Novel Name : Skeletons Of The Marital Closet

Chapter 12

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&#lt;p&#gt;Even Jenny was better than Susan! Was he blind or was he crazy? Susan said, “Gale, you have to
apologize to me! Bark three times!” She said firmly, “No way.” She could apologize but not bark. Susan
immediately shook Shawn’s arm and said, “Look. She doesn’t want to…” “Gale, I’ll give you another
chance to answer.” She raised her head and met Shawn’s narrow gaze. “No! Way!” His eyes darkened
instantly. Is she rebelling against him? What a bad girl! Shawn bent over and pinched her chin. “Don’t
ask for trouble. Do you want to learn how to bark, or shall I give you three whips?” “I’d rather be
whipped.” He snorted coldly and ordered, “Okay! Bring the whip!” The housekeeper offered it with both
hands and sighed inwardly. Gale smiled bitterly. “No matter what, I’m still your wife in name. Shawn.
Who is Susan that can humiliate me like this for her?” “She is the person I tried so hard to find, and
also the Mrs. Wood in my future life. Do you understand?” He said coldly, “How can you be compared
with her?” It turned out that the person he loved was Susan. It’s a bit unexpected, but she can only
accept this reality. Gale closed her eyes, stopped talking, and silently waited for the whip to hit her.
Three whips, no matter how much it hurts, the pain will pass. Looking at her pale face but full of
stubbornness, Shawn clenched the whip in his hand tightly and held it high, with blue veins visible on
the back of his hand. The expected pain did not fall on her. Gale opened her eyes, only to see Shawn
leaving. “Hitting you will only get my hands dirty.” He threw down the whip and ordered, “Housekeeper,
execute it for me!” “Yes, Mr. Wood.” Susan was very unsatisfied that Gale was not punished, but seeing
that Shawn’s expression was extremely foul, she did not want to push it further. After all, she was still
somewhat smart and could read the room. “Mr. Shawn, didn’t you say you would marry me? Why is
Gale your wife…” she asked, pretending to be aggrieved. “She’s just a puppet.” “Huh? What does that
mean?” Shawn was very impatient, but when he thought that Susan was the woman from that night, he
tried not to lose his temper. “Marrying Gale is only temporary. I couldn’t find you at that time, and I
needed someone to occupy Mrs. Wood’s place, so I chose her.” Susan nodded, thinking to herself, ‘So
that’s what happened.’ She was frightened to death, and she thought she would be exposed as soon
as she replaced Gale. She asked again, “You will still keep your promise to marry me, right?” “Well. I’ll&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;take care of everything before marrying you.” “Looking forward to that day!” Susan can sit back and
relax again. Gale looked at the thick whip and said, “Let’s do it.” “Mrs…” “I know you’ll be in trouble
too.” The housekeeper glanced at the stairway and after ensuring that Shawn had gone far, he raised
his whip and cracked it. Crack! A huge sound echoed in Temperley Hall. Shawn ate breakfast
gracefully, without moving his eyebrows. Susan listened to this sound, and her body and mind felt at
ease. Gale, with me here, you won’t have a moment of peace! Crack! The other working servants
trembled and went about their own work. Gale looked at the housekeeper in surprise, “You…” With
these two whips, the housekeeper hit the ground, not her! The butler said, “Shh, don’t make a sound,
lest you be found out. You are a good woman, and you are kind to us servants. I really can’t do it.” “If
Shawn finds out, it’s over!” “I know. So I will whip you with the last one.” Gale understood what he
meant and nodded. If she had no scars on her, it would be too fake. She took the whip. Her back was
burning with pain, and her skin was ripped open. Gale looked at the housekeeper gratefully. No matter
how bad the world was to her, a touch of kindness always warmed her. “Mr. Wood, the punishment is
complete,” The housekeeper went downstairs and reported. He gave an indifferent nod. Gale stood by
the side with her back slightly hunched because if she had stood up straight, it would hurt more.
Fortunately, she was only hit once. One whip should not affect her collecting recycling. Susan suddenly
said tenderly, “Mr. Shawn, I have one thing…I want to ask you for help.” “Ask away.” “I know that the
Warm family is preparing a well-known brokerage company, right?” Shawn nodded deeply and
answered, “The Warm family is ready to enter the entertainment industry.” Susan said, “Then, can I ask
for your help with my resume? They had been really picky. It would be much easier if I had your help!”
“Do you want to enter the entertainment industry?” Susan nodded again and again. “Well, this is my
dream! And with you here in the future, others will not dare to bully me!” Shawn agreed, “Yes.” This
could be his compensation to her. Perhaps, Susan would soon reveal the other softer side of her,
allowing him to regain the feeling he had for her that night. Shawn gave Gale a deep glance and said,
“You will continue to do errands in the company.” “Understood.” They were really from different worlds.
Gale was working hard to pick up scraps, earning a few dollars. Susan casually got into the
entertainment industry… Becoming a star and making more money! What’s more, there was Shawn&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;who seemed to support her deeply! After Shawn left, Susan put away her sweet smile and showed her
true colors again. “Refusing to bark, I see. It’s alright. You will bark sooner or later. I will have you kneel
in front of me and bark loudly.” Gale could not bother to even look at her. She still had to walk to the
Warm Group. If she were late, Shawn would be furious again. “You’re ignoring me, Gale, stop!” Susan
stood in front of her and said, “I advise you to divorce Mr. Wood as soon as possible!” “It’s not me who
decides whether to divorce or not.” “You just want to be his wife and are reluctant to leave.” Gale
chuckled lightly and said, “If you have the ability, ask Shawn to divorce me now. What’s the point of
coming here to force me?” Susan said through gritted teeth, “You… you’ll beg me soon!” Her eyes were
full of viciousness. Gale had no time to think of what she could do. It did not matter if she offended
Susan. It would be fatal if she offended Shawn. Besides, she did not think Susan could actually do
anything to her. Gale still walked to the Warm Group while picking up scraps. Today’s harvest was
relatively small, but it still sold for a couple of dollars. She had just put the money in her pocket, and
when she turned around, she saw a familiar figure on the side of the road, which made her feel more
ashamed than seeing Shawn. Gale tried to run away. “Gale, I followed you all the way.”
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