Novel Name : Skeletons Of The Marital Closet

Skeletons Of The Marital Closet By Wen Tang Tang Chapter 19

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 19
&#lt;p&#gt;Gale was so frightened that her heart was about to jump out of her throat. She stretched out her hand
and grabbed the pregnancy test result, crumpling it into a ball and holding it in the palm of her hand!
Shawn’s lips were pressing on her shoulder. When he saw her move, he was immediately puzzled. He
raised his head and looked at the paper ball in her palm. Shawn asked coldly, “What’s in your hand?
Give it!” “No…” “Give it!” Seeing that she refused, Shawn pulled her fingers apart one by one. “Do you
want me to break your bones? Let go!” he warned. How could Gale let go! If Shawn knew she was
pregnant, she and the child would die! This piece of paper determined the fate of her and her child!
Seeing that Shawn was about to pry her fingers apart, she suddenly sat up, hooked him around his
neck, and pressed her body tightly against him! “Gale, let go!” She had no time to respond, so she went
around his back and stuffed the pregnancy test results into her mouth! She wanted to eat it and destroy
all traces of it! Shawn wanted to stop her, but it was too late. Gale chewed and swallowed it! He
immediately pinched her neck. “You have so many tricks up your sleeves! Spit it out!” “I can’t spit it
out.” Gale shook her head. “It’s already in my stomach!” Shawn’s eyes were scarlet. “What is written on
that piece of paper? Why is it so shameful?” Gale kept silent. “Gale, I really want to strangle you!” She
closed her eyes and raised her neck. “I will die in your hands sooner or later. Choke me now!” Gale
waited quietly because she was afraid that her body would tremble slightly. However, his hands never
landed on her slender neck. She heard him step away. Gale opened her eyes, only to see Shawn’s
figure disappearing at the entrance of the stairs. She breathed a sigh of relief, feeling her throat hurt
and her stomach churning. The morning sickness and nausea from eating paper are not a good mix.
“Yuck…” Gale was lying on the sofa, almost spitting out bile and bitterness in her mouth. Shawn almost
found out that she was pregnant! At this moment, Susan walked into the living room. She was about to
go crazy with jealousy when she saw Gale vomiting. How could Gale and Shawn spend the night
together! It would be great if the child were in her womb, all the glory, wealth, and honor would be at
her fingertips! “Yo, Gale.” Susan walked over sourly. “What’s wrong with you…” Gale ignored her and
gargled with water. However, Susan took the initiative to squat beside her. “Isn’t it possible you are&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;pregnant?” “Ridiculous!” Gale’s heart skipped a beat, and she immediately retorted. “I am just teasing.
Why are you so jumpy.” Susan snorted and looked around. “Where’s Mr. Wood?” “He’s in the master
bedroom.” Gale wished that Susan would disappear instead of parading in front of her annoyingly.
Susan walked up the stairs. Gale also stood up and walked to the bathroom. At this moment, Susan’s
eyes flashed with viciousness. It is absolutely impossible for Gale to keep this child. Once the child is
born, the child will look similar to Mr. Wood. Her plans would fail, and Gale will also flourish! She
deliberately leaned toward Gale, and when she passed by, she suddenly stretched out her foot, trying
to trip Gale! When a pregnant woman falls, the child is in danger! What she had not expected was that
Gale was vigilant! As a pregnant woman, Gale was more careful than usual. She not only avoided it
perfectly, stepped over it, but also circled to Susan’s heel and hooked gently. “What!” Susan lost her
center of gravity and fell to the ground with a bang. Gale sighed. “You have to be careful when you
walk. How can you still fall when you are so big?” “You!” Susan’s face crooked with anger, and she
pointed straight at her. “You did it on purpose!” “It’s called shooting yourself in the foot.” Gale shrugged,
spread her hands, and turned around gracefully. As soon as she looked up, she saw Shawn standing
on the second floor, looking at her gloomily. Those eyes could kill! “Mr. Wood!” Seeing him, Susan
immediately began to complain, “Gale…she bullied me, I was walking toward you, but she suddenly
stretched out her foot to trip me and caused me to fall!” It was the first time that Gale saw such an
annoying person. It was clearly Susan who tripped her first! She wanted to explain, but on second
thought, Shawn would not believe her. She was not the woman he cared for. With bitterness in her
mouth and astringency in her heart, Gale lowered her head and said nothing. Shawn went downstairs
and bent down to help Susan up. Susan quickly hugged him tightly, “Mr. Wood, it hurts…” She
snuggled into Shawn’s arms, looking vulnerable. Shawn said lightly, “Gale, come here.” Gale could only
do as she was told. “How courageous you are. How dare you trip her? You don’t know how much you
weigh?” Gale replied, “I won’t do this without being provoked. It was Susan…” “Shut up!” Shawn
interrupted in a deep cold voice. “Apologize! Beg her to forgive you!” Comment by Eunice Low: Is
shawn begging or Gale? Comment by Rachel Lee: Shawn ask Gale to beg for forgiveness from Susan,
so it should be “Beg Susan to forgive you” Before she could answer, Susan suddenly pretended to be&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;kind and said, “No, I fell because of my own carelessness.” Gale suddenly became vigilant. How could
Susan possibly speak for her! There must be a scam! Susan came over and held her hand
affectionately. “Actually, I want to live in peace with you. I don’t have any friends in Sea City…” Gale
immediately pulled back and took two steps back at the same time. Just as she was retreating, Susan
also approached, pretending to hold her hand, but in fact, she pushed Gale hard! Gale fell to the
ground uncontrollably. Next to her happened to be a coffee table! She yelped and fell, stomach first,
into the sharp corner of the coffee table! Severe pain suddenly spread throughout Gale’s body! Susan
exclaimed, “Oh, why are you so careless? Gale, are you alright?” She pretended to go to help Gale up,
but she was actually happy! The child would be in danger! Susan pointed to the bright red on the floor.
“Mr. Wood, look, Gale seems to be bleeding!” Shawn narrowed his sharp eyes. “What’s going on?”
Gale rolled on the ground in pain, biting the corner of her lips forcefully to keep herself awake. She
must not faint! Gale covered her stomach and rolled into a small ball, her face paled. “It hurts, it
hurts…” The blood slowly dyed her pants red. Her child, her child!
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