Novel Name : Skeletons Of The Marital Closet

Chapter 10

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&#lt;p&#gt;“How did you find out what happened?” The subordinate replied, “Mr. Wood, this is what happened.
This old man took a fancy to Ms. Fanning at the dinner party, and he insisted that she sleep with him
one night. Otherwise, the dean would be unable to leave. The dean was forced to send Ms. Fanning
his way. Ms. Fanning would rather die than go through that. She escaped and inadvertently broke into
your room while she was being chased.” Shawn narrowed his eyes slightly and walked in. At this
moment, the old man on the ground shouted, “Who are you? You dare to tie me up. Do you know who I
am!” “Oh?” Shawn raised his eyebrows deeply and asked, “Who are you?” “Do you know the Wood
family? The number one wealthy family in Sea City!” “Heard of them.” The old man was triumphant and
said, “I’m one of the cousins of the Wood family, so be afraid! Let me go!” “Is that so…” Shawn’s leather
shoes kicked him casually. “I’m the President of Wood Group and the head of the Wood family. Why
haven’t I heard of you?” The old man’s eyes widened, looking at him in disbelief. “How dare you bring
down the Wood family’s name by showing off your power!” As he spoke, Shawn pressed his feet hard
and kicked the man hard till he flew and hit the wall. The old man spat a mouthful of blood as he fell.
He retracted his feet gracefully and slowly asked, “Your name is Susan?” “Yes, yes.” Susan was
shocked and admired his powerful aura. “Mr. Wood, are you looking for me?” He was such a catch!
She must find a way not to let this opportunity go! Shawn nodded lightly and said, “Well. After that
night, I’ve been looking for you.” Susan’s expression was dazed for a moment. How could such a rich
and powerful man look for her? She has never seen him in real life. She had only seen the heroic
appearance of President Wood in the news and newspapers! Shawn asked after noticing Susan’s
blank expression, “Don’t you remember?” “Yes, she does remember!” Before Susan could answer, the
dean next to her immediately answered, “Mr. Wood, my daughter is just too excited. I didn’t expect you
to come to her!” Susan tugged his sleeve. “Dad. This…” The dean said loudly, “Oh, don’t hide it. I know
that you ran away that night and was robbed of your innocence by another strange man. I just never
brought it up. However, Mr. Wood is here to pick you up!” A smart person like the dean had already
guessed what had happened! He knew who he sent was not his daughter Susan but Gale Warm! Gale&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;ran away from the old man, but when she came back the next day, there were bruises on her neck.
Given what had happened…The dean pieced it together, and he knew that Gale Warm had slept with
President Wood! Susan was also clever. Seeing her father’s constant winking, she immediately
cooperated, “Yes, it’s too embarrassing for a girl… That’s why I left without saying goodbye.” “I said I
would marry you.” Susan’s eyes lit up as being able to stay by Shawn’s side was a great blessing to
her. Marry her? This was simply a blessing from the heavens! If she could marry into the Wood family,
she would not have to work so hard, making short videos and trying to be an internet celebrity. She
would instantly become the rich wife of a top wealthy family, having fun all day! “I thought you were just
joking.” Susan began her act. “After all, if my father can send me to the old man’s bed, which other man
can I trust…” She feigned tears and started to cry. The dean also acted on and feigned his misery.
“Susie, I can’t do anything either. I was the happiest when I heard you escaped. I thought, no matter
what, I’ll protect you!” The father-daughter duo was acting perfectly in sync. “I always do what I say.”
Shawn pursed his lips. “So I’m here to pick you up. Susan, are you willing to come with me?” Susan
was waiting for his words, nodding eagerly. “Yes, yes! Actually, I’ve been thinking of you too!” Shawn
frowned subconsciously. How could her reaction be so different from that night… At that time, she
resisted and was afraid and left without saying a word, but now she was so proactive! “Mr. Wood, you
are my knight in shining armor!” Susan took his arm and said, “With you here, my father and I will no
longer have to be afraid of this old man!” Shawn put away his thoughts and hummed. Now that she had
been found, he wanted to keep the promise. He will marry Susan, but it will only take some time. “Let’s
go.” Shawn turned around. “Well, Mr. Wood, Susie and I have a few things to say.” The dean rubbed
his arms and said, “Look…” “Alright.” As soon as Shawn left, the dean held Susan’s hand excitedly. “It’s
our lucky day!” “Dad, tell me everything I need to know, or I will be exposed in front of President Wood!”
The dean whispered to Susan’s ear, told her everything he knew, and warned her carefully.
“Understood!” Susan smiled. “Having this information is enough! Dad, I’m going to find President
Wood!” She happily went to admire Shawn. Sitting on a sports car worth tens of millions, Susan could
not help but take out her mobile phone and take various selfies, each of which had to be photographed
with the car logo on the steering wheel. Shawn sent her to a property on the riverside, 300 square&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;meters with a view of the most prosperous downtown of Sea City. Shawn handed her the key and said,
“You live here and a servant will come tomorrow. Just tell me what you need.” Susan took the key and
was so happy that she had stumbled into this. “Mr. Wood, our fate is intertwined, and I will definitely
serve you well in the future!” She rushed up to hug him but was pushed away by Shawn. He was
obsessed with personal space and hygiene and was not used to interacting with people. “Mr. Wood…”
“It’s getting late. You should rest first.” “But, I want to sleep with you.” Susan winked, her clothes
slipped from her shoulders, trying to seduce him. “Let’s relive that night…” Men usually take the bait.
She had to sleep with Shawn as soon as possible to feel at ease since the woman that night was not
her. Shawn furrowed his brows. If it weren’t for the time and place, he would doubt… whether Susan
Fanning was the woman he was looking for. Maybe it’s been a long time since they had met, and she
was too happy to be reserved. Shawn said, “It’s not the time yet. I’ll go first.” He left without hesitation.
… Back at Temperley Hall. Gale had fallen asleep. She was still sleeping at the door of the master
bedroom. From a distance, he could only see her long black hair. Shawn walked over and looked at her
condescendingly. Gale slept soundly. She turned over lazily, and the collar of her pajamas suddenly
opened a little, revealing her snow-white skin. Also, as his eyes gazed down to her chest… His throat
tightened. How could he develop feelings for Gale so easily! If Susan was the one he was looking for,
how could he not feel anything?
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