Novel Name : Skeletons Of The Marital Closet

Chapter 15

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&#lt;p&#gt;Gale ran out of the company and stopped the taxi. She took out all the money and stuffed it into the
driver’s hands. “I only have so much. Please take me to the prison…” The driver saw how pitiful she
was and agreed. When Gale arrived, Peter was lying on a stretcher. There were burn marks all over
the arms and thighs. He was screaming in pain with his eyes half opened. Gale rushed over and yelled,
“Dad! Dad, look at me, I’m Gale…What happened? How did my dad get so badly injured?” The prison
guard replied, “He did it himself, it’s none of our business.” “What about your surveillance cameras? I
want to watch the entire incident!” “Not anyone can view the surveillance here….” Gale said through
gritted teeth, “You…you deceive people too much!” Peter shouted unconsciously, “Gale, it hurts, it
hurts…Help, scratch…” His hand wanted to scratch the scalded blister, but Gale grabbed his hand.
“Dad, bear with me. I’ll take you to the hospital now!” “No, he is a prisoner in custody. He will need
approval if he wants to leave.” “Do you want to watch my dad die!” The prison guard replied, “Actually,
you can only blame yourself for offending others. Since your dad came in, he has not had it easy.” A
name flashed in Gale’s mind, Shawn! It’s him! Wasn’t it enough that he tortured her?! Even Peter, who
was serving his sentence, was not spared! “I’m going to see Shawn…” Gale wiped away her tears and
was about to get up. As soon as she got up, Susan walked in triumphantly. She smiled sarcastically
and said, “Gale, don’t waste your energy. Shawn hates you so much, he just wants to see you as
miserable as possible!” “It was you?” Susan replied, “I got bored, so I came to see your dad. Who
would have thought he would knock over a kettle and burn himself.” “Impossible! You did it!” Susan
shrugged proudly and said, “Do you have any evidence?” Gale clenched her fists tightly and stared at
Susan, her eyes were about to burst with fire. Susan provocatively said, “You really want to hit me.
Come on. If Mr. Wood hadn’t stopped you last time, you would have slapped me. He’s not here today,
so you can hit however hard you like.” She figured out that Gale dared not touch her and deliberately
provoked her! “It’s best that you also pour boiling water on me and make me pay for it. Gale, come,
don’t just stand there!” Susan’s proud and villainous face kept sneering at Gale. Gale took a deep
breath and said, “You should have attacked me instead. It wasn’t my dad who offended you. It was&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;me.” Susan walked up to her and said, “Do you think I would be able to come to the prison myself and
do this? Isn’t it clear that someone helped me?” “So…” Susan said, “That’s right. President Wood
instructed me to do this. Anyway, you are a lowlife. Your father should have died a long time ago!
President Wood keeps him around just to vent his anger from time to time!” Gale tasted blood in her
mouth, and her throat tasted of metal. It was actually Shawn’s doing… He is so cruel! “Why, why?!” Her
eyes reddened, and she bit her lower lip. “What do I need to do to send my dad to the hospital for
treatment.” “Wouldn’t you rather get three whips than learn to bark three times?” Gale understood. At
this moment, maintaining her dignity while ignoring her loved ones was useless. Susan raised her chin
arrogantly and said, “Let’s start, or… I’ll change my mind.” Although Peter was injured, his mind was
still relatively clear. He tried to stop her, “No, Gale, no…it doesn’t hurt…” Gale held back her tears
abruptly. She lowered her head humbly and did as Susan wanted. The voice echoed in the small
space. Every time she barked, it was like a knife was cutting her flesh! Susan nodded and said, “Not
bad. Remember, Gale, treat me with respect in the future. The future Mrs. Wood is me!” She asked
stoically, “Can you take my dad to the hospital?” “I will just get the doctor to take a look at him and
prescribe him some medication. Is it even worth the money to send him to the hospital? Besides, are
you rich?” Seeing Gale’s pained appearance, Susan’s heart was renewed with joy! When she knew
that Gale actually slept with President Wood and almost improved her station in life, Susan was
extremely jealous. Still, fortunately, her father was clever and pushed her to replace her, so she could
get her glory and wealth. So taking advantage of the present, Susan had to fight hard to maintain her
position, so that Gale had no opportunity to get there first! Since Mr. Wood seemed to favor her so
much, even if he heard of what happened today, he would not blame her! Susan deliberately bumped
Gale’s shoulder hard and walked away on high heels. Gale slowly crouched down and called out,
“Dad.” “Gale, my suffering… daughter…” “It’s not suffering, Dad.” She held Peter’s hand tightly, holding
back the tears that were about to fall from her eyes. “As long as you and Mom are still here, I will have
the motivation to live!” … When she left the prison, it was already dark. The prison was very far from
Temperley Hall, and Gale walked for two hours to get home. As soon as she entered the living room,
Shawn’s eyes fell on her. She flinched but felt numb inside. He was a devil through and through, pulling&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;her into hell, living was as if it was death itself! “Where did you go?” Shawn said in a deep voice. Gale
knew that she should be more obedient and docile now, which was the best policy. However, she felt
really uncomfortable, so she replied with a sneer, “Where did I go? Don’t you know best?” Shawn
frowned deeply, “Do you think you are worthy of me sending someone to follow you 24 hours a day?”
Gale said with a blank face, “I won’t do it tomorrow. I’m very tired. Can I rest?” “Are you aware of how
you are talking to me right now?” In an instant, her tears and grievances were too much to bear, and
she wanted to curse at Shawn! Why did he hurt her so miserably, and he wanted her to be respectful?!
She could not. A momentary catharsis will only attract Shawn’s more terrifying punishment. Gale
suddenly envied Susan so much. Why did she get Shawn’s favor and deep love? Trying to stay alive
was so difficult for her! “Gale, I told you never to lie to me.” Shawn raised his hand and threw a set of
photographs at her. “You still disobey me!” The photographs fluttered down. It was the picture of her
standing at the door of the junkyard and bumping into Sam. The most conspicuous photo was Sam’s
hand holding her shoulder. The photo was a little wrinkled, and it can be seen that it had been
crumpled and clenched hard for a long time. “I explained our relationship with him today.” Gale tried her
best to control her emotions. “I didn’t hide anything.” “Before today, you obviously met!” “It happened by
chance.” Shawn asked coldly, “Then why didn’t you tell me?” “I had forgotten. Besides, there’s nothing
to mention.” She was even more afraid that Shawn knew that she was picking up scraps. Otherwise,
her only means of income would be lost. He suddenly got up, dragged her into the bathroom, and
pushed her hard into the corner. Immediately afterward, Shawn took off the shower head, turned on the
cold water, and sprayed it on Gale!
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