Novel Name : Skeletons Of The Marital Closet

Chapter 11

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&#lt;p&#gt;Gale was really a natural vixen! “Get up!” Shawn tugged at his tie and spoke sharply. Hearing his voice,
Gale immediately opened her eyes and sat up. “You are back…” He just looked at her with deep eyes
and kept quiet. “What’s wrong?” She looked left and right and explained, “I deliberately slept in the
corner and didn’t block the door!” “Have you had the soup yet?” Gale was stunned for a moment,
“Huh?” “The soup!” She shook her head and answered, “No. Do I have to drink it?” Shawn narrowed
her eyes and said, “What do you think?” Gale got up and answered, “I’ll go now.” She had no idea what
was wrong with him. He kept insisting on her drinking Paula’s soup. ‘What time is it… Can I go to sleep
after finishing the soup?’ In the kitchen, Gale held a spoon and looked at the bowl of seafood soup in
front of her. Shawn stood beside her, supervising her. She closed her eyes and stuffed it into her
mouth, only to smell the fishy smell, making it hard to swallow. Gale could not take another bite after
finishing half of it. “Is this enough?” “What do you think?” “I…” Her stomach was churning before she
could finish her sentence. Gale covered her mouth and ran to the bathroom quickly. She vomited so
badly that she threw up all the food she had just eaten. Hearing the sound coming from the bathroom,
Shawn frowned in disgust. This soup must be drunk to deceive Paula. The housekeeper came over
and said, “Mr. Wood, there is a package for you today, sent from abroad.” “Give it to me.” Shawn
opened it and found that it was the medicine that William sent him, which happened to be a course of
treatment. He glanced at the bowl of soup again, smiled sarcastically, and swallowed the pill
expressionlessly. He had found Susan. He just had to cure his illness and get the divorce three months
later…Everything was in Shawn’s control. Gale came out of the bathroom and clutched her stomach,
still nauseous. What happened to her? Even if the seafood soup had been very fishy, she would not
have vomited so badly. The housekeeper suggested, “Mr. Wood, do you want to ask the family doctor
to take a look at your wife?” “She won’t die!” Gale looked at the housekeeper gratefully and shook her
head gently, not to anger Shawn for her. That night, Gale leaned against the wall and hugged her
knees, and only fell asleep in a daze when it was almost dawn. Downstairs, the kitchen was busy, and
the servants were cleaning. Susan came to Temperley Hall early. She was so excited that she could&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;not sleep a wink. She put on layers of her best makeup to meet Shawn. “Where’s Mr. Wood?” Susan
walked into the living room and asked loudly, “Why is no one welcoming me? Do you wish to keep your
job?” The housekeeper looked at her and asked, “You are…” “You don’t even know me. Are you really
blind? I’m the future Mrs. Wood!” The housekeeper replied, “Temperley Hall already has a mistress.
Are you going to be another one?” Susan’s eyes widened. “What? Impossible! Mr. Wood himself said
he wanted to marry me! If you don’t believe me, go ask him!” “Mr. Wood is still sleeping.” Susan
immediately rushed upstairs. She had to seize the opportunity, and she would eradicate whoever got in
her way! The housekeeper hurriedly chased after her, yelling, “Strangers are not allowed to go to the
second floor!” Susan did not care. She stormed toward the master bedroom aggressively. Gale was
woken up by the footsteps. When she opened his eyes, she saw Susan’s face before her. “It’s you?”
Susan looked at her. “I just thought you looked familiar.” “Susan?” Gale also looked strange. She has
met Susan several times in the mental hospital. The dean’s daughter was not well educated and liked
fashion and beauty. She was the kind of person who likes to act rich but actually isn’t. At the very least,
Jenny Timothy is still the daughter of a wealthy family. Susan asked, “Why do you sleep on the ground?
I see. Mr. Wood asked you to watch the door, right? You suffered a lot when you were in the mental
hospital” The housekeeper chased after him and explained, “This is our mistress.” “What!? Y…you…”
Susan was shocked. Gale actually married President Wood?! Dad told her that the woman Shawn slept
with was Gale, but since Mr. Wood found Susan, it showed that he did not know that the person that
night was Gale! So he put one and one together and thought they could continue to pretend and keep
up the lie! However, Gale had become Mrs. Wood! How could that be? “Are you okay?” Gale said
softly, “Shawn was sleeping inside. He would be angry if we disturbed his sleep, and we would go
hungry for the day.” Susan gritted her teeth and calmed down. No matter what, she will stubbornly
pretend to be the woman that night. Gale better not try to take her place! Susan replied, “I’m looking for
Shawn. I didn’t think I would run into his watchdog. Get out of the way, I want to go in.” Gale raised his
eyebrows and answered, “Well, at least I am watching my own house. If you want to use that analogy,
you’ve just broken into a private home early in the morning and barked loudly. That just makes you at
most a wild dog that hasn’t been vaccinated.” “You dare scold me?” “I didn’t say you must be one, but I&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;can’t help it if you have to admit that you are.” Susan had a secret. “Don’t get ahead of yourself just
because you are Mrs. Wood! The person Mr. Wood wants to marry now is me!” As she spoke, Susan
pulled Gale’s quilt, threw it aside, raised her hand, and slapped her in the face. Gale tilted her head and
dodged. Seeing that she missed, Susan was not satisfied and slapped her in the face again, as if she
would not stop until she was hit! Gale held her wrist quickly and ruthlessly, and the other hand quickly
fanned back. She was not easy to bully! However, at this moment, someone said in a stern voice,
“Gale, try if you dare.” Gale was shocked, and all her movements stopped abruptly. Her palm was only
one centimeter away from Susan’s cheek! Shawn had no need to stop her. One sentence was enough
to threaten her to stop. “Mr. Wood!” When Susan saw him, she acted aggrievedly and coquettishly,
“Fortunately, you are here…otherwise, I would definitely be slapped in the face!” Shawn frowned
slightly. “Why are you here?” “I miss you so much that I can’t sleep. Who knew this woman wouldn’t let
me in and called me a dog…” No rest for the wicked. Gale said nothing. She thought Shawn would not
believe such superficial words. Who knew… Shawn said in a deep voice, “Ask her to apologize to you.
Or, you can do whatever you want to her.” She suddenly looked up at him and asked, “Really?” “Why
don’t you believe it?” Shawn asked back, “Can you be compared to her?” Susan leaned on his
shoulder and beamed happily. Shawn’s taste was really unpredictable, it turned out that he really liked
this type of woman.
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