Novel Name : Skeletons Of The Marital Closet

Chapter 14

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&#lt;p&#gt;She sucked in a breath of cold air and quickly stood up straight. “No, I’ll go right away!” Just after taking
two steps, she was met with Sam’s astonished gaze again. Gale was also stunned. Why was Sam
here! It turned out that the client Shawn wanted to see was him! “This is the mouse I’m talking about,”
Shawn said lightly. Mr. Carson laughed. Gale smiled politely, “Sorry for disturbing you, I will be on my
way.” She walked past Sam without another glance as if they had never known each other. Sam looked
unsure and was hesitant to speak. Shawn suddenly stopped her, “Wait.” She turned around and said,
“Yes, Mr. Wood?” Shawn asked, “Gale, if I remember correctly, your major in college was jewelry
design.” Jewelry design… At that time, Gale was the jewel of the Warm family. She was carefree. She
would only need to have pursued love and dreams, so she simply chose a major that she liked. The
design she drew in school had won awards frequently and was well received by the industry. Now
what? She was just a speck of dust, and trying to live. “Yes.” Gale nodded after a while. “However, I
didn’t graduate.” There was still a year left in her course, but Shawn appeared, took her away, and
placed her in a mental hospital. Since then, life has changed dramatically. As soon as she finished
speaking, the office door was pushed open from the outside. A man with an extremely romantic
temperament, peach blossom eyes, and a smirk on the corner of his mouth walked in. He was Joe
Winter, the vice president of the Wood Group and Shawn’s most trusted friend, who had a super strong
work ethic. Joe raised his eyebrows, “Bro, you transferred me back from the European branch to set up
a jewelry brand for me to take over?” “Well. The film and television department is also under your
control.” Joe almost jumped up in shock. “You want to enter the entertainment industry?” Shawn replied
calmly, “Can’t you handle it? Or are you not capable enough to manage the two departments well?”
“You’re trying to exhaust me. The donkeys in the production team don’t work that hard! “Wage
increase.” “I’m not short of that money. I can understand jewelry brands. However, the entertainment
industry is a different story, so complex and messy… why do you want to touch it?” Shawn took a deep
sip of coffee and answered, “For a woman.” “Yo! It’s for your newly married little wife!” Gale was
speechless. Joe continued to gossip, “Bro, can you handle it? You’re such a player!” Shawn kicked him&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;unceremoniously. “Where’s the stuff?” “Here.” Joe took out a stack of design manuscripts, and Shawn
directly handed it to Gale. “This is the drawing of Fantastic Jewels. Take a look and spot the faults.”
“This…” Shawn raised her chin slightly and said, “Speak truthfully, I want to hear the truth.” Sam also
looked at her. “Okay.” Gale pointed to the draft and started, “The overall design level of Fantastic
Jewels has declined in the past three years. The reason why it is still loved by consumers is because of
its brand.” “First of all, the brand does not have a clear standing. Does Fantastic Jewels want to do well
in the high-end market, or is it aimed at ordinary consumer groups?” “Secondly, the styles are outdated
and boring, so we should recruit more fresh and younger design talents.” Gale was talking incessantly,
her brows were beaming, and she was full of confidence. Shawn crossed his arms and looked at her.
At this moment, she looked extraordinarily attractive. She was no longer very humble, and her eyes
were full of light. “That’s all I can think of right now,” Gale said. Shawn nodded with satisfaction. “Yes, it
pointed out the current situation of Fantastic Jewels. This is the same as what he thought before. Gale
seemed to… surprise him again. Sam’s face was a little ugly, but he still said, “Well, criticism pushes for
progress. President Wood, the matter of cooperation…” “I’ll think about it again.” “Alright.” Before Sam
left, he took a long look at Gale. There were too many emotions. However, Gale lowered her head to
avoid his sight. However, Joe looked at her with interest. “Where did President Wood find an
extraordinary talent like you?” Shawn answered, “She is my newlywed mistress.” “It turned out to be
Mrs. Wood! Hello, I’m Joe.” Joe smiled like a spring breeze. “Sure enough, only a good woman like you
can reel him in!” “Hello, Mr. Joe.” “Just in time, Shawn’s jewelry brand is about to be established, and I
am the one managing it. I am short of designers. Do you want to give it a try?” Her eyes lit up as she
asked, “Is it okay?” Joe said, “Of course, you are absolutely competent!” Although he seemed to be a
fool, he had never been sloppy in his work and had already thought of a plan ahead of time. Joe was
confident that it was only a matter of time before he could build the brand and surpass Fantastic
Jewels! Gale looked at Shawn, and he agreed in a heartbeat. “I will lend her to you. Promise me you
will return her to me.” Shawn glanced at Joe. Joe laughed and replied, “There’s no need to be so
tiresome! She’s still in the Wood family, but it’s just on a different floor. You can take the elevator if you
want to see her!” Shawn kicked him again, and he jumped up to dodge. “Let’s go, Mrs. Wood. I’m&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;already looking forward to your design draft!” “Mr. Winter, just call me Gale.” “Okay, Okay!” Joe patted
her on the shoulder and said, “From now on, you will be my capable soldier!” Shawn narrowed his eyes
slightly and said, “Hand.” Joe immediately took it away. Since Gale is an excellent jewelry designer,
Shawn will allow her to work for him. There is more to it than just torture and humiliation. After all, there
was a practice called ‘asset-based thinking’. Anyway, no matter how high or far she ran, she could
never escape his clenches! After Joe left, Shawn leaned on the sofa, took out a cigarette and played
with it. “Tell me, what’s your relationship with Sam?” he asked directly. Gale was taken aback. Did he
manage to see through them? It was obvious that she had no interaction with Sam! “I don’t like
listening to lies.” Shawn emphasized, “Answer!” Under his domineering aura, Gale explained, “He is my
former fiance.” His eyes narrowed, and he asked, “Fiance?” “But we broke up our engagement two
years ago. He went abroad to study, and I… entered a mental hospital. We didn’t meet again until
today.” “If it wasn’t for me, would you have been married long ago?” Gale smiled bitterly and answered,
“It should be. Unfortunately, there are so many paths in life.” Shawn suddenly approached her and
shouted vaguely, “Gale.” She tensed up. “You must hate me very much. Hate me for ruining your life,
and want to kill me with your own hands. Even if I die, you want to dig out the body and whip it hard…
right?” Shawn yelled She lowered her gaze and answered, “Shawn, we are all pitiful.” His smile grew
wider as he said, “Me, pitiful?” “You have lost your most beloved father, and I have lost a happy family.
In fact, we are all pawns tricked by fate.” “This is what you deserve! It’s your father who ruined
everything!” Gale could not refute it because there was no evidence. Shawn moved away. He lit a
cigarette and said coldly, “Go away.” Gale turned around and left. Amidst the cigarette smoke, Shawn’s
expression was unreadable. He glanced at the stack of paintings and shouted loudly, “Fiona!” “Yes, Mr.
Wood.” “Do a background check on Sam and give me the results by tonight.” “Yes!” Gale was waiting
for the elevator when her phone rang. “Hello, who is it?” “Are you Gale?” “Yes.” The other party said,
“I’m a prison staff. Your father had an accident. Come over immediately.” Gale’s brain went into a
frenzy! She stumbled to the stairs immediately. There was no time to wait for the elevator! Mom has
already fallen into Shawn’s hands… Dad must be safe! He simply must!&#lt;/p&#gt;

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