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Skeletons Of The Marital Closet By Wen Tang Tang Chapter 18

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 18
&#lt;p&#gt;Gale was too lazy to continue explaining to him and turned her head away. He had such a handsome
face but such an unforgiving mouth! “Follow,” Shawn said deeply. She reluctantly walked to the door of
the master bedroom. Gale was about to open the quilt when her waist tightened, and he pushed her
against the wall. He said hoarsely, “I have given you twenty thousand dollars. You need to fulfill your
obligations as my wife.” “You… are you serious?” “What, you took the money and didn’t want to do
anything? Huh?” Gale scratched her palm nervously and said, “Shawn, you won’t touch me.” “Really?
Then, try me.” Shawn’s hand began to move. “Shawn…I…I’m the daughter of your enemy. Can you
really do it?” As soon as these words were said, the atmosphere instantly became solemn. Gale could
only provoke him in exchange for her own safety! “Yes, thank you for your reminder.” Shawn clasped
the back of her head and sneered through his teeth, “But don’t think about it!” “I’ll pay you back later!”
“If you please me, you don’t have to pay it back.” Gale’s eyes widened. He… Shawn said, “You don’t
get to choose. From the day you fell into my hands, you completely lost the right to choose,
understood?” Of course, Gale understood what he meant by ‘please him’. “Huh?” Shawn raised his
eyebrows in dissatisfaction. “Why haven’t you started yet?” Gale bit her lower lip. “You can go to
Susan.” “Why should I?” Shawn leaned over and touched the tip of her nose. “Of course, it’s kept for
the wedding night… and you deserve to be defiled!” The favored Susan could keep her dignity, but she
had no such right! Shawn always kept his word, and thus she was destined to be unable to escape.
With a spirit of determination, Gale closed her eyes and prepared to fight. Suddenly, her body was
violently thrown out… Shawn said furiously, “You are so easy, Gale!” Comment by Eunice Low: Is she
cheap for not wanting i? Comment by Rachel Lee: he’s trying to humiliate / degrade her by saying, how
can you not want it? you’re so cheap Her back slammed heavily on the corner of the bed. It hurt a lot,
but she just felt relieved. Nice! Shawn finally got bored of her! Seeing her eyelashes fluttering slightly
and her cheeks flushed, Shawn’s desire grew. He could not go on like this. If he messed with her again,
he felt that sooner or later, he would be falling into the trap he had set! After all, he was a normal man!
Shawn called William while sitting in the sports car, “Do the medicines you sent me have any side&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;effects?” “There is indeed a little…” “Speak!” William replied, “Mr. Wood, the medicine will increase
your sexual appetite.” Shawn’s face darkened, and he said, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” “This is a
very normal phenomenon. Mr. Wood, you are young, and you are in your prime.” William said, “I
suggest you take some time to go to the hospital for an examination. Your sperm count must have
improved a lot by now.” Shawn hung up the phone directly and stepped on the accelerator abruptly.
The sports car made a loud rumbling sound and drove out of Temperley Hall. In the VIP booth at the
bar, Shawn drank sullenly one cup after another. Joe yawned and said, “You’re already a family man.
How can you still come out to drink so late? Aren’t you afraid that your wife will get angry?” “Shut up.”
“You will still end up in bed together, even after a fight.” Comment by Eunice Low: I dont understand
this question Comment by Rachel Lee: its a chinese idiom, i dont really have the english equivalent of
it, but its supposed to be something like theres no point arguing since you are a couple, you both sleep
in the same bed. Shawn said coldly, “I have no relationship with her.” Joe spread his hands and said,
“You can’t lie. I can see it in your eyes. Bro, in this world, love can’t be feigned.” Love? Does he love
Gale? Absurd! “I think you’re going crazy.” Shawn put the glass down heavily. “The divorce agreement
has been signed. I’ll go through the formalities as soon as the time is up.” Joe kindly reminded, “It’s not
too late for you to tear it up now.” “Would you believe me if I said I tore it?” Joe shrugged and said, “Go
ahead and get drunk. I’m going to dance.” After he finished speaking, he merged into the dance floor
and danced close to the hot beauties. Shawn tugged at his tie in annoyance. He would rather stay here
than go to Susan. He always felt…she was different from the woman that night. The next day, Gale
received a call from the hospital. The other party said, “I’m from Sea City Hospital. The results of your
last examination are out. Come and get them.” “Okay.” After reporting her name at the nurse’s station,
Gale received the test results. Gale opened it and was completely dumbfounded after reading the
report! She read it over and over again, but she still could not believe her eyes… “Four weeks
pregnant.” She was actually pregnant! She only had one night with the strange man that night, so this
child belongs to that man! She does not even know who the child’s father is! What should she do now?
Gale panicked. If Shawn knew about it… She could not imagine how angry he would be! Then, should
she abort the child? Abortion was physically damaging and required money and bed rest. Gale could&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;afford neither. What’s more, she could not bear to do it. This is life—her very own child. Leave? She
could not protect herself. How could she raise a child? “Baby, it’s too late for you…” Gale frowned with
worry, and she gently covered her lower abdomen. “What should Mommy do?” Gale was in a daze. Her
mind was a mess, and she bumped into several people while walking. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” she
apologized numbly and lowered her head. Susan saw her from a distance. “Hey, isn’t that Gale?”
Susan felt something was wrong and walked to the nurse’s station. “That woman named Gale Warm, is
she sick?” “Sorry, the patient’s privacy cannot be disclosed,” the nurse replied. Susan smiled. “I’m
concerned about her, so please help.” She secretly stuffed a few bills to the nurse. The nurse
whispered, “Pregnant, four weeks.” Susan’s face changed dramatically… Gale was pregnant, and it
was Shawn’s child! As soon as Gale walked out of the hospital, she received a call from Shawn,
“Where did you go? Get back!” “Okay.” Shawn just got home after drinking. When he got home, he lost
his temper. He was even more upset when he thought that he had gotten drunk because of Gale. What
about touching her? What if he did not touch her? He always does things based on his mood! Gale
walked into the living room and smelled a strong smell of alcohol. “So, you went drinking last night?”
Shawn gestured with his finger. “Come here.” She walked over obediently. As soon as she arrived in
front of him, she was suddenly pulled into his arms. “Yes, I’m drunk, and I haven’t woken up yet!” “Then
I’ll make you something to sober up.” However, Shawn held her under him. “Why should I get drunk for
you? To suppress a man’s nature for you? Do you think you are worthy? Gale, I want you now, and I’ll
save you a lot of sleepless nights!” His strength was astonishingly large, and Gale resisted vigorously.
She was pregnant with a child, and her baby’s condition was not stable yet, so Shawn could not touch
her! “Shawn, why are you drunk…” “Play nice, and you won’t suffer much!” While struggling, the
pregnancy test results in her bag fell out! Gale’s pupils dilated… Oops! She forgot to tear it up!
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