Novel Name : I Only Treat Villains

I Only Treat Villains - Chapter 3

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The man jumped up before I could even get to the front of the house.
“Oh, hello! Are you the owner of the house?”
The man pointed to my house. Ah, I don’t want to accept it.
I was in conflict for a moment, but I sighed while looking at the bloody clothes.
“What if I am?”
“Ah, hello, My name is Noname.”
The man looked at me and bowed his head.
No name.
It was a title used in the back alley when you don’t want to reveal your identity.
What do you mean, an outright fake name? Yes.
“And this, this is the person entrusted by a valuable person.”
What does this sound like, ‘This is a service from the table over there’?
Besides, he is a valuable person.
‘Who is he?’
How do you know if you’re talking like this when all the people I’ve treated and saved are valuable?
So many questions piled up inside my head.
No! I was full of complaints rather than questions.
However, the so-called no name fled before I could say anything.
“Well, I look forward to your kind cooperation!”
“Huh? Hey, hey?”
“Hahaha! I’m sorry!”
“Hey, hey, hey you! Hey! Hey! Where are you going?!”
Thanks to that, I knew that there wasn’t an injured person but…
“I will look forward to your kind help!”
Damn it, this is not a nursery! Do you think you can throw a patient like a baby?
But it was too late to regret.
“Huh damn it. I’m going to kill that guy if I see him again.”
He must be quite a talented person, given that he disappeared without a trace.
What kind of person is that?
….it reminded me of names that I didn’t wish to relate to.
I scratched my hair.
If I knew I would get caught, I would have held Andrew.
Before I knew it, I squatted down at the door and sighed.
“I’ll just move him or ask for help…”
It was an alley where there were no people at night and it was all dark.
That means I’m the only one who will have to move this person….
And this man was so big that he covered up all the doors just by laying down.
“…….Is it a person or a rag?”
He was hurt so badly that his white shirt was torn, so I was even able to see his flesh.
I opened my eyes wide in shock when I looked at the man’s face with a lantern. I knew him.
‘Ah, I think I’m used to this guy’s color?’
“…What is this..”
Hey, aren’t you the villain of this book?
As soon as I realized, I was overwhelmed by shock as I wanted to leave the alley at high speed and get away from here.
‘Ah, why does the original character appear like this?’
That’s how my story began in this world.
The book that I reincarnated in has a rather unique setting.
This novel has two parts in total, with different characters in the first and second parts.
And the heroine of part one dies relatively early because she is caught in an incident!
‘What kind of main character did you think dies so early?’
However, the ending was full of climax and heart-stopping action.
And then comes the second part.
While the first part was a relatively ordinary reverse-harem novel.
In Part 2, the protagonist misses her cousin sister, who was also the main character of the first part, and forms a physical relationship by seizing the men who fell in love with her sister one by one….
This was rated-18+ novel.
‘I think it would be a sin to like waste products in my previous life.’
All the male characters in the first and second parts of the novel are either villains or violent rulers.
‘It’s safe to say that it’s the background of making the heroine die.’
To put it simply, the author wanted to write a novel with some rated 18+ scene, but she also has intention to include a wide worldview, rulers, villains, and shocking and unusual contents.
‘It’s crazy, really.’
Although the male characters are all bad and crazy, there was also a final boss that existed in this novel.
It was Heimdal Wesperego.
‘The unique thing is this man the only one who doesn’t have a relationship with the main character in part two.’
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