wife. As
long as Mr. Shawn does not specifically instruct her to do so, she will not target Gale and let her rest.
Shawn waved his hand deeply. “No need.” Why was he looking for her? It seemed that he missed her!
No, he was looking for her to torture her! “Yes, President Wood,” Fiona said but secretly went to look
for Gale quickly. After all, if President Wood loses his temper, the entire company will tremble. Fiona
searched everywhere but could not find her. After checking the surveillance, she saw that Gale had left
the company three hours ago. She gulped, bit the bullet, and reported to Shawn, “Mr. Wood… she…”
“Hm?” “She’s gone.” Missing again? Shawn ate lunch calmly. “She wouldn’t dare to run.” Unless she
really wanted her legs broken, unless she really wanted her parents to die. “But, your wife has been out
of contact for three hours.” Shawn held the spoon in his hand. What tricks was she playing? Shawn
wanted to find Gale, and it was easy. Not long after, he received an email containing a photo of Gale
with Paula and Jenny holding her arms. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly. It seemed that they
wanted to play with fire. Shawn took a sip of water slowly and ordered, “Prepare the car.” “Yes, Mr.
Wood.” … The Timothy family had a holiday villa in the suburbs. As soon as the car door opened, Gale&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;fell out in embarrassment, with her hands tied behind her. “Hahahaha, you look just like a dog,” Jenny
looked at her triumphantly and said, “Tell me, should I scratch your left cheek first or your right cheek?”
Gale looked at the slender and knife. “Jenny, you have the support of the Timothy family, and you
understand that Shawn doesn’t care about me… But have you ever thought that I belong to Shawn,
and he hates his things being destroyed!” Shawn’s desire to possess and control was well-known in
Sea City. What he hated, he wanted to destroy it himself! What he liked, whoever dared look at it, was
a crime! Jenny hesitated for a moment. “Oh, don’t be frightened by her.” Paula kept stirring the pot and
said, “When she’s disfigured, Shawn will lose his appetite when he sees her and toss her away. Your
chance will come!” Jenny nodded and said, “Yes. Only I can marry him. I won’t let other women go!”
Gale suddenly burst out laughing. “You…what are you laughing at!” Gale replied, “Laughing at you,
stupid! You are being used by Paula. She’s getting you to do all her dirty work so she doesn’t have to
get her hands dirty. Stay out of it!” Paula cursed, “Shut up!” “Did I get it spot on!” Gale’s only way to
save herself was to provoke the two of them and delay time. Shawn had a strong desire to control her.
He should have discovered that she was gone! She had to wait until the moment he came!
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